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Hello, I have been playing TM for a while now, maybe two years, and just yesterday I try to open the game and I get an error saying, "Corrupted installation, please verify files or reinstall the game.", I tried both reinstalling and verifying files, I tried reinstalling Uplay, tried playing on Epic, same issue, I do use OpenPlanet but I uninstalled it as a troubleshooting step and the same issue persisted, I tried disabling my Firewall and opening Ubisoft Connect in Admin mode, same issue, I deleted the Trackmania2020 and Trackmania files from my user documents, and also deleted it from my ProgramData, issue persisted, I am well above the necessary specifications for Trackmania, AMD Ryzen 5800X and RTX3070, any help would be wildly appreciated as I am stumped.

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@OrdoeBoi Hello! Welcome to Discussions!
Wow! That's a lot of troubleshooting you've tried and I'm so sorry that you're still getting this error. To be honest, since you're seeing this error even after uninstalling the game and removing the files, it sounds like you may need to completely uninstall both the game and Ubisoft Connect and then reinstall them again. Please follow these steps to uninstall the game, and these to uninstall Ubisoft Connect. If you are still getting this error after trying that, you may need to run a registry cleaner as some files may have become corrupted on the PC. You can google to find which registry cleaner you'd prefer to use, but as an example, you can use a program such as CCleaner.
Please keep me updated on how this goes! Thank you!