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Hey guys, I know we've been bashing on the game a lot lately, and I'm guilty for a lot of that, so I just wanted to say...

Let's keep going.

Why on Earth do I still not have a completed Tempedia achievement? I got every single one before the game went into 1.0 (minus Galios of course) and now nearly 2 years later and a Galios finally obtained, the game says I'm still missing like 20ish Tems.

I realized how absurd this was when I hopped into Coromon for the first time in 2 years and the game automatically gave me the achievements I had unlocked despite achievements not existing when I had last played, including things like having tried the randomizer mode that I had touched for less than a minute!

Meanwhile my in-game Tempedia has the "captured" symbol next to every Temtem in the game and yet in the achievement's progress bar I'm missing like 20, because how the game determined which Tems I have captured isn't tied to the Tempedia apparently, and I can't even determine which ones didn't count because they're already all listed as captured.

Guys, you monitor our every piece of data because this is an always online game and you've been doing so forever, how do you not have the proper info available? Seriously. This is a super easy fix, where is it?!?

Like if there's some specific problem I'm unaware of as to why they don't just read our tempedia data, that's fine. I know this stuff is complicated. I also know Crema does dumb stuff on the reg, so I apologize for thinking this could be another case of Crema pulling a Crema.

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For the Kudos you need to have capture the Temtem as OT (it has a different icon in the Tempedia with a 👤). We’ve been doing a lot of fixes on this topic over the past patches and we haven’t heard of any inconsistencies for a time, so that’s probably your current problem.

If you believe you have an inconsistency, and you have all the Tems captured as OT and you don’t have the Kudo, send us an email to [email protected] and we can take a look at your account and see what’s going on.