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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The time has finally come to dispel some of the mystery surrounding 1.5! As you know, patch 1.5 will launch on September 25th along with Season 5. And there's a lot to talk about in this patch, so take my hand and I'll walk you through some of the most interesting or relevant features of the upcoming patch 1.5.

The 3rd Mythical and its route
The third and last Mythical Temtem will be landing in the game very soon! This Mythical comes with a brand new route, in a brand new area that we think will surprise and delight you! We're dying to welcome you onboard!

While we don't want to give too many spoilers, this last Temtem's Traits are totally new mechanics and revolve around the Doom Status Condition, so it'll be sure to cause plenty of surprises and unexpected twists in battle. It's also chonky, if you cared.

Its name starts with a G ;)

New challenge mode Were you having a lot of fun with the random factor of the Randomlocke but suffering through the hardcore rules of the Nuzlocke? Worry not! Patch 1.5 comes with a new Challenge Mode, the Randomized mode. This means all of the random fun, less the Nuzlocke rules!

Traits, Techniques, Temtem, items you find... almost everything will be randomized, but you no longer have to worry about your Temtem fainting forever, or being only able to catch 2 Tems per route. This mode is like playing normal Temtem, but in a quirky, unpredictable way.

Of course, you'll be able to play co-op for this mode too (as long as you follow the Challenge Mode co-op rules[crema.gg]), and it'll come with its new, exclusive set of rewards that follow the random theme that colors this whole mode.

Season 5 Of course, a new big patch and the start of a new Season go hand in hand!

Season 5 is called Endless Night, and will surely delight all of you who like to be a little dark, a little edgy, a little mischievous (myself included). If it truly wasn't a phase for you, you'll get the chance to prove it to everyone (and your mom) with a new Tamer Pass, new Premium and Regular cosmetics and two new events (one of them, OF COURSE, Halloween!).

Welcome home, fellow goths.

Please remember that Seasons will now last a month longer! Season 5 will be the first one to have that extra month: from September 25th, until January 29th of 2024.

We’d like to have more time to polish the content we put out. Some features have gotten out of hand and were becoming too big to cleanly launch in three months, leaving us with no leeway to fix issues or quickly react to unforeseen circumstances. There’s always something popping up from behind us, be it bugs, failures in the certification process, unexpected interactions… so we’d like to have some time to polish both the current patch and previous patches that might need our attention, without that eating into the next Season and patch’s time.

Lairs get some polish We're improving Lairs a bit based on the feedback we've been gathering all of this time. There's two big changes coming to Mythical Lairs in 1.5: being able to form parties of 1, 2 and 3 players, and a new node that will allow players to trade between each other during a Lair.

You will now get to choose the party size you desire when you begin a Lair. We've also tweaked the rewards to better distribute them amongst the content we have. Lairs formed by 3-5 players will take the more endgame-oriented content, like ETCs and hotfixes, for players who are more experienced and need this type of rewards; Lairs formed by 1 and 2 players are better lined up with players who are still reaching the endgame, and will still need hacks, breeding items and Tems with good SVs. It's also more challenging to coordinate with more people!

And the new Node! You'll now have a Node made for trading between Lair participants. You'll be able to choose who to trade with, and you can trade Tems and items, just like you would in any normal trading situation. One player must be in the Trading Node, and the other must be out of battle.

Trading Node will also be added to DigiLairs!

Also, and following community requests, from now on each player will only be able to revive once per Lair. Some Tamers were being dragged down by other Tamers who were endlessly using up Jewels to revive, and this has made part of the community reluctant to play Lairs with other random Tamers. While we understand this ups the challenge a little bit, we hope it'll be enough to combat those bad experiences! This will not apply to DigiLairs, where you will still be able to revive as many times as needed there.

These changes to Lairs won't affect the Kudos concerning Lairs!

Easier Dojo Rematches We've heard some of our most veteran players bring up the importance of having PvE content that newbies can access sooner, that will help prepare them for the more challenging endgame PvE content. To this effect we've introduced a new level of difficulty for Dojo Rematches: the Casual difficulty.

These modes will still follow the competitive rules and be a challenge, but TVs, SVs and levels will be adjusted to a degree newbies can better tackle and enjoy. Rewards are also scaled down too, and both things are clarified in the selection screen. You'll be prompted to choose between Casual and Disciple (aka regular) difficulty when you walk up to any of the Dojo Leaders.

We hope this helps newbies get a better grip on battle before jumping into more difficult content!

If you're a seasoned player and want to go straight to the regular Dojo Rematches, your victory on the regular level will also count as a victory on the parallel Casual Dojo Rematch, and get those rewards too! You can play both if you so desire, starting on the Casual one, but you can skip straight into the more advanced Rematches at will!

FreeTem! changes We've tweaked the FreeTem! feature and shaken it up a good chunk, and we're straying away from the tiered rewards system, and offering some more challenge to the feature. The two most prominent changes are that you'll be asked to release Tems from 4 particular species, and that rewards will be Feathers and Pansuns per each group completed, as opposed to the previous tier system.

Instead of letting you release any Temtem and giving rewards based on their levels, FreeTem! will now ask to release Tems from four different randomized species, e.g. "Release 20 Paharo, 30 Tateru, 10 Mimit, and 20 Pigepic". You can release them in any order, and at any time, even switching from group to group at random. The maximum amount of Temtem you can be asked for is 90, and you can only get one group of 90 per week. This means you won't end up unlucky and have to catch and release 90 Taterus, 90 Paharos, 90 Occluras and 90 0b10s in a week, in case you were worried.

You'll get a Pansun and Feather reward for each group you complete. Groups will be equalized in terms of difficulty, so you'll be asked for less Tems if the species has a low capture rate and low spawn rate. You'll get the same reward for completing each of the groups, no matter the difficulty or the amount of Tems in it, so you can start on the one that's most convenient, and do as many groups as you'd like until you complete the four.

The released Tems will maintain the current FreeTem! restrictions, such as having to have been captured that same week, and having to have your OT. Groups will be randomized individually for each player, so you won't get the same requests as other Tamers.

FreeTem!'s purpose and disposition have been a topic of debate for us and the community, with us not seeing it as a true activity, and the community telling us it was a lacking one. We didn't want FreeTem! to become mindlessly following a certain strategy, as that's a boring formality and not an enjoyable feature. With this change we hope FreeTem! feels a bit more fresh, more interesting and challenging, and closer to our idea of an actual activity.

Changes to the Luma Drops Store The Luma Drops store is getting new stock, but it's also getting the long-awaited dye preview so you can first check how a Dye looks before purchasing it! All dyes in the Luma Drops store will preview on a placeholder T-shirt so you can see their color, glow and other properties before making the plunge and purchasing them.

Fill the world of Temtem with brilliant colors!

Season 4 Ranked rewards Let's take a look at this Season's Ranked rewards before it ends, so everyone still on the fence can decide if they want to give Ranked ladder another try!

This Season’s rewards are themed around the sea, seashells, algae and underwater shenanigans, to match the summery and oceanic nature of the Splash Up! Season.



These rewards will be given out when Season 4 ends and Season 5 begins, expectedly on September 25th, so you still have time to grind the ladder if you want to aim a bit higher!

Remember that you’ll obtain a title that displays the highest rank you achieved, a seal for each rank you achieved, and a banner for each rank you achieved; also remember you need to have won 10 games in a rank to be considered part of that rank.

Best of luck on that last stretch!

Future changes to the Tamer Pass Now, this is a change that won't happen with 1.5, but later. However, we are too eager to share this, and believe that you being informed ASAP will be the best course of action.

We're going to be changing the Tamer Pass system so that Tamers can choose which Tamer Pass they want to have active at a time, and so everyone can access past Tamer Passes. You'll only be able to have one Tamer Pass active at a given time, and the rest will be dormant. When you go into the Tamer Pass tab you'll see your currently active Tamer Pass like normal, with all its items and levels. Then there'll be another tab where you'll be able to see a list of all Tamer Passes. In this list you'll be able to see whether you've purchased the Premium track or not, and how many levels you have unlocked so far.

You will be able to switch Tamer Pass at will. Once you change your Tamer Pass, you'll return to the normal Tamer Pass screen seeing instead the new one you've selected. Changing Tamer Pass won't remove the rewards already obtained from other Tamer Passes, and your progression in all of them will remain fixed and safe. We've also stored your progression in all previous and the current Tamer Pass :)
We believe this massively alleviates the FOMO issues that the Tamer Pass has generated, and that you'll be able

We promised you many months ago that all the Premium rotational content (Tamer Pass and Featured Premium Store items) would be available once again one year after its first appearance. We want to make good on that promise, so we have added all the weekly Featured Premium items from Season 1 (it's a lot of items, believe me) to the rotating Daily Store as of 1.5. The first year has passed, and your Daily Shop is about to become way more interesting!

Since we felt like including the items from the Free Tier into the Store would be a weird move on our part, and we had this idea in mind to make Tamer Passes available again. So the Tamer Pass items won't be added to the Daily Rotating Store in 1.5, but will instead become available through this new Tamer Pass system. This means the Free tier will remain Free, and you will be able to skip the rotating and the mystery, even if it takes a little bit longer to reach.

Please note! The following image is a mock up for illustrative purposes, and not the final presentation of this feature. Final result may vary.

Of course, this great change begs the question: when? Sadly we do not have a closed date for this right now. However, do know our goal is to have it as soon as possible, and we hope that with this knowledge you can plan your play sessions and any possible spending with a different mindset. You've been asking for this, and we're super happy that we can now obligue.

Now you get why we were unable to resist talking about it, right?

And more...
If you know us, you know we don't like to spoil all our content right away. There are many be more improvements, balance changes, fixes and adjustments to look forward to.
See you very very soon in darker lands and spookier territories! Have fun, and Temtem up!