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Hello, my game freeze every 3 minutes only on trackmania... the other games don't freeze. I reinstalled all my pc and trackmania...

I saw on a topic we have to press CTRL + F7 but we don't have a solution...

When i press CTRL+F7 i have that : What's the solution? 🙂

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@Altaiyr_ Hello! Welcome to Discussions!

So sorry that your game is freezing every three minutes! That's always annoying but in a game where the tracks can be so fast paced like this one, it's even more frustrating. Hopefully we can get this figured out so that you can enjoy the game again. To start with, please try going through all of the steps in the FAQ here. If the issue persists, would you be able to record a video showing this so we can take a closer look into what could be causing the game to freeze up? Once you have the video, you can upload it to a website like YouTube or Google Drive. Then share the link with us here. Thanks in advance!