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Hi, I'm an avid user of borderless windowed mode in all games where it's an option, because i spend a lot of time doing stuff on my secondary monitor. However, in trackmania the game becomes pretty much unplayable when using the borderless windowed mode. The FPS counter stays pretty much the same, but the game got massive stuttering, making it feel like it's running at 30 FPS.

In another game i play, Dota 2, the default setting is that the game sets the CPU to 30% priority when it's not the "focused" window. However theres a command called "dota_engine_no_focus_sleep" wich can change the setting to not lower the CPU priority when focusing another window, Does trackmania have something similar?

The fix i've gotten told, is to use fullscreen mode. While it works perfectly, my game often automatically just tabs out when i get notifications from some apps. (like microsoft team). The trackmania settings also keeps changing itself back to borderless windowed mode automatically, even if i have selected full screen.

The performance issue also seems to be changing from update to update. Sometimes it works fine, then later it's unplayable.

14 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @prohjort thank you for your query.

I am unable to answer your query about that particular setting as only our Devs would have that information.

I can however give you troubleshooting to try and improve your game's performance in borderless mode.

You mentioned setting the CPU priority of the game, can you try opening your Windows Control Panel > select Power Options > make sure you do not have 'power saver' enabled > check the power save 'advanced options' for your CPU, for any restrictions > select Performance mode if able?

Next, launch the game > open Task Manager on Windows > select the Processes tab > right-click on your game select Go to Details > right-click on the game again > select Set Priority > change the priority to Above Normal or High and test the game again to see if you can improve the experience of borderless mode?

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@prohjort Thank you for the update, and I'm sorry to hear that those steps did not help! If you haven't yet, please be sure to give the steps in our FAQ here a try, as they could help fix this issue. Not sure if this could help with the game changing back to borderless windowed mode, but you could reset to default settings and see if that helps fix it from changing randomly on you.

Please let me know how it goes, or if you continue to have trouble with this! Thank you!