01 Feb

Hi all,

I wanted to pop back in and give you all an update on some of the few last changes we have made to Galactic Seasons based on the continued feedback you provided, and what you can expect once Season 2 goes live with 7.0!

Season Objective Rewards
We have increased the number of Galactic Season Points earned from Solo-oriented Objectives. These will now offer players 8 Galactic Season Points (up from 6) for a total of 48 Galactic Season Points if all 6 are completed (up from 36).

In addition we have increased the total number of Underworld Syndicate Plans for both Daily and Solo-oriented Season Objectives. Daily Season Objectives will now offer 2 Underworld Syndicate Plans (up from 1) and Solo-oriented Season Objectives will now offer 10 Underworld Syndicate Plans (up from 7).

Objective Requirement Adjustments
We have made some additional adjustments to the requirements of the following Season Objectives based on ... Read more

13 Jan

Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the great feedback we have received while Season 2 has been on the PTS, and also provide some updates and clarifications to some of the topics mentioned here.

Season Objective Tab
We have seen the feedback regarding the lack of clarity that the Season Objective tab in the Conquest window is actually a tab/button. The version of the Conquest window tabs seen on the PTS is an incomplete version; the version we have on our development server is much clearer and should alleviate this point.

In addition, we are aware that clicking on the Season Objectives button on the Galactic Seasons page is not always taking players to the correct window in-game. We are finishing off the last piece of code needed for this to correctly link, and it will be fixed for once we go live with Season 2.

Underworld Syndicate Plans
There has been feedback regarding the Underworld Syndicate P... Read more

05 Nov

Hi all,

Following up from Musco�s post last week, I wanted to swing around and chat about some of the 7.0 changes we are making to Conquest. We want to provide you all a heads up on these coming changes, and also go into some of the thoughts and reasoning behind them.

Update to the Personal Conquest Goal
As some of you may have noted from our most recent PTS, the goal for Personal Conquest will be increased from the previous 50,000 points to 100,000 points for �Legacy of the Sith�.

There are numerous facets to Conquest we have been reviewing:
  • The economic impacts the system has had over the 6.0 era
  • The e...
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01 Nov

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment to pop in and help clarify some of the conversation we are seeing regarding 7.0 and perceived Conquest changes.

There is some conversation regarding us decreasing the values of Conquest Objectives across the board. While there are some Conquest Objectives which will see some small balance tweaks, they are confined to very specific Objective types (mostly relating to World Bosses and Star Fortresses) and are by no means wide-spread. The Conquest Points for Heroics, Daily Areas, Defeat Enemies 1 and 2, Operations, and nearly 90% of every other Conquest Objective is remaining exactly as you see it on the live server today.

To address some of the values we have seen called out specifically in this thread, here are the values which are currently on our development server and planned to release with 7.0:
  • Black Hole Weekly:
    • 4,300 (10,750 at full 150% SH Bonus)
  • Operation: Completion
    • ...
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27 Aug

Hi all!

Now that we�ve had time to look at some of the systemic changes coming to Galactic Seasons with Season 2, let�s now take a deeper look at the Priority Objectives themselves. We�ll go through some of the currently planned Objectives and take a look at what a Galactic Seasons week may look like.

Before we jump into that, I would like to quickly touch on some of the questions we have seen come up since the initial post.

Q: Will this change the pace at which players can progress through the Season?
A: Generally speaking, no. It is our intention to keep roughly the same cadence as Season 1.

Q: Will this change eliminate the Reroll function?
A: Yes. The Reroll function will not be present in Season 2.

Q: Will Season 2 be available on PTS prior to launching?
A: Yes, we do intend to have some version of Season 2 available for testing, however it will be in a later PTS phase.

With that,... Read more

19 Aug

Hi all!

I wanted to take an opportunity to sit down with you and chat about some of the systemic changes we are moving toward with Galactic Seasons: Season 2.

You have all provided a ton of great feedback, both from our original PTS but also throughout this first Season. That feedback has helped us continue to shape and refine how Galactic Seasons looks and feels, and we would like to share that with you here before the next Season begins with the launch of �Legacy of the Sith�. Let�s dive in!

Moving Priority Objectives Into Their Own Tab
With Season 2, we will be moving the Priority Objectives out of the greater Conquest Objectives list and putting them into their own tab within the Conquest Window. This was one of the largest points of feedback provided throughout the original Galactic Seasons PTS, and we are excited to get that adjustment in for Season 2.

When opening the Conquest window you will see two tabs--one for Conquest ... Read more

03 Jun

Hi all,

We wanted to take this opportunity to discuss some of the feedback we have received regarding Galactic Seasons and provide some answers and clarification, insight into our goals and how we addressed some of the issues which have popped up early this Season. This is going to be a large delve, so let�s dive right in!

Season 1 End Date
Our current plan has always been for Season 1 to last 5 months. Given the Season 1 start date of April 27th, that would put the end date for Season 1 in the September time frame, however we acknowledge we never stated the official end point.

Season 1 will end on Tuesday, September 28 at 12:00PM GMT. This information will be available on the Galactic Season screen in an upcoming update.

Galactic Seasons Tokens
We have seen a lot of questions regarding Galactic Seasons Tokens and if they will or will not expire at the end of a Season.

We do not intend t... Read more

28 May

Hi all,

Thank you for the reports regarding the Catch-Up system not launching on the date and time we had stated on Tuesday.

We investigated this and found a one-day discrepancy in our debugging tools and schedule, resulting in the previous date and time we provided to be exactly 1 day behind the actual schedule for Catch-Up.

We are addressing the discrepancy in our debugging tool and adding additional layers of checks to prevent this from occurring in the future.

When we planned Catch-Up, we did so with the intention of providing a large buffer between when the Catch-Up system reached its Max Catch-Up Level (currently at Reward Level 95 as stated on Tuesday), and when the Season would end. Catch-Up will still reach the Max Catch-Up Level with ample time before the end of the Season, providing all players time to utilize Catch-Up to continue their Seasons progression.

My initial post will be updated to reflect this info.

... Read more

25 May

Hi all!

The Credit Catch-Up system for Galactic Seasons will begin this Friday, May 28th, so we wanted to take a moment and discuss what this Catch-Up brings with it, how it works, and give some insight into what it may cost.

What is the Credit Catch-Up system?
The Credit Catch-Up system is a way for players to unlock eligible Galactic Seasons Reward Levels with in-game credits to catch back up in their Galactic Seasons progress. It is designed to help players who may have fallen behind our anticipated Galactic Seasons progression cadence, or for those players who are just now joining the Season or may try the Season at a later time.

How does Credit Catch-Up work?
Once active, the Credit Catch-Up system progresses day over day, allowing Reward Levels up to that day to be unlocked with Credits. This means that starting Friday the 28th at 12:00PM GMT, Reward Level 1 will be eligible for Credit Catch-Up. On Saturday the 29th, up to ... Read more

06 Apr

Hi all,

As we enter week 3 of PTS for Galactic Seasons, we wanted to take a moment and give you some information on some changes and updates we have made to Galactic Seasons. Let�s dive in!

Reward Track and Galactic Seasons XP
We have continued iterating on the Reward Track and Galactic Seasons screen. Here are some updates you should expect to see with the Reward Track and Galactic Seasons screen this week:
  • The Galactic Seasons experience bar should now correctly track your progress.
  • Tooltips are now enabled for the Reward Track.
  • Previewing is now available for rewards on the Reward Track.
  • Altuur�s Ornate weapons, the Albino and Arid Teithek, and Altuur�s Infiltrator customization previously found only on Ki�at Thavo, the Galactic Seasons Seasonal Rewards vendor, are now also available on the Subscriber Reward track.
  • Decorations granted through the Reward track will now grant 10 copies of themselves.
  • ...
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26 Mar

Hi all!

I wanted to update this thread and address some of the great feedback we have received so far!

There is a bit of confusion about why some of the Priority Objectives appear to not be working. There are currently more objectives showing than there should be, and the assigned Weekly Priority Objectives are not being filtered to the top of the Conquest list like the Daily Priority Objectives are. We are aware of this issue and working to have it resolved.

The naming convention for the Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives causes some confusion. We will be making another pass to make this clearer to players.

The Galactic Season progression is currently not showing through the experience bar, however, you should be seeing progression through the point tracking on that same screen.

Other feedback we have noted since PTS has started:
  • There is a wish for additional Galactic Season Tokens to be earned.
  • Tracking Priori...
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23 Mar

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment to go into further details for Galactic Seasons and provide you all some insight into how you can expect to interact and progress through this new reward track, and then answer some questions we have seen!

Earning Galactic Season Points: Priority Objectives and Login Rewards
In order to progress through Galactic Seasons you will need to earn a new type of experience called Galactic Season Points. Earning Galactic Season Points can be done through various means-the first being through completing specific Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives we are calling Priority Objectives, and the second being from Login Rewards!

When you first log in, you will be given 4 Priority Objectives; 2 Daily Priority Objectives, and 2 Weekly Priority Objectives. Daily Priority Objectives refresh every day, providing you with up to 14 Daily Priority Objectives per week. Weekly Priority Objectives refresh themselves on the Weekly re... Read more

11 Mar

Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and address a few points we are seeing in this thread.

With regard to the changes we made recently to Crafting based Conquest Objectives, these changes were made because there was proof of exploitative behavior, both provided by the community as well as within our own data.

While this was largely related to the Crafting: Inventor Conquest Objective, we also saw indication that this same behavior was also affecting and was possible with the Crew Skills: Harvesting Conquest Objective and had the potential to reach further into all other avenues of Crafting based Objectives. As Chris mentioned, many of these activities were found t... Read more

15 Jan


Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you all know of some updates we are making to Conquest as it pertains to Guilds and Guild Contributions. This update will specifically touch two main aspects of Guild Conquests - when a new character joins a Guild, and when any characters are removed from a Guild - and how Conquest Points will be handled.

New Character Grace Period
When a new character has accepted an invite into a Guild, that character will begin a Grace Period with the Guild. During this time, that new character can still earn their own Personal Conquest goals and rewards, but their Conquest efforts will not be calculated into the Guild�s Conquest efforts until the next Conquest event. As such, new characters will not immediately appear in a Guild�s Conquest Leaderboards, and will not be eligible for the Guild�s Invasion Reward.

When new characters view the Guild Invasion screen, they will see a message indicating that they are curre... Read more

Hi all!

We have seen some confusion recently regarding the functionality of the Minor Rampage Achievement Boost, so I wanted to take this opportunity to go over its intended functionality.

As you progress your journey through the Galaxy, you will come across various Achievements for defeating a certain number of generic enemies. Let�s take a look at a few of these.
  • Removing the Riff Raff: Defeated 100 Criminal Combatants on Corellia (located under Aliens and Mercenaries in the Corellia Location section of Achievements)
  • Taris Eradication: Defeated 5000 non-player opponents while on Taris as a Republic player (located under General in the Taris Location section of Achievements)
  • T7-01 = Honorary Jedi: Defeated 1000 enemies with T7-01 as your active companion (located under T7-01 in the Jedi Knight Companions section of Achievements)
  • I�m Gunna Get You, Czerka: Defeated 480 non-player opponents whi...
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04 Jan

Hi all,

Some older materials were accidentally included as a part of the Material Bags for Login Rewards. These materials include T�pala Paste, Dermaseal, Bio-Bacta Tank, and Narco-mist. This was unintentional as these materials are currently not used in the game.

These materials should be sold to a vendor. With an upcoming update the materials will be renamed to �Obsolete Crafting Materials�, and will no longer be included in the Login Reward materials bags.

16 Dec

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment and let you know we are making an adjustment to the Stims offered in the Login Rewards.

The current stims will be replaced with new �Expansive� stims and adrenals. These new Expansive stims will provide benefit based on the level of the player at the time of application rather than a flat benefit, and persist through defeat. In addition, their vendor sale value has been increased. Once this update goes live, your existing stims from the Login Reward system should convert to their new functionality.
  • The Basic Battle Versatile Stim will become an Expansive Versatile Stim.
  • The Basic Command Stim will become an Expansive Command Stim.
  • The Prototype Battle Versatile Stim will become an Expansive Attack Adrenal.

This change will be available in a coming update.

Thank you for your continued feedback!

19 Nov

Hi all!

First and foremost, thank you for the excellent feedback regarding Login Rewards. I would like to go over some points I have seen and talk a little more about them!

More Unique Rewards
Our goal with the Login Reward system is to allow itself to continually cycle between the Reward Calendars. As such, the rewards are intentionally designed to include consumable-style items all players can use, rather than (one-time) unique items. Adding unique rewards to the Reward Calendars is not currently in our plans for the Login Reward system all players will have access to.

That being said, we know that these unique rewards are what you want to see!

One place you may find unique rewards appear is in the Weekly Subscriber Bonus Reward track. We have designed the back end (developer side) of this specific reward track to allow us flexibility to provide more robust (and unique) rewards versus that of the shared Login Reward trac... Read more

13 Nov

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment and go a little deeper into our new Login Rewards system!

What Is the Login Reward System?
The Login Reward System is a new way to earn rewards each time you log into the game. All players, regardless of their subscription status, are eligible to participate.

In addition to the Login Reward, Subscribers are eligible for a Weekly Bonus Reward! Subscribers who log into the game at least 4 days during a week will be eligible to claim their Weekly Bonus Reward, which will vary from week to week.

Earn At Your Own Cadence
One of our primary design goals for the Login Reward system was to allow you the opportunity to progress your Reward Calendar at your own pace, without missing rewards! As such, the system tracks accumulated logins (think of a punch card), providing you with a reward every time you log into the game.

This means that if you log into the game for the first time ... Read more

02 Oct

Hi all!

As I mentioned last week, there was an additional pass on Conquests for 6.1.4 we were performing. We have this ready to go now, so I would like to take this opportunity to go over what it entails.
  • Almost every objective across the board has seen a shift up in points.
    • This will bring values for Objectives such as Defeat Enemies back up to around where they are on our Live server (more on this below), while also further increasing specific high effort and time Objectives.
  • Starfighter: Dominate the Stars is now an Infinite Repeat (change from Daily Repeat).
  • Starfighter: Bomber/Gunship/Scout/Striker Pilot are now available during all Conquests.
    • Starfighter: Bomber/Gunship/Scout/Striker Pilot Eternal will remain available only during Total Galactic War and Clash In Hyperspace.
  • Starfighter: Pilot Eternal has been updated from requiring 5 battles to only requiring 1.
  • Missions: Story ...
Read more