28 Nov

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
The TemCS finals are happening over the course of this weekend and the next, and there's much to talk about! Here's a rundown of what you need to know as an spectator:

  • First, there will be 8 matches per day, every day of the finals: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 and Saturday 9 and Sunday 10. Matches will start at 5:00pm UTC / 6:00pm WET / 9:00am PST, and will end, well, once everyone has played and the matches end!
  • The entire World Finals will be broadcasted in our Twitch channel[www.twitch.tv], casted by our very own community members!
  • We have created Twitch Drops for th...
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21 Nov

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Balance Highlighted Changes


#065 – Hedgine 
Binary Flood has been removed from its move pool.
Token has been added to its move pool.
Hedgine is one of the strongest digitals in the format thanks to its Gotta Go Fast Trait .This is why we've decided to remove the move that we think is the most problematic in the Hedgine kit, and we will keep watch on it and its trait to see if it needs to be adjusted for 1.6.
 #131 – Tukai
Noxious Bomb has been maintained in its move pool as a TC.
One of the most talked-about topics in the Tuwai line has been the Noxious Bomb tech. We have considered the feedback provided and have decided to remove this tech from the entire evolutionary line except for Tukai, who relies on the interaction between this technique and Shuine's Horn for its physical set to exist at all.
 #144 – Vulffy
Sludge Gift has been removed from its move pool.
Bush is now an Egg Technique.
Petal Dag... Read more

24 Oct

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
New stuff
The Ignoramus Cloack is no longer a unique item! You'll be able to obtain a second one in the Pansun route.

We've reviewed a very, very long list of emotes (49 on surfing board/skates, 31 sitting/espectating) so they can be used during spectating, sitting, surfing and crystal-skating! Try your favorite emotes to see if they made the list.
Lair Bonuses will now increase depending on the group size, to make Lairs more attainable.
1-player Lairs will have 3 times the Bonuses, and 2-player Lairs will have twice the Bonuses.


We've reduced the amount of Jewels needed to revive in some parts of the Mythical Lairs for all parties of 1 or 2 players.
This will only take place once you're in the second half of the Lair.
Amount of Jewels needed 4 ⇒ 3.
We've reduced the possibilities of getting Neutral or Crystal Tems in the Pansun Sanctum Lair.
We've increased the possibilities of getting... Read more

23 Oct

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Temtem's next event! Prepare to get spooky during Hallow's Tem, our Halloween event!

Ghouls, witches, zombies, ghosts, all creatures of the night are welcome to walk the Archipelago starting on October 23rd, and until November 13th! Complete challenges to earn the following exclusive rewards!

:temluma:A very eerie Hallow's Tem diorama
:temluma:A super cute Pumpkin Vulvir holo
:temluma:The Pumpk-a-ton Seal to add Halloween drip to your Tems
:temluma:The Ghostie Mimit banner (remember when you saw it as a ghost before you meet ... Read more

18 Oct

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers! Patch 1.5 launched late September, and with it, Temtem’s third Mythical Tem, Galios. Since it’s such an important Temtem, and the last to fulfill the Temtem roster, I sat down with Art Director Cris “Nae” Jiménez and Game Director Guillermo “YaW” Andrades to learn and share some insight on the birthing of the supernova Temtem! Grab a sippy drink and follow me.

Nae, what was the goal in mind with Galios’ design? Since lore-wise Galios is in charge of rotating the Pansun’s plates and keeping the archipelago afloat, its design had to show power and omniscience. In addition, it was like the “final boss” of the game so it had to feel really special, almost like a god.

Was the shape something you already had in mind, or did it come later? At first we explored the idea of making a creature with a more delicate and small appearance... Read more

27 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Enjoy Temtem at a discounted price during this week to commemorate the 1.5 patch launch!

Have fun and Temtem up!

25 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
New Stuff
A new Mythical Temtem is here
Galios is the third and last Mythical Temtem. With a kit focused on Doom, new Traits with new mechanics, and a brand new route and Lair, it's sure to spice things up around the Archipelago, a place it hasn't visited in eons.
There's a new quest that will take you to its Lair and unprecedent new heights. You can start it at Nanto Labs, in Cipanku.

A new quest and a new route Come onboard to a most distant land. The third Mythical Lair can now be unlocked, if you dare.
Meet a mysterious Order on your way to Galios, and find out more about their intriguing schemes.

A new type of Temtem: Umbras are real. After teasing this for months, Umbras really do exist and have been included in this update.
Umbras are a new type of differently-colored Tems. They're Lumas' dark, even rarer counterpa... Read more

07 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
The time has finally come to dispel some of the mystery surrounding 1.5! As you know, patch 1.5 will launch on September 25th along with Season 5. And there's a lot to talk about in this patch, so take my hand and I'll walk you through some of the most interesting or relevant features of the upcoming patch 1.5.

The 3rd Mythical and its route
The third and last Mythical Temtem will be landing in the game very soon! This Mythical comes with a brand new route, in a brand new area that we think will surprise and delight you! We're dying to welcome you onboard!

While we don't want to give too many spoilers, this last Temtem's Traits are totally new mechanics and revolve around the Doom Status Condition, so it'll be sure to cause plenty of surprises and unexpected twists in battle. It's also chonky, if you cared.

Its name starts with a G ;)

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06 Sep

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Happy full release birthday! :temlove:

It's been a year (a whole year!!!!) since we launched Temtem 1.0, but it feels like it was just yesterday! Time sure flies. :tempigepic:

It was a long journey that led to that day, and it's a journey we're still walking on now. As we approach 1.5, we want to celebrate the road so far, and all of you who've been part of it. Thank you, Tamers!

Enjoy 690 Feathers from us, as a present to celebrate and commemorate this day, by using code HPPY-FULL-LNCH-DAYY on the Redeem option in the lobby. :temluma:

Happy Temtem release birthday! :temlove:... Read more

07 Aug

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers! Temtem's next event is here!
Pet a Tem, the last event of Season 4, starts today, August 7th, and will last until August 27th!

In this event you'll be able to obtain the following exclusive rewards by completing in-game challenges:

:tempigepic: A lovely banner of pet basics
:tempigepic: A delightful pet tower to decorate your house
:tempigepic: A holo that could kill with its cuteness
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06 Jul

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
The first TemCS Invitational will take place on July 8th and 9th (Starting at 5:00pm UTC/10:00am PDT), inaugurating the last split of the year! Watch the best Tamers around compete over a $10000 prize pool and a slot for the Temtem World Championship's Main Stage.

15 players will compete in an exciting double elimination bracket fighting for a grand prize of $3000 and a Direct Qualification to the Temtem World Championship’s Main Stage in October. Every single player will get prize money depending on their performance in the tournament. With a prize pool of $10k, every single match matters!

You can watch all the action in our twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/playtemtem

Bracket and Schedule Without further ado, let's take a look at the bracket!

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04 Jul

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Improvements Added the visual indicators for effectiveness (the red and green circles) to PvP matches.
Added a choice in Settings to be shown pre-made Temtem builds again if you had deactivated it previously.
Added different dye slots to the Hocus costume so you can make the Luma version!

Economy Mask and short hair had its price decreased from 4k ⇒ 3k.

Petal Dagger’s ETC has been added to the loot pools.
Denigrate’s ETC has been added to the loot pools.
Plasma Beam’s ETC has been added to the loot pools.
Blue Screen’s ETC has been added to the loot pools.


#007 – Platypet
Toxic Slime has been added to its move pool.
#010 – Swali
Urushiol is now learned at level 14.
Toxic Spores is now learned at level 5.
#024 – Taifu
Lullaby is now learned by level.
Intimidation has been added as an egg technique.
#047 – 0b10
Blue Screen has been removed from its... Read more

26 Jun

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Cat's out of the bag, and Temtem: Showdown is LIVE!

Enjoy Temtem's competitive battling at your fingertips, 100% FREE, available now on Steam!
:tempigepic: Get it now!


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19 Jun

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Important notice Dojo Wars are disabled throughout June. The first Dojo War with the new system will take place on the week of July 24th to July 30th.

New stuff - Time for a new Season! Season 4, called Splash Up!, is all about pools, beaches, summer and its activities.
- Season 4 will last from June 19th to September 25th. Remember you can see this in-game, on the upper right corner of the Tamer Pass!
- Seasons coming after Season 4 will last a month longer. This is because we’d like to have more time to polish the content we put out, as some features have gotten out of hand and were becoming too big to cleanly launch in three months.

- A new event!
- Our first ever Pride event is now live, along with Season 4! Take part in the challenges to get rewards inspired by free love and self-expression, or show your ... Read more
    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
As if today wasn't packed enough with the 1.4 patch, our Pride event is starting right after maintenance!
The Proud Archipelago event is now live and will last until July 10th.

Complete quests and get cool, exclusive in-game rewards. And we also have a 🎁 for you!
In this event you can get:
:temlove: A gorgeous proud coat
:temlove: A delightful rainbow Mimit holo
:temlove: A flashy iridiscent Koish banner
:temlove: A proud stand with the... Read more

06 Jun

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers!

The build for patch 1.4 has been sent out, which means that the platform holders for the consoles will review the build, and find any possible issues. Once they give us a green light, the patch is ready to be published on the the planned date, which for 1.4 is June 19th.

Would you like to know more about what’s included in patch 1.4? Let’s go!

A new Season With patch 1.4 comes Season 4: Splash up! Like you can probably guess, this is a Season filled with pool parties, beach sunsets, chill activities and summer fun.

It’s a Season for splashing around and not fighting the current, but rather following it! There will be two events during this Season, one of them our first ever Pride event, that comes with some extra freebies, and another secret one later along the road, which will ma... Read more

18 May

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, Tamers!
Season 3 is still in full-blown, but, following community feedback, we're showing you the end-of-season rewards a bit earlier this time, so you're encouraged to aim for the rank you want.
This Season's rewards are themed around victory and glorious laurels, to commemorate the competitive theme of the Clash of Tamers Season.



These rewards will be given out when Season 3 ends and Season 4 begins, expectedly on June 19th, so you still have time to grind the ladder if you want to aim a bit higher!

Remember that you'll obtain a title that displays the highest rank you achieved, a seal for each rank you achieved, and a ... Read more
    Tsukki on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The core idea behind Temtem is to build a classic adventure game with a focus on the story campaign, but with online elements added around it (seeing other people online, interacting with them to battle, trade, or just to talk and share experiences).
So if your main focus is the playthrough then yeah, you'll probably like it.

14 May

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
Long gone are the times when being a geek was something to be ashamed of!
Flaunt your nerdier interests in Temtem's new and current event, Geek Pride, and obtain exclusive rewards that will make gamers, collectors and film geeks stand out from the crowd.

Filled with references, in this event you'll be able to obtain the following exclusive and limited rewards:

:tempigepic: A super game-y Holo
:tempigepic: A Holo to remind you of where you started this journey.
:tempigepic: A delightful retro Seal.
:tempigepic: The... Read more

04 May

    Tsukki on Steam - Thread - Direct
All platforms
  • Fixed a softlock occurring when a Trait that is activated when a Temtem faints is triggered.
  • Fixed getting softlocked when using certain techniques with Striking Transmog Mimit during a Randomlocke run.
  • Fixed a softlock after scrolling down in the Showdown's Tempedia if the Temtem shown filled exactly one entire row.
  • Fixed Scent effects being transferred from the main file to the Challenge Mode save.
  • Fixed swapping a Temtem for another in a Showdown team would show the Techs of the previous Temtem on the new one.
  • Fixed Zaobian/Arachnyte being banned on the TemSafari if they'd changed their secondary Type through their traits, and it ended up matching one of the banned Types.
  • Fixed Status Condition order not being the same in battle and in the Squad Menu.
  • Fixed having the mount animation be displayed if a Player ente...
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