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A very strange bug has appeared. at first it was just in exporting a video as a replay, but now after tweaking with some settings it affects my whole gameplay. the only issue I can think it could be related to
is shadows not being rendered for the correct screen size. pausing and resuming can fix it and can restart the bug. it was as simple as changing my settings to very nice, and being in fullscreen mode instead of borderless window. resolution 1080p. those are the only video settings I've modified from defaults. Its really annoying and distracting as it moves and changes as I drive around.

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Thank you for sharing this @Poison_reign.

Can you please also upload a screenshot of your in-game graphic settings and let us know what GPU and driver you are using, to help our QA team replicate this issue using the same hardware/settings?

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@Flyin-J Hey! I ended up replying to your other thread about this issue, but good to know that this player is also experiencing the same issue. We will probably end up merging the threads together if more people mention having this problem 🙂

@Maxchess67 Hello! Sorry that you also had this same problem but I'm glad to hear that you were able to fix it by changing the shader quality. If you change the quality back to high, does this issue come back again? Just curious. Thanks!

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