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I own Div1, Div2, NY Expansion, Currently Season Pass, Season 1 Pass.

Why is this?

PLEASE help.

18 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey guys!

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I've removed the Trial version from your accounts.

Could you please now try and launch the game and let us know if the error persists?

Thank you!

13 days ago - Ubi-Perseids - Direct link

@LucNukem73 Hey! Glad you were able to get this fixed, and thanks for sharing what helped you resolve the issue.

@BittyByBit @Potter187-0 @radazi If y'all are still having trouble with this, could you try what @LucNukem73 tried and see if that helps at all? Let me know if you're still getting this error. Thanks!