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Hello, Recently I got back into the game, wanting to play a bit here and there. But since I upgraded my graphics card from a 1080ti to a 3080ti im experiencing very high to 100% load on my CPU (i7 8700k) which is causing some pretty bad stuttering, any ideas what I could do to fix it?

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Hello @RS_Deadeye . First, I'd like to welcome you to posting to Discussions! Thank you as well for reaching out about this high CPU usage you're getting with the updated graphics card. I recommend running through these basic PC steps to see if this eases that usage. If that does seem to ease the issue, go ahead and grab some copies of your MsInfo and Dxiag files so that you can submit them via a ticket! You can either submit that ticket on our Support Site, or on our Facebook and Twitter support pages. Let me know how that goes as well!

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