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While building on an RPG map, I have to save a big area as a macroblock to tilt it in freeblock mode.

However, when trying to save the selection of the area in the new update, the game crashes. After a bit of digging around, I also found out that road pieces of normal road, dirt, bumper, ice, and water road crash the game when trying to save them as a macroblock, even if the selection only contains a single block of them. Those blocks though are not present in the original macroblock.

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Hello everyone, thanks for providing this video of the various crashes you have experienced and for also providing your crash log when trying to edit with macroblocks, I will forward this to our TM team.

Would you both happen to have a copy of your dxdiag system files that you can send us, or that you can upload to another site, so we may access it? This is a file that our QA team will ask for for any investigation into crashes or bug reports, thank you https://ubi.li/msrxL

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Hello everyone, just another quick update, our QA teams were able to reproduce this issue so your dxdiag's wont be necessary now, thank you. Hopefully, we will be able to fix this macroblock issue in a future update, thank you both for raising this issue and bringing it to our attention - much appreciated.

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Hello @ZaraStocher thanks for the reply, our developers believe this will be fixed on the next update, thank you

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