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There's no crouch. Wow. You are forced to stand up and expose yourself to potential threats. The closest thing to it is Cover, and that is really, really weird: Objects behind which one may take cover have related overlays. Great. So, I crouch (cover) behind a car. Moving the mouse around, I see Cover overlays on nearby objects. Here's the weird part: I highlight a desired cover object and try a variety of keys, the Spacebar symbol accomplishing nothing more than making me stand up and expose myself. I can't find a key that will make my character sprint to the indicated cover, so I have to stand up and amble over there, vulnerable the entire time.

I can't find any manual or tutorials, so how am I supposed to figure these things out when they are not detailed in Bindings?

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@Gremlin-Cursed I'm sorry that there is not a detailed description in the bindings menu or in the basic tutorial at the beginning of the game. I will forward your feedback on to The Division team.

@cortez667 Thanks for your post and including screenshots of the controls.

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@davidhines1 Thank you for letting us know this, we will pass this information on.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback you have provided on how you found the tutorials in-game and thank you for the images of keybindings you have provided for our other players.

As this is something that is not a Player Support topic and more of a feedback on controls and lack of crouch mechanic, I will move this thread to our General Discussion area, thank you.