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Just curious to see how support and content flow has been since the full release back in September. I just grabbed the game, and it seems like they could really do a lot with it!

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Originally posted by JOKRxARMAGEDDON

Ultimately I think that's what we'll see, either no changes during a season or very minor bug fixes and balance changes. Then the season update brings a new content drop.

That's a perfect example for my communication point. The devs constantly point to the forums for ideas, feedback, wants, etc. Someone made a crazy lengthy, detailed, and well thought out post with about a half dozen or so ideas for improving guilds, the dojo park clubhouses, and player housing. Well recieved by the community on the forums... Radio silent from the devs.

It's incredibly frustrating, demoralizing, and frankly off-putting that the devs say "send these ideas here!", then you do, and it seems to fall on deaf ears. The least they could do is slap a "Crema acknowledged" flair on the post, or comment saying they're moving this to internal teams, or saying it can't be done.

Radio silence from the devs ultimately leads to your active community and idea / improvements ideas to stop flowing. Because why bother?

We haven't been able to reply to feedback/suggestions posts since the early days of the Early Access because that would require an amount of time that no human team has, let alone the design team which are the busiest people on the company. Even having just adding an acknowledged flair for each topic, without any comment whatsoever, would lead to confusion because was it rejected, was it adapted, was it implemented?
We usually always mention not to expect a reply, because it's literally impossible to do so for each topic. But that doesn't mean they go unheard, and every community-suggested change or feature is recorded as such in the patch notes, and there's a good chunk of those.

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Originally posted by Overseer_Wadsworth

Do the devs ever have livestreams or communicate on reddit?

We don't really do livestreams, as we lack the time and resources to do so on a regular basis. We've done a couple in the past, though, and we do accept invitations to streams and podcasts.
As for Reddit, I'm here replying to posts and posting updates. The rest of the team lurks.

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Hello! Figured a dev answer might be good.
This is the old roadmap. Dates are out the window, but the content is mostly still planned so you can know some of the features coming: Ye Olde Roadmap
We had a huge post right before the 1.0 launch where we covered most of the changes coming to 1.0 and some beyond, including the Season system: The Golden Week recap

We currently don't have plans for new Tems beyond the 3rd Mythical, and new Tems are unlikely. Events, Tamer Passes, and weekly rotations are always in constant movement and have a different team dedicated to it. We do have plans for more secret, surprise features. The next update, 1.3, will come right after this one ends, so around March, and it includes the Nuzlocke mode variation and more we cannot yet disclose. In-between there's going to be an event that we'll be uncovering soon.

Dropping Temtem is not in our plans!

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Originally posted by OKINGPAC

Thanks a lot for this Info!

I started Temtem yesterday on the switch, and Ive been having a blast ^

The monster designs are great and the games colors pop wonderfully! And the game has actually had me change my lineup and think more strategically then pokemon has in the first island, so the game is getting me excited.

Thank you for making a great game :)

Glad you’re enjoying it! <3

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Originally posted by alfombragorda

I am curious, how will the game last in the long term if there won't be new Tems? Or is this hinting that there may be a Temtem 2? It would be a shame to just leave the game's roster as is as the designs are great and I'm sure most would agree we'd love to see more.

I remember watching GymLeaderEd's video on some concerns regarding the game's long term scope and think he hit it nail on with potential issues and ways to overcome them.

We believe features and balance changes will be enough to keep things entertaining for a long time. And we're not yet ready to talk about any future projects beyond Temtem haha but when we're ready we'll share on that, too.
I understand the "likely no new Tems" bit is disappointing.

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Originally posted by Overseer_Wadsworth

Thanks for chiming in here! That's a bit sad to know that there is unlikely to be any new tems. It would be so cool to have an expansion in this game into a new archipelago with new tems. What's the reasoning behind this being so unlikely?

Thanks for sharing this information though, I am a very new player so it is nice to see this. I think this player base is starving for this sort communication. So many game studios triple A and indie seemingly ignore player bases or worse go completely radio silent.

No problem! It is sad, indeed, I agree. The reason is that any new inclusion of a Tem has a massive amount many branching out now, so much balance and work behind it, and that there was an idea for the roster and the team would like to stick to the original idea. We need to know our limits if we want to provide good quality.

We've said this often! Just like I replied to your post we're not afraid to have this convo and when the news first broke out we wrote about them on a post. But social media moves fast and new peeps arrive all the time.

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Originally posted by kanofudo

if only there was a way to add more activities and things to do into new areas. sadly i'm afraid that technology was lost to time

That's actually our focus right now. Not to create new islands, but to add new features and explore possibilities of the world we already have created.

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Originally posted by Camiljr

Why don’t you guys hold community Temtem creations every couple months or so?

Have people submit their designs and names, make a contest out of it, select the most popular 1-5% of submissions and incentivize it with some in game rewards / currency. Just floating some ideas your way.

Really love the game so far, but not adding new tems really hits the appeal for a lot of players.

Community-created content requires signing rights over to us and a lot of paperwork, and they'd still need to go by our team's hand on art, design, balance, implementation... We have a lot of unused Temtem designs we could go with. But like I pointed above, we had an idea for a roster that we'd like to stick to, and there's a lot of work behind adding more Tems now.

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Originally posted by MoonieSarito

I just wanted to "revamp" the house system, I already made this suggestion a few times ( and my post was even well received on the forum at the time ) I would love it if you guys thought about the idea and read the post I made on the forum some years ago. https://www.playtemtem.com/forums/threads/some-suggestions-that-maybe-could-improve-the-housing-system.14685/

There is not much reason to visit my own house after decorating it and even less to visit other houses in the game which ends up leaving the system a bit useless, it would be excellent to implement some kind of daily or weakly quests on that, I guarantee that more casuals players like me who just want to have more things to do in the game would love this.

PS: Sorry for my english.

No probs about your English! Like you already know I'm not part of the design team so I don't know how actually technically expensive and time-consuming this suggestion is, nor do I know if the design team is interested in working on the Housing system. Revamps or rework are probably time-heavy and would require a lot of hands on it, that's why those suggestions are the hardest to make true.

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Originally posted by SmokeontheHorizon

that would require an amount of time that no human team has

Doesn't have time to read ideas about how to improve the game; has plenty of time to criticize the concept of having ideas to improve the game.

I have not criticized the concept of having ideas to improve the game, not now and not ever. I've only clarified that no one has enough time to answer them.

I am not part of the design team, so me reading them doesn't bear fruit. I work on reading and replying to your comments and explaining the team's perspective and insight behind decisions, so that's what I do.

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Originally posted by alfombragorda

Thank you for acknowledging the comments, i do appreciate it. Even though it is disappointing, i am excited to see if you’re going to be cooking up anything new related to temtem in the future. You’ve definitely got an ip with solid potential.

Agreed :) and no problem!

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Originally posted by Camiljr

Alright yeah I get what you're saying, thank you for the transparency!

No problem!! Thanks for understanding