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  • We have corrected the issue preventing players on consoles from making purchases with Feathers instead of Novas. All console players can now use their Feathers to purchase cosmetics, as long as they have enough Feathers for it.
    • Please do remember that the game will still prioritize using your existing Novas.

  • A new batch of Pride flag banners has been added to Temtem!
    • You can redeem this new batch of flags by entering the following codes in the Redeem option of the Lobby screen.






  • We apologize to everyone who’s had to wait an extra year to see their identity represented!

  • Innkball
    • We have tweaked the button that closes the tunnel’s door so it can’t be activated from inside the tunnel, to prevent players from getting the ball trapped in there.
    • You can now shake the table by pressing the same button used to throw the ball. This will help if your ball gets stuck.
    • You can now shift the light points in the tunnel and at the top of the table by pressing the paddles’ input.



  • #20 – Amphatyr
    • Petal Dagger has been removed from its tech pool.
    • Thunder Strike has been removed from its tech pool.
    • Electric Storm has been added to its tech pool.
    • Plague has been added to its tech pool.
    • Resin Trap has been added to its tech pool at level 96.



  • Fiery Ballad + :
    • Damage has been increased 95 110
    • Priority has been increased Normal High
  • Tornado
    • Stamina cost has been decreased 36 28.
  • Aquatic Whirlwind
    • Stamina cost has been decreased 34 30


All platforms

  • Fixed getting stuck during battle if a Temtem with the Kaleidoscope trait received positive status conditions from another Tem.
  • Fixed a softlock when reviving a Temtem with the Hurry-wart trait at the same time the rest of allied Tems faint.
  • 👥 Fixed that eggs were not opening upon relogging if the timer hit 00:00 while the game was closed.
  • 👥Fixed encountering Temtem you cannot capture in the Randomlocke Challenge mode.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to equip the Arcade Bar cosmetics right after obtaining them, requiring first a reboot to do so. You can now equip your cosmetics as soon as you obtain them.
  • 👥 Fixed Resilient proccing twice if the Temtem with this trait received healing.
  • 👥Fixed Resilient not working properly with Doom, beyond causing a blockage.
  • Fixed that Reactive Vial was proccing on a a Tem with the Nullified status condition if it had received an effective tech that applied status conditions, and then it removed the Nullified status condition.
  • 👥 Fixed seeing Mimit transformed into a different Tem if we leave a battle with the battle log open.
  • 👥 Fixed seeing the Evasion animation multiple times after using Bright Beam against a Tem with the Mirroring trait.
  • Fixed seeing the wrong Temtem on the Traits that trigger during battle.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused us to not get the Gemtastic Kudo if we suffered a disconnection or game closure right after defeating the Lair Boss.
  • 👥 Fixed the Mythical Tems in Mythical Lairs not displaying their fainting animation when defeated.
  • 👥 Fixed seeing some Luma particles in combat after bringing out a Luma Tem.
  • Fixed seeing the code to share a Squad, from Showdown, in the battle log of a Co-op squad.
  • Fixed the sound preview on some musical emotes being too low or entirely missing.
  • Fixed seeing the Novas symbol on shops and other places where they aren’t used, like Boutiques or Shop Nodes in Lairs.
  • Fixed seeing the “Back” UI prompt in the Arcade Bar displaced after changing the aspect ratio of the game.

Xbox S/X, PS5, Switch

  • Fixed the issue that caused players to not be able to purchase premium cosmetics using Feathers.


  • 👥 Fixed some visual issues affecting any Chromeon in the Squad.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Discord server and subreddit.