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As many of you know, or for the new ones that don't, our previous roadmap is now very outdated and dates are no longer accurate. Here's the official, longer look into it, plus the first sight of the wondrous Cipanku and a time estimate for it:


Thank you for all your support and for reading, and again, sorry. We understand it's not exactly fun news, and we apologize for that.

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Originally posted by WankSocrates

Well not what I hoped obviously but my Steam review says Temtem is worth the money even incomplete and damnit I still stand by that 100%.

I knew something like this would happen at some point and I've seen what happens when stuff gets rushed out without proper QA oh-so-many times. I'd much rather have it done right than done fast.

Update is appreciated and I sincerely wish you all well.

thank you so much!!! We're sorry for the harsh news, and appreciate the kind words despite all that. You guys rock.

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Originally posted by Ignoritus

Thanks for the update, Tsukki! It's sad to hear Cipanku is still so far out, but having some insight into when we can expect it makes the wait a lot more comfortable and lets people know when it's worth devoting their hype to it.

hard agree! Thanks for waiting until it was out of the oven.

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Originally posted by Jigglypuff419

Thanks for the update, take all the time you need!

Edit: Typo fixed

oops, they were commas when I wrote that, I promise haha thanks for pointing it out! :)

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Originally posted by verysmexymax

I hope we still get some leaks and entertainment from u until then!

I'll do my rubesty