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This could really hurt pvp. Running Butcher of course will make anew video about this and soon it will be all over in pvp. Please can we put a stop to this guy teaching people how to do glitches.


12 days ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Hello there @ModalThread611!

Thanks for taking the time to share these videos regarding sticky bullets with us. I've passed these along to the dedicated game team so they can take a closer look at these.

Are you still encountering issues with crashing and lag in the DZ? If so, can you let us know if you've been encountering any error codes when these crashes occur? This will help us to investigate the issue further.

Thanks! 😊

12 days ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Thanks for sharing your experience, @mattjib.

If you're encountering DELTA errors in-game, then I would recommend that you perform some basic connectivity troubleshooting steps for your platform, as this helps to ensure that you have an optimal connection to the servers. You can read more about these errors, and find additional troubleshooting steps, here.

The team is taking a closer look at these reports regarding the sticky bullets as well. Once we have more updates to share, they will be made available within the News & Announcements forum.

Thanks! 😊

11 days ago - UbiSushiVamp - Direct link

Hi there, everyone! I am sorry to hear that this is still occurring and I appreciate the videos you have provided us with here about the glitch and how to replicate this. I have forwarded this to our teams to be investigated and I appreciate your patience and understanding as our teams investigate this!

10 days ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Hello there!

@mattjib - We would be unable to guarantee that we will be able to provide daily updates regarding the investigation into this issue. Rest assured that we will do our best to communicate any updates once they are made available to us. Any updates or announcements will also be shared on our official platforms, or within the News & Announcements forum, so I would recommend checking out these locations as well.

@LucasTraversim - You're currently within the English Player Support forums. Would you be able to provide a translation of your posts for us? Alternatively, if you'd like to receive support in Portuguese, I would recommend opening a support ticket and a member of your regional team will be in touch as soon as they are able to.

@ModalThread611 - Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Rest assured that the development team are looking into this issue further, and we are checking in with them regularly for further updates. Any new details will either be shared within the forums or on our official platforms, so please keep an eye out for these.

Thanks! 😊

10 days ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link

Rest assured that the dedicated teams are taking a closer look at this, @mattjib. As per Ubisoft policy, we are unable to communicate the outcome of the investigation with anyone other than the players affected by the investigation itself.

Thank you πŸ™‚

10 days ago - UbiStorm - Direct link

I can understand the frustration, but rest assured that every report is taken seriously and is individually investigated. However, there's nothing else we can share about these investigations, and I do apologize for that.