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I've got 2 Striker builds (4 Striker pieces both): One with the Striker chest (Striker C.D) and another without the Striker chest (Striker World).

If I swap directly from the Striker C.D build to the Striker World build, the 4th Striker talent never activates.

I have to load first a different class build then, load the Striker World build in order to get the 4th talent's activation.

Check that Vid:


I've reproduced that same issue with 2 different Heart Breaker builds: One with the HB chest and another without.


8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Thanks for reporting this, @Code-Fantome!

If you haven't gone through them already, please try out our basic PC troubleshooting steps to see if they have any effect.

Also just to test it out, what happens when you reproduce the bug, and then restart your game without doing the workaround? Does the talent proc once you're back in, or does it stay deactivated until you do the workaround?

8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Thanks for pointing that out, @WrecK3rr!

If you're still running into this error once you've updated your game @Code-Fantome, please let us know and we'll be happy to send up a bug report! 🙂

7 months ago - Ubi-Clem - Direct link

Hello @Code-Fantome,

Thank you for spotting such a behaviour.

Could you please send us images or videos for the other sets you are mentioning?

This would be helpful to forward the bug report we intend to make for this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

7 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thanks for this @Code-Fantome, I've gone ahead and raised this to the team.

Should we hear more from them or need any more information, we'll update this thread.

Thank you!

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