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When trying to spectate any record that isnt set by me in any map ex. watching the world record of a campaign map, the car skin doesn't load and shows a full chrome skin.

I am able to reproduce this every single time i spectate anyone on the records list, except for people without a custom skin that have a default country skin. note: spectating people with a custom skin in an arcade lobby works perfectly fine and I'm able to see the skin.

There haven't been any workarounds I have discovered and after doing a bit of search there haven't been any others with the same issue as im facing currently

The clip below will be an example on 2 different maps, map 24 of the fall 2022 campaign and cup of the day of december 1st 2022.
At the end of the clip I show my settings


about 2 months ago - Ubi-Perseids - Direct link

@DaniV65 Hi there! Welcome to Discussions!

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this issue. Thanks also for including the helpful video! If you could please go through the steps in our FAQ here. Once you've done that, please come back and let me know if you saw any changes or if the car skins are still not loading correctly for you. Thank you!

about 1 month ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

No need to apologise @DaniV65 , sorry we've been late getting back too!

I've gone ahead and raised this issue to the team to investigate.

When we have more information, we'll let you know here.

Thank you!

17 days ago - Ubi-Perseids - Direct link

@DaniV65 Hello! Apologies but we do not have any updates to share at this time. Once we hear back or have more information to share, we'll be sure to update this thread.