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Long gone are the times when being a geek was something to be ashamed of!
Flaunt your nerdier interests in Temtem's new and current event, Geek Pride, and obtain exclusive rewards that will make gamers, collectors and film geeks stand out from the crowd.

Filled with references, in this event you'll be able to obtain the following exclusive and limited rewards:

:tempigepic: A super game-y Holo
:tempigepic: A Holo to remind you of where you started this journey.
:tempigepic: A delightful retro Seal.
:tempigepic: The cutest pop statue of your first Temtem friends.
:tempigepic: An emote for those days when you feel a little... invaded.
:tempigepic: An awesome retro backpack.

The event will last from today until June 4th, and this is the only time the rewards will be available. Don't miss it!
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.