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I've just started trackmania and wanted to plug in my controller but for some reason the R2 button doesn't work. I checked if my controller was broken but in other games it worked and in the response test too. I wanted to know if the problem lies with me or trackmania?

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Hello @DivineKlein, thank you for getting in touch.

The officially supported controllers for the game include >>
• Mouse and keyboard.
• Dualshock 4 Controller.
• Xbox One Controller.
• XInput compatible gamepads.
• DirectInput compatible gamepads.

Whilst in-game, if you hover your mouse over the top right of the Trackmania screen it should reveal a hidden menu, if you click on the cog and go into settings, select the Input tab, then please make sure you switch the input from keyboard and mouse to your gamepad or Xinput.

You should then be able to scroll down these options and bind your buttons and the R2 L2 buttons should be able to be used as accelerate and brake.

In case of interference, make sure you close any other programs that may be running in the background, other than the game, that could be interfering with your controls, such as other game launchers etc

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@Evo-Chris92 Hey! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this. It makes sense that the triggers would only be able to be bound to brake/accelerate. If anyone else comes along and is confused about this, this should hopefully help them. 🙂 Thanks again!