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While I applaud the move to make the Ongoing Directive hollow point ammo apply to the group as well as the player, there is a serious problem. When the hollow point ammo is awarded it will wipe out all remaining ammo on the player it was shared to once the hollow points are depleted.

After it happened the first time we tested a few times to see if it was a temp glitch. It was not.

I stood by an open world ammo box. I reloaded/refurbished all ammo. My teammate then got the hollow points. They shared to me. I fired the magazine into space. After that mag was dumped I tried to reload and had zero (0) ammo for that weapon.

We both logged off. We came back and tried it again. Same result. We both exited the game, restarted our computers, loaded UBI up, and came back into game - same result.

about 2 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hello everyone, I am going to get this reported up to see if this something that was an unforseen consequence of the Ongoing Directive rebalance or an intended part of the change.

Just to make sure my report is easy to understand, I would like to provide a video along with a text description.

Preferably this video would be recorded from the perspective of the person losing their special ammo when a teammate activates the Ongoing Directive set bonus. If anyone is able to record this for me, please upload it to YouTube and provide me with a link in this thread!