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I was testing a few OD builds (on PC) with the set rework post TU16, and am not seeing the 4-piece being applied consistently. When using the build, the enemies are not being marked no matter how many times I shoot them or which weapon I am shooting them with. A few observations:

  • This happened after creating a 2nd OD loadout, and swapped back to the 1st initially.
  • I tried removing a piece of OD, and swapping it back with no success
  • I tried switching to the other OD loadout and that one bugged as well. (also tried the same swap as above with no success)
  • I tried relogging and restarting completely which didn't help initially, save for the scenario described below
  • I have managed to get one of the loadouts (the most recently saved) to behave properly but requires me to do the swap every time I start a new session or switch loadouts. My original loadout won't work no matter what I do (even manually removing ALL OD pieces, and re-equipping them)

I didn't see any other similar posts, so figured I would report.

5 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @TyMINnIs, welcome to the forums and thanks for bringing this up!

Can you record a Video showing your set bonus not working properly, along with the method you described at the bottom that lets you get it working with a swapping process?

If you can get that video for me, upload it to YouTube and post a link in this thread, I can get it sent up to the devs once we have it!

5 months ago - Ubi-Greybeard - Direct link

Hey @N3mB0t !

Thanks for the reply, this can easily happen and cause confusion.

@TyMINnIs, were you by any chance able to confirm if this was simply confusion or caught a video of the issue if the set isn't working as intended?

4 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thanks for getting back to us with your video examples @TyMINnIs, we appreciate it!

I've collated all of the information on your findings and video and passed them onto the game team so they can take a closer look into this.

Should we hear anything back from them or need any more details, we'll let you know here.

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused while we get this looked into!