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Is it possible that the commendation - Summit Combat Mastery Merit can be reset on my account so I can complete it properly. It's bugged out. To my knowledge the max commendation score is 7370 which means I'm 60 points short but according to the screen shot I've finished all commendations. If it can't be reset do you know if there is a fix coming in a future patch to sort it.

  • It was mentioned in the patch notes for June 22nd - Fixed issue where Summit Combat Merit Commendation would display unusually in the Commendations menu. But for me it's still bugged.


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Hello @dsurian thank you for your recent post regarding this.

We know of two issues with the Summit Combat Mastery and the progress not tracked being tracked is one of these issues and the issue has been reopened for investigation.

I will pass your details along as one of the players affected. I apologize we are unable to fix this for you at the moment, but we will do our best to keep you informed of any updates regarding this issue.

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