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First post here. Hi all!

I have a question that's been bugging me since I started following some TM players on Youtube: are maps different based on whether you bought a starter/club pack or not?

Because I'm on the free tier and on the Winter 2023 - 07 map, on the left turn, before the last ice section, I don't have that green line on the edge of the pool on the left, as it appears on all YT videos. And on that left turn it's a lot easier to take a sharp turn with that line there. If that's the case, this would put into question most WR out there.

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@ech0v01d Hey there! Welcome to Discussions!

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue with the left turn on this map. I would suggest going through the troubleshooting steps in this guide and seeing if they help with this. If it doesn't, then would you be able to take a video of this? Once you have the video, you can upload it to a website like YouTube as Public or Unlisted and share the link with us here. You can also take screenshots as @tooInfinite suggested. Thank you!

@tooInfinite Thanks for the help! 🙂