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Here's the full thread on the explanation: https://www.playtemtem.com/forums/threads/the-forums-are-going-away-heres-the-why-how-and-when.23640/

It's stated that they're going to slowly re-implement all of the main threads into the official Temtem discord server except one. Suggestions and feedback are not. However, you can still use the Reddit as that location instead as Tsukki has also mentioned this subreddit has been the counterpart to that thread already.

I wanted to bring more light on this so that you all know that is very much welcome here! As well as bring more awareness that the forums are going away.

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about 1 year ago - /u/ItsTsukki - Direct link

Hello! Wanted to drop a couple of notes that I was going to include in my post here.

While this change does not concern you directly, some of the sections in the forums will now be covered on this very subreddit, so I wanted to specify.

The Guide flair will substitute the Guide section on the forums, so please make sure to mark your informative posts as such so other Tamers can find your guides, walkthroughs, etc.

The Feedback/Suggestion flair will substitute the Feedback and Suggestions section on the forums, but do keep in mind that we cannot respond to all the feedback, and we cannot implement all of your suggestions. Suggestions that are short, concise, to the point and would take less than a day of work can be considered and attempted, if you can, try to focus on that sort of suggestions.

Last but not least, there might be an influx of new peeps around, so please be nice and friendly. Remember you can report messages or threads if something or someone goes against the rules, and mods are here to help you.

Nothing else, thanks Marsh for sharing!

about 1 year ago - /u/ItsTsukki - Direct link

Originally posted by NotTreeFiddy

The problem with Discord is discoverability. There is little in the way of record keeping. Unlike on a traditional forum, where you can stumble across people's problems and solutions for decades, with Discord it's effectively lost at the moment. I know there are workarounds and half-solutions to this, but none that I have seen that are as effective as having old forum discussions that are searchable.

I like Discord, or at least I like IRC and IRC-like platforms, as I think they're a great way to get a community having discussions and sharing things with each other, but I don't think it's that great as a support platform.

It's true that forums have that advantage of being eternally available, which is also why I insisted on Reddit being also available forever and a great source of info. I'll give this a spin with the team!