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Hi Forum,

since two weeks or so my TM wont start up properly.
I have searched the forums but was unable to find a solution, so im starting a new thread to maybe get some help from you people.
The official support did not respond to me until now.

Trackmania will launch but freezes after a second or so while loading. Sound is not affected by this, i can hear the normal menu music. It always seem to be around the same time the game freezes. After Launching but before the (i think its epilepsy) warning and Ubisoft/Nadeo Logos come on.
Then i get the windows message "TrackmaniaUplay is not responding" with the corresponding options Close or Wait (see image). Launching as Admin will not even start the game, only the little Ubisoft-window appears.

What i did until now:

  • Updated all drivers
  • Deinstalled and reinstalled GeForce Experience based on another forum post
  • Deinstalled TM and reinstalled it in the same location
  • Deinstalled TM and reinstalled in on a different SSD
  • Clear registry entrys after deinstall
  • All of above with OpenPlanet deinstalled

Thanks in advance for the help!

16 days ago - Ubi-Clem - Direct link

Hey all!

I guess @AH-HA-HA-PEKO has shared some specific steps that could be a solution for the encountered issue.

Before advising anything else, could you guys have a look and try as per the instructions to isolate this from being the issue?


9 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Glad to see that did the trick @sizexd!

You know where we are if you need assistance with anything else in future!