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[Fatshark] Aqshy

20 Apr

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This game is much more CPU taxing than GPU taxing.

If you hover over the video settings, it should tell you the load on CPU vs GPU. Anything that has anything creating a large amount of CPU load, I turn to low or off. Also, turning off your Steam overlay will also help bring up your FPS.
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Yes, we just released a map last month and have more content to come! :)

18 Apr

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Hi, if you check the Tower of Treachery announcement, we post all hotfix announcements there: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/552500/view/3685673374386817020?l=english

17 Apr

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Originally posted by Blur: why didnt they release it before then? its been like a year or so without updates

We just released an update last month! :) I pop in every now and then in the pinned Sienna FAQ thread to give updates on what I can while still respecting my NDA. All I can say is just stay tuned; we've more updates ahead!

28 Mar

18 April

Hotfix 4.9.5

Liar Ahead' Challenge should now trigger more consistently.
Tower Dasher' Challenge has seen some changes:
  • Hot-joining players are no longer eligible for challenge.
  • Timer now starts when intro-cinematic ends.
Tower of Treachery fixes:
  • Fixed a closed gate and a snow pile which had no collision.
  • Fixed some lights, textures and materials which could disappear when viewed from certain angles.
  • Fixed some textures and materials which could diaplay a lower quality variant (LOD).
  • Fixed a jumping route which looked possible but wasn't in the room with the wards.
  • Fixed some spots where players (and some where bots) could get stuck.
  • Fixed some spots with invisible walls which didn't make sense.
  • Fixed an...
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24 Mar


Today, we speak with Mikael, one of our level designers in the shark tank, as we look back at some of the most iconic maps in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and the thought process behind their development in celebration of our fifth anniversary.

Hi, my name is Mikael, and I'm an experienced Level Designer who's been at Fatshark since 2016. I started working on four of the levels for the main game and have been involved with all of the adventure levels since then, particularly focusing on level art. And of course, level design can be a process until we get to something we’re happy with. Here are a few of my favorite stories from the past five years of development.

Against the Grain

The end event here was originally intended to be an open arena, but it was ... Read more

06 Feb

Make sure to join us for Fight the Tide's shoutcast and coverage of the Onslaught Captains Series hosted by the community-run Onslaught Series!

The Captains Series is an event designed to help people try out modded and higher difficulties, help them grow by being paired with a coach from their region, welcome them to the modded community, and introduce them to the various Onslaught Series events and formats.

Coaching styles are broken into two different types that teams can choose from:

  • Backseating: the full quad will consist of participants. This can be a premade quad or it can be a group that is put together from the signups. The captain will join using the [BTMP] ...
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08 Dec

Since releasing Warhammer 40,000: Darktide last week, Tertium has become a popular travel destination for many of you. It’s very humbling to see this level of excitement and know that we appreciate the support. That said, we also know that our launch was challenging for many players who had issues - some of which we are still working through.

Our commitment remains the same - for all players to enjoy our game. Our hope is that many of you can see the progress towards this commitment in the past few weeks, having released 8 hotfixes and updates since the pre-order beta launch - 4 of which were released since full launch last week. This isn’t to say we have addressed everything. In fact, we are not fully satisfied and still have work to do.

Our biggest update yet will land next week and will include further improvements, additional weapons, fixes, private sessions, and more.

In today’s update, we want to address a few questions from the commu... Read more
While the winter in Helmgart may be harsh, this Mondstille brings with it celebration and small gifts!

Winter is at its height and the fires of Taal’s Horn Keep blaze bright to ward off the horrors unleashed by the Pactsworn. But this year, something’s different. Small gifts have been left for local villagers at fencepost and hearth. The gift-giver him (or her) self has never been seen, though a wolf-pelted figure is sometimes glimpsed amid the woodland snows.
Over the next 24 days, from December 8, 7pm CET/1pm ET/10am PT through December 31, we invite players on all platforms to celebrate Mondstille with us in Taal’s Horn Keep! Throughout this celebration, players can find Lohner waiting for them with gifts for their hard work.

Where Lohner obtains these gifts no one knows, but one thing’s for certain; the Ubersreik Five know better than to look a gift wolf in the mouth.

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07 Dec

Rejects! Welcome to another day on Tertium. Today, you’ll find in your pack of your rations one serving of corpse starch and Hotfix 1.0.14. This hotfix contains crash fixes, localization improvements, and addresses some bugs that fix some combat issues. The next community update post is slated to go out this week and will be addressing our next content update, crafting, weapons, and other pertinent topics.

Patch Notes
Crash Fixes & Stability:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player found themselves out of bounds.
  • Fixed a crash when browsing through shop items.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with NPCs in the Mourningstar.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when textures loaded in.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players couldn’t connect to servers.
  • Fixed various, other unspecifiable crashes.
  • Fixed some memory leak issues.
  • ...
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02 Dec

Rejects! Welcome to the second day in Tertium, and as you clamber out of your makeshift barracks and put on your boots to stem the tide of Chaos, we are rolling out Hotfix 1.0.13. This hotfix contains crash fixes and a much-needed fix to toughness.

Patch Notes Crash fixes
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using one of Psyker's talents.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur during login to the character selection view.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the headgear equipment view.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking "Exit Psykhanum" twice.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when players used a melee weapon special.
  • Fixed a crash that was detected for users that were leaving the Psykhanum.
  • Fixed an access violation crash.
  • Fixed other various, unspecifiable crashes.
  • Improved...
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01 Dec

Rejects! In the first 24 hours, you all have slain 405,102,858 heretics, and 798,747 rejects have been declared missing in combat! But today is a new day here on Tertium, and we are releasing a hotfix for the first 24 hours of the release of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. This hotfix contains various crash and bug fixes. We have also included a list of known issues we are currently working on resolving.

Hotfix Notes:
  • Fixed a client crash when dodging while not having any weapon equipped.
  • Fixed crash issues when view is not completely loaded.
  • Fixed a crash after opening inventory & other menu (such as premium store) simultaneously.
  • Fixed other various unspecifiable crashes.
  • Fixed join permissions that were causing broken reconnects sometimes.
  • Issue where people on 3000 series cards would see their settings as N/A is now fixed.
  • Fixed invisible weapon s...
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08 Nov

Heroes, Together with Part 1 of the free Treacherous Adventure DLC we will be adding new Premium Cosmetics to the in-game store. We hope you’ll find something smart for your favorite hero in the Absent Friends Collection! In total, there’ll be 10 new cosmetics, one hat and one skin for each hero.

The cosmetics will be available in bundles (PC/Xbox/PS4) and as separate items (PC). Coming to PC November 8 and on console we’re aiming for December, shortly after Darktide’s release.

The Absent Friends premium cosmetics collection includes:

RELENTLESS REIKLANDER Practical and cost effective attire for a roving bounty hunter.
Career: Bounty Hunter
  • Candlelight Helm
    Jury-rigged miner's helm. More notable for its practicality than its functionality.
  • Reikland Rover
    This garb has a decidedly Bretonnian cut to its cloth, though an Imperial bounty hunter would surely never don such an outfit.
  • ...
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03 Nov

Today we are super excited to reveal to you the newest content update for Vermintide 2, releasing November 8. A Trail of Treachery is a free new content update containing the first mission out of a two-part Treacherous Adventure.

Trail of Treachery
In Trail of Treachery, it is up to you and your fellow heroes to escort a caravan carrying precious cargo to a village plagued by strange and unusual happenings. Pave the way to Tockstadt and investigate what misfortune has befallen the settlement. Beware of avalanches.

  • A new, snowy adventure begins - Make your way down the precarious mountain path to save the village of Tockstadt, where nothing is quite as it seems.
  • A free update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - A Treacherous Adventure is a free update to all players for Vermintide 2.
  • The first map in a two-part adventure - Trail of Treachery is the first of a two-part adventure map pack. The second...
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20 Sep

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Originally posted by bacon: thank you for the sticky, should cut down on the number of threads.

in addition to the career progress, can you comment on whether new weapons have been developed and what the development status is? previous career DLCs included new weapons with different levels of sharing with existing careers:

no sharing (e.g., deepwood staff on SOTT only),
partial sharing (e.g., saltz dual hammers on warrior priest and zealot), or
full sharing (e.g., bret longsword, all krubers)

We have nailed down what weapons she will be using, but I don't think I'm allowed to comment beyond that (if they're new, old, can be shared, etc.) at this time.

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19 Sep

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Originally posted by Alucard (BR): How much she gonna cost ?
We don't have a price ready to share yet.

18 Sep

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Originally posted by Burstnok: Thank for this FAQ!
Though that will be a tight release if she's still planned to be released in 2022, with Darktide delayed to end of November that leaves only December for the 'further content' and even less for Sienna afterwards. But we'll see how that goes or if Sienna gets delayed too after Darktide release.
I just realized this may have been worded a little unclearly. We're looking at releasing Darktide and other Vermintide content in 2022; that doesn't mean Sienna will be released in 2022, just that she will be some time after that. I've edited the post for clarification.
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I wanted to create a pinned thread to help address the multiple questions this forum gets regarding Sienna's career. I've shared this info here, on Reddit, and on streams, but I've collected it all here for good measure.

I will add to this list as I'm greenlit to share more. If it is not answered here, it means I cannot share anything further yet.

I'll be looking at questions in this thread periodically and bringing them back to the team so we can discuss what to answer as we prepare to share more info.

Does she have a release date? Sienna is slated for Fall 2023!

How far along is her concept? She is now in the final stretch of development and having finishing touches put on her.

Is she a Gold Wizard??? Maybe. Probably not.... No, no she is not (sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams! :( ). All your speculations are good, however! I can confirm she is still a [pretty cool] magic user, though!

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Sienna will be coming after Darktide AND after we put out some other Verm content in 2022 to set the stage for her release.

I recommend using the search function, btw, as this gets asked a lot and I address it on multiple platforms. I'll create a pinned thread momentarily.

14 Sep

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We've got stuff on the way, just hang tight!

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