25 days ago - CommunityTeam - Direct link
Hi folks,

Thanks for reporting your concerns with this achievement. We're currently investigating "I Don't Have to Put up with This" and its requirements to determine if there are any issues affecting it.

In the meantime, we understand the disappointment among those of you who really wanted to unlock the meta achievement "Master of the Feast" and receive the associated title. We're working on a change for an upcoming patch to remove "I Don't Have to Put up with This" from the meta and retroactively complete the achievement for those who fulfilled the other requirements.
25 days ago - EricMusco - Direct link
Hey folks,

Just to clarify and I think some of you have already alluded to this. The fix that Natha referenced above will remove "I Don't Have to Put up with This" from the requirements for "Master of the Feast".

We refer to meta Achievements as grouping of Achievements over a category, such as how "Master of the Feast" is a collection of Achievements for the Feast of Prosperity.

Hope that clears up any confusion!