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I play Temtem on Steam and today purchased it on Xbox looking to play it on there with the same account, when I'm trying to select cross-progression it says I need to purchase Temtem+. It then says I already own Temtem+ and takes me back to the game where it says "there has been a problem validating your purchase". Has anyone come across this issue and if so is there a fix?

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It seems there is currently an issue with Xbox add-on purchases (Temtem Plus, Novas...). We're actively looking into it and it should be solved in a couple of days!

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Originally posted by cymrudoyle

Thanks for the response, just to confirm I haven't bought an add on, just the full game. I can't even see a temtem+ as an add on on the store.

Every purchase of the game comes bundled with Temtem Plus, which is the "DLC" that allows users to enable cross-progression. But currently with this bug activations for Temtem Plus are not working correctly.

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