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Unable to complete Manhunt. Final mission / bounty jumps to hardest difficulty. My character is fully buffed, optimized, etc.

I enter mission, but I'm getting MELTED without even putting a dent in the enemies. I've tried different builds, different specializations; but they are crushing me within a few seconds.

(1) Has the difficulty always scaled up during manhunts? (2) Is there some kind of bug that is messing with difficulty / damage sliders?

I just don't remember any of the previous manhunts being this difficult. I'm not a that good; but this is ridiculous how fast they are moving, chewing away armor, and I'm not even scratching them.

Even if I manage to take a few out, I respawn and all progress is lost; forced to restart mission.

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Hello @TWolff33 thanks for getting in touch with us.

I am unaware of any changes to difficulty with the Manhunt modes, only Strongholds and Countdown mode as mentioned in our latest update patch notes here > https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/the-division/the-division-2/news-updates/5OjGH5Q7IlAQzZ9igKTWLW#STRONGHOLDS

Do you have any videos that would demonstrate the increased difficulty you are experiencing, I am interested to know if other players encountered the same?