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I dont post too much, but i can let this pass :

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Look at the skin ... Plz do something , thx

The streamer al ready report this "person" in game, but i want to be sure this garbage people get banned

PS: it was on the COTD of 07/02, server 21, from a twich live (VOD got deleted because of that)
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Hey Bytur, thanks for reaching out and apologies about the delayed response.

I will immediately pass details along over to our game team who will look into this further.

We very much appreciate your communication and if you do see anything similar in the future, you can either use in-game report functionality or reach out to us with details as you did just now.

Please do note however - player reporting via forums is against our rules, so if you'd rather get in touch with us, you can do so via one of the following channels:

1. Support website
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

P.S. I had to remove screenshot from your post so just making you aware.
6 days ago - Ubi-Raziel - Direct link
Originally Posted by ClearwaterTM
Hey, just wanted to let you know that although player reporting on the forums is against the rules, reporting a player in-game also gives you an option to report on the forums.
In addition, when Bytur originally informed us of this problem on the official TrackMania Discord, he was encouraged by both moderators and Nadeo developers to forward it onto here on the forums.

Here's a picture proving this.


I appreciate you making us aware of this, and I'm sorry for the confusion.

Reporting via our public channels is something we've avoided in the past, however there may have been a miscommunication or perhaps a change of process. I'll reach out to the Trackmania team so we can prevent this confusion from happening again.

Thank you and apologies once again

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