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I have played a lot of countdown. While crashing has been reduced crashing still occurs. So far these are the patterns I have seen:

1) Randomly crashing after the main mission has been completed. This tends to be delayed so it can be 30 seconds to one minute after the mission ends. So you can be running for extraction and boom you game locks up. This happens a lot.

2) Certain locations cause you crash at particular times. The reactor is one of the worst. Again once the mission is complete and you have claimed you reward the door way directly to the left of the loot chest causes a crash. Its intermittent but I see other people, crash in the same place. Leaving the inner reactor via other doorways reduces the likely hood of a crash massively.

3) Running, near or through a crashed player leads to you crashing. Intermittent.

I will update this thread with any more observations I make about crashing in countdown.

On the subject of crashing, the base of operations is quite bad as well. I have crash within 5 minutes and not left it.

a) A typical crash might be log in, browse my character and stash, then boom lock up.
b) Log in and look at a few menus, stand in BOE and crash with 5 to 10 mins.

I can not suggest a replication method except I was going in and out of the menus a lot.

Things I am currently testing for countdown.

1) Not accessing the menus or map during a countdown. (I suspect one of these may increase the likely hood of a crash)
2) Only looting items and not checking them before picking them into inventory.

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Heya @GrayStaff, sorry to hear that Countdown's crashing on your so much!

Just in case you haven't already, please try running through our basic troubleshooting steps. Disabling unnecessary background applications may also help you out!

With that out of the way, are you getting any particular error messages or anything? Also, is everyone in the lobby crashing at the same time, or just you? Have you noticed anyone else crashing while you're playing?

Additionally if you could grab us a clip of the game crashing that includes what you were doing beforehand, and then upload it to YouTube for us, we'd appreciate it!

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Hey @GrayStaff,

I've merged your thread with your original post here.

Could you please confirm if you've yet attempted any of the troubleshooting steps suggested by @Ubi-DeskLamp ?

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@SirGhugeTheBig Hi there! So sorry that you are having this issue and it's making the countdown unplayable for you. I would suggest trying the PC technical troubleshooting guide to start with. It may also help to go through our general connectivity guide and then check out the game-specific guide. Please note that these steps are not suggesting this is an issue on your end with your network connection, but rather we want to be sure you have the best connection possible and to rule out anything else that could be causing this to happen. Please let me know if these steps help. Thanks!