13 Mar

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Tamers, the time has come to face challenges like we'd never seen before! Patch 1.3 is here with a new Season, three new Challenge Modes, a new currency, new location and new usage for Luma Tems.

Ready to dive in?

Challenge Modes
Have you ever considered Temtem to be tough? Yeah, me too. But what if we managed to make it even harder? The new Challenge Modes are here to add a new layer of complexity for those who love a good challenge, extreme limitations, and a taste of pure randomness.

These challenge modes will run on a different server, and have a different save slot. You will not be risking your 3-year-old Lumas in the Nuzlocke mode, not any Luma, for that matter: there won’t be Lumas in the Challenge modes. There won’t be trades, either.

You can only h... Read more
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Surprise surprise, Tamers!
Don your greenest clothes and keep your eyes peeled for pots of gold. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Temtem with a new event that will commence on the same day season 3 and patch 1.3 arrive!

You can earn:

:temlove: A new banner showing the way to the gold
:temlove: A new lucky holo
:temlove: A new event-themed furniture for your little abode
:temlove: A new seal to display your Tem... Read more

24 Feb

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Hello, Tamers! Time flies, huh? It seems like it was just yesterday when we were spoiling the contents of version 1.1 and 1.2[crema.gg], but we're already here, sharing some insight into the upcoming 1.3! We're hoping to be able to launch this patch on March 6th. We'll keep you posted if anything happens!

Let’s jump into the bigger, most interesting features this patch will bring.

Challenge Mode Have you ever considered Temtem to be tough? Yeah, me too. But what if we managed to make it even harder? The new Challenge Modes are here to add a new layer of complexity for those who love a good challenge, extreme limitations, and a taste of pure randomness.

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06 Feb

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Really unfortunate news, Tamers. The Valentamers' Day event is postponed, likely until next year, due to a bug.

We've found a bug that is client-sided, meaning it requires platform approval to launch a fix. That can take up to three weeks, so the fixes would not come in time for the event, and it would likely overlap with version 1.3.

The bug caused players to not be able to claim the rewards, thus defeating the sole purpose of the event, so it's with a heavy heart that we're forced to postpone Valentamers' Day event. The next few events are already planned and scheduled, and we cannot find a suitable spot for a Valentines-themed day event. We're very very sorry for this, and really sad to have this happen to such a cute and sweet event.

We're giving away 1000 Feathers and the Lovestruck Seal reward for free, to all players who have logged in in the past week, as an apology and compensation gift. Please redeem the code below to claim it. It will be available ... Read more
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Hello, Tamers 💝

Happy season of love!

Whether you like Valentine's Day, or just cute things, Valentamers' Day is here starting today! ❤️

Complete challenges, earn exclusive rewards, and spread love and cuteness through the Archipelago.

You'll be able to earn:

:temlove: A new spray displaying Platypet
:temlove: The cutest backpack
:temlove: A new piece of furniture to fall in love with
:temlove:... Read more

02 Feb

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Important notice
We've taken this chance to re-synchronize the status of the Tempedia and the Kudos. This should improve, and hopefully eradicate, any discrepancy between the Kudos that involve capturing Tems and Lumas, and your actual Tempedia number. This is an issue we've been after for a while, so please let us know if you still experience any bug with it.

We've improved the issue with crashes on the Switch.
  • Most of the crashes on Switch were happening due to memory issues. The game would use up all the memory available in the console (the amount varies depending on the console), and then it'd crash. We've implemented a series of optimization changes that will substantially ameliorate the current issues.
  • Crashes will still happen from time to time, but now that we've dived deep into the issue we will be carrying out more optimization in future patches, so as to improve performance even more.
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09 Jan

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Important notice
  • We've had to delete all the Showdown codes, except the eSports ones, due to a data conflict. Your team hasn't been affected, you'll just need to generate a new code, and, if you were using or posting it somewhere, replace that with the new one.
  • Aqua Bullet Hell has accidentally been removed from your Umishi and Ukama, but you'll have an empty technique slot and ABH will be in your learned techniques, so you can re-learn it immediately. We apologize for the inconveniences!

New stuff
  • We have added chat to battles.
  • You'll see a new menu during battles from now on, with new icons for the Details, Battle Log, and the Chat with their assigned hotkey.
  • Chat will be hidden by default, and you can make it pop out by pressing the associated hotkey, just how the Battle Log works. Chat in battle is disabled for Ranked matches, in-game tournaments, and Dojo War...
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05 Jan

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Player from Europe, the Middle East and Africa! Remember that you only have have until January 6th to register for the first regional open of the TemCS.
:temluma:Here's all the info: EMEA regional open day 1[temcs.gg]

Other tournaments to sign up for that are taking place shortly (you can only sign up for the tournament in your region):
:temluma:PCFC: PCFP Region (January 13th)[te... Read more

24 Dec

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Happy Holidays, dear Tamers! Hope you get some well-earned rest and some cozy fun during this season! We want to thank you for all your love and support this past year, and so we're sending you a little gift! 'Tis the season 💝

You can redeem the code from the Redeem option in the home lobby.For anyone using a screen reader, the code reads 2022-XMAS-G1FT-YAYY
Code can only be redeemed once per account, and it will be redeemable from today until January 7th. Hope you enjoy it! 💕

We're also taking this chance to remind you that the team is on break for the holidays, and the turnaround time for some processes might be longer than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. We'll still be looking out for you from time to time, though!

Happy Holidays and Temtem up! 🎄

16 Dec

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers!

To celebrate the start of Temtem Season 2, and to start getting down to business on the esports scene, we will be holding the first ever Crema-run tournament this very Saturday, tomorrow, at 3 pm UTC!

The tournament will be a friendly show match tourney with the best minds the competitive scene of Temtem has to offer. The highest ranked players have signed up and are ready to show everyone the peak of Temtem PvP battling.

Only one team per participant will be allowed, and matches will be divided in best of 3 sets. Players will be matched against each other at random, so excitement is guaranteed! Here's the roundup of participants so you can cheer for your favorite one:

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10 Dec

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers!

The holidays are starting early in Temtem with the Winterfest event, the first event ever in Temtem.
Complete the Winterfest challenges to earn points, and spend them on exclusive, time-limited cosmetics!

You'll be able to earn:

:temlove: A new festive cosmetic hat
:temlove: A new holidays spray
:temlove: A new Christmassy furniture item
:temlove: A new emote to convey the holiday spirit
:temlove: A new seal to display your love for this time of the year
:temlove: A new banner so everyone knows how festive you are

Winterfest will last from December 12th until January 1st 2023, so make sure to play a lot during this festive season to get all the rewards!

Come join in the festivities, Tamer!

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05 Dec

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello Tamers! We're ready to give way to a new Season of Temtem, and with it, patch 1.2, filled with exciting new content and delightful improvements.

Like you already know because we told you back then[crema.gg], this update is actually 1.1 and 1.2 merged together, and called 1.2 for clarity. This means there's a lot of content to dig through, so accompany me as I walk you through it!

A new Season Of course, this means a new Season is beginning! With this patch, we inaugurate Season 2: Days of Yore, a season reminiscent of Medieval and olden times, filled with knights, bards, and a colorful cast of characters. A new Tamer Pass begins (remember you can always check how long you have to complete it on the upper right corner) and a new set of cosme... Read more

22 Nov

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
The certified bops, made by Damián Sánchez, that have accompanied you through the Archipelago need you today!

There's a lot about Temtem that our players don't agree on, but the soundtrack isn't one of them! Nominate Temtem for Best Soundtrack in the Steam Awards, and help us get these beautiful pieces in everyone's ears :temlove:

Remember you can listen to the entire soundtrack for free here[ffm.to]!

27 Oct

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, my dear Tamers! It's now been over a month since Temtem fully launched, and we're still working hard as ever on creating more content, polishing more features, fixing more bugs, and maintaining everything looking nice and fresh.

It's then time to talk about the future, and more specifically, about the two upcoming updates, which will be fused as one.

The merging and delay of 1.1, and the arrival of 1.2
When we talked about the launch window back during the Golden Week, we always expected it to be a matter of weeks, a month at most. But we clearly underestimated the amount of issues that the launch would have, or the quickness with which we could approach them. Part of this is our fault, part of it was outside of our hands. Nevertheless, we apologize. We know you've been eagerly waiting for some of the features announced for the launch window, with Showdown being the #1 of them, but it's going to happen a bit later than we initially planned o... Read more

03 Oct

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
We have a very special announcement to make!

🎉Temtem has reached 1 million total users across all platforms!🎉

You made this possible, so thank you so much! Thanks for all the love and all the support you've given us since the very beggining, as Steam is the first platform we launched on! We'll keep working hard to offer you an even better game.

Thank you for playing, and Temtem up! ❤

23 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Patch 1.0.1 is live across all platforms. Check out its contents here:

    We’re carrying out a set of improvements to Tamer Pass experience gain:
  • Battles against NPC Tamers will now give Tamer Pass experience. This experience has been added to all of your passes retroactively.
    [**] While Weekly Challenges and endgame activities, unlocked after completing the story campaign, will still be the easiest and main form of progressing through the Tamer Pass, it was a mistake to leave people progressing through the campaign out of it.
  • With this change, completing the campaign and all side quests will give you ~15 Tamer Pass levels.
  • This new way of gaining experience will stop being granted at Tamer Pass level 20 and higher, in order to prevent (or avoid forcing) players to keep resetting their accounts constantly to farm this XP.
  • All forms of gaining Tamer Pass experience now give 70% more experience...
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08 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
The Deluxe edition is now available as an upgrade!
You can now grab these cool, exclusive sets of cosmetics and new emotes.

You can upgrade your base game from the Store Page, or through ... Read more

07 Sep

06 Sep