[Fatshark] Quickpaw

[Fatshark] Quickpaw

08 Jul

Greetings Heroes and Pactsworn,
My name is Joakim, Design Director on Vermintide 2, here with a game update recap just in time for the summer.

As you all know, we started this year with a Closed and an Open Alpha Test for Versus, we celebrated the 6th Anniversary with a Quiet Drink and then wrapped up the Karak Azgaraz storyline with A Parting of the Waves - where Kruber’s team building excursion led to an encounter with a new type of Chaos Warrior.

A bit over a month ago, for Warhammer Skulls 2024, we released a big Chaos Wastes and Things™ update where we introduced Weekly Expeditions with new boons and rewards. Per popular demand, we added a loadout system to the game as well as the (even more requested) option to equip weapon illusions outside of Weaves. Both game modes saw some quality of life- and bug fixes, which increased their popularity and hopefully set you up f... Read more

12 Jun

Heroes and Pactsworn!
Surprise! We've actually decided to extend the Versus Alpha for another week! Today's hotfix, 5.5.6, includes a few fixes to both Adventure mode and Versus, and has some balance adjustments made to the playable Pactsworn for Versus.

The RAT will now end on June 17th! Starting from yesterday and until the end of the test, the Versus servers will automatically swap between the three active Versus maps: Against the Grain, Righteous Stand and Screaming Bell. You get to play all of them this week and have more fun with our playable Bile Troll!

In case you haven't already, we have a {LINK REMOVED}Versus Feedback Survey that we'd really appreciate if you all filled it out and gav... Read more

04 Jun

Just to clarify, it's not that the issue hasn't gone unfixed for 6 years lol. We had a bug 6 years ago, it got fixed, we have a new bug now that started last week.

As Lev & Maitre mentioned, we're investigating and working on the issue and will hopefully have a fix soon.

30 May

Hotfix 5.5.6 - 4th of June Versus
  • Fixed a couple of crashes related to unspawned or unselected characters
  • Fixed server crash that'd occur when players leave during hero select before being put on a specific side
  • Versus Voip Clients won't be in voip chat anymore when they have voice chat disabled
  • Bestigors won't crash dedicated servers while charging through Chaos Warriors anymore.
  • Fixed server crash in character select related to a player friend joining a game after another player leaves.
  • Fixed frame perfect server crash when player hot-joins at the same time as a Pactsworn character die-die
  • Fixed two crashes for Gamepad users caused by UI shenanigans.
  • Fixed server crash when a player hot joins during a small window when a match finishes
  • Defrosted the Globadiers' frozen hands and instead will do t...
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28 May

Thanks for mentioning it, fellas! Dates on the launcher amended to show the duration of our event (originally it was showing the duration of the official warhammer skulls event)

23 May

Watch our latest trailer here! Heroes! We’ll be running a new Alpha soon, the Returning Alpha Test, or RAT for short! Thanks for all your naming suggestions from the last dev blog.

The RAT will be open to all owners of Vermintide 2, and it’ll run between May 30 - June 9 on PC.

[Event is LIVE! Check out the patch notes here:]

Loadout sy... Read more
Hotfix 5.5.1 - 24th of May Fixes
  • Fixed a network crash related to loadouts.
  • (Chaos Wastes) Fixed crash if gaining "Ranald's Mighty Gamble" boon while wielding a level object.
  • (Chaos Wastes) Fixed a crash on Slaughter Bay related to pathfinding.
  • (Chaos Wastes) Fixed a host crash when Necromancer's skeletons walked into healing zones spawned by bombs with certain boons.
  • Fixed the Tri-skull Crown missing its store icon on Lohner's Emporium.
  • Fixed the pop ups for unseen rewards never showing up.
Heroes! The time has come again to celebrate Warhammer through the Skulls event!
Between May 23 - June 9 you can rampage through the Vermintide in the Skulls for the Skull Throne in-game event. Earn new rewards by collecting skulls, or just participate in the carnage.

Together with the in-game even... Read more

10 May

My name is Anton and I’ve been working as a sound designer at Fatshark and Vermintide 2 for the past two and a half years. I have been working as a sound designer for the past ten years and have been working with and around music and sound for as long as I can remember.

Trivia about me:
  • I have the best dog named Håkan
  • I can tie my shoes really fast (worked part-time in a shoe store for a couple of years)
  • I’ll turn off a movie or show if they have bad-sounding doors.
In this developer blog, I’d like to highlight what it takes to add to and administer an already great sound landscape (soundscape) present in Vermintide 2. Mostly, I want to highlight some details in the sound design of Vermintide 2.

On Vermintide 2 we currently have two sound designers: myself and David. I create and implement most of the sound effects while our audio lead, David, handles the VO. Both of us starte... Read more

19 Apr

Hi everyone! My name is Teodor, resident game designer on Vermintide 2. While I have been at Fatshark for a while now I am still fairly new to the V2 team, joining just last year. And so, this will be my first ever dev blog for the project. Let’s get straight into it!

This latest update saw the introduction of our new Chaos Warrior variant (and his big shield). Players coming from Darktide might feel right at home when looking at our newest enemy, but he does function slightly differently than his Bulwark brother from across the studio. We’ve been looking at adding a new Elite enemy for a while, especially one that makes room for some heavy-stagger-playstyles, so here he is in all his shield-wielding glory.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this new Chaos Warrior is heavy, but he does have an exposed weak spot in the fo... Read more

17 Apr

Originally posted by Fatshark Quickpaw: You can find the patchnotes to this hotfix tacked onto the main Parting of the Waves announcement, here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/eventcomments/4365751613886817853/

As others sa...
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You can find the patchnotes to this hotfix tacked onto the main Parting of the Waves announcement, here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/eventcomments/4365751613886817853/

As others said, the size of the patch is not added to the game, game will still only take up about 58gb of your disk.

But, indeed, we're not happy with the size of this hotfix or some of the patches we've had. We changed our patching structure during the Gifts of the Wolf Father updat... Read more

16 Apr

Originally posted by MrSupHermann: They provided dedicated servers for closed Alpha test. Open Alpha test met connectivity issues and some people claimed that Fatshark probably reverted to p2p. We have no details for the future.
Open Alpha was also dedicated servers. We had some issues that caused these servers to crash often during the early periods of the open alpha, though, hence all the disconnects. The error message for the server DCing was still a placeholder message about the 'host' disconnecting, which is why some people thought it was p2p.

Originally posted by ...
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11 Apr

Hotfix 5.4.2 - 17th of April As a heads up, the patch size for this hotfix is unfortunately 25GB. We're still investigating what's causing some of our patches to have this issue to be able to avoid this in the future.

Features & Tweaks
  • Added new sound effects for when the Chaos Warrior with Shield blocks a ranged attack.
    Slightly increased the likelihood of hero conversations starting in A Parting of the Waves.
    Tweaked some objective markers in A Parting of the Waves to avoid confusion.
    Added an idle animation for the 5th Hero in A Parting of the Waves.
  • Fixed the missing dialogue for Saltzpyre when he's the last man standing and when someone wastes healing. Ohhh he's gonna let 'em have it now...!
  • Fixed a visual bug in the first person view of a particular fireball staff illusion, which was missing its proper glow.
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08 Apr

A free new update is coming to PC on April 11, containing a new map: the conclusion of the Karak Azgaraz storyline! This fourth, final map is not a remaster of a Vermintide 1 mission, but a brand new, stormy mission!

A Parting of the Waves Those who have followed Lohner’s Chronicles recently might already know, but our Heroes are not on the best of terms right now. After Sienna picked up Necromancy and started raising the dead to fight the onslaught of Skaven and Chaos better, things have been… tense. Distrust slowly surged amongst our heroes. Today, the Ubersreik Five are on the verge of falling apart.

That’s when jolly ol’ Kruber had a fantastic idea! The Five should group up and set sail, chasing after the Skaven ships fleeing after being routed in Khazukan Kazakit-Ha!
Slayi... Read more

01 Apr

Never one to pass up an opportunity to keep the old war funds flowing, I reckon it's time to take the Emporium of Wonders in a whole new direction, namely shoes, boots, sandals, sabots, and clogs - a festive festonery of footwear. I mean, some folk might say that an army marches on its stomach, but wiser heads know that it's the feet that make the magic happen. Gotta look after them, is what I'm saying ... for the right price. Now, who wants what?

Do you wonder to wander? Searching for the boot for your route? A shoe to break your blue? Dare not to leave your toes bare? Maybe Ladrielle has asked you to step up your footwear game?

Lohner’s Shoe Emporium of Wonders offers those wandering among us (looking at you, Kerillian) a place to keep your toes dry. For the price of a couple of shillings, your Hero can wear the most dashing and daring of sole-fu... Read more

19 Mar

Originally posted by Khern:
Originally posted by Fatshark Quickpaw: Open the game, and then in the Main Menu you should be able to pick between "Adventure", "Chaos Wastes" and "Versus (Alpha)"

Will the Versus lobby be accessible like the Chaos Wastes one from the fort ? or the menu is the new way to navigate ?
That's the plan! We just haven't connected the 'main' keep to the 'Versus' keep yet, so the Main Menu was the only access point for this alpha for now.

17 Mar

Open the game, and then in the Main Menu you should be able to pick between "Adventure", "Chaos Wastes" and "Versus (Alpha)"

11 Mar

Hotfix 5.3.5 - 15th of March
  • Fixed a consistent crash when completing an Essence Weave objective.
Hotfix 5.3.4 - 14th of March
  • Fixed players being booted to the main menu upon being disconnected, they're now booted to the Keep.
  • Fixed various crashes related to the chat window.
  • Fixed a crash when starting a Back to Basics deed while having an Outcast Engineer with the Gromril Plated Shots talent.
  • (Versus) Fixed the last sub-objectives being counted twice when completed
  • (Versus) Fixed a softlock when using controllers in Versus.
  • (Versus) Fixed a bug that allowed firing while in ghost mode as Warpfire Thrower and Ratling Gunner.
  • (Versus) Fixed a bug that allowed Pactsworn to spawn from ghost mod...
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09 Mar

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. When can't you access the options settings? As far as I know, these are definitely available while waiting in the keep, for instance.
As a heads up, these mods were disabled because they were causing crashes and some exploits, but these are only temporary measures while we indeed work on fixing the issues and work with the modders to fix the mods. They'll be back as soon as possible!