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30 Sep

Hi engineers,
We're about to start a holiday break, and we couldn't resist updating with some fixes before that. Have fun!

-Added new models (LOD 0/1/2) and textures that belong to [Quantum Chemical Plant]. Finally, no shared models! But the VFX is still in the making.
- Modified the priority of Logistics Bot to put/collect items from Icarus. Now the priority to put/collect items from inventory is higher than before.
- Modified the priority of putting items in the Storage. Now items collected from Icarus inventory will be prioritized into the red compartment (the restricted ones) of the storage.
- When the mouse hovers over the logistics compartment of Icarus, the estimated delivery speed capability of the corresponding item will be displayed.
- The Logistics Distributor panel now can display the number of successfully matched delivery routes and the number of routes outside the delivery range.
- The operating distance of the ... Read more

02 Mar

Hi engineers,

How's your Icarus get dressed? xD
In the Mecha Customization Contest just ended on February 20, we have received a lot of submissions. We are so impressed by you engineers' creative works and it is hard to select just a few of them as the winners.

The result will be announced at March 9th. Before the winners are determined, let's have a glance at some of the design submissions from China.

Our huge Thank You for all of your support for this event!



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28 Jan

Dear engineers,

As you can see this is not a patch note. We are publishing this announcement because we are going into the Chinese New Year holiday starting January 29, 2022 until February 9, 2022. We'll take a good break, and then come back and continue our work to bring you exciting new content in 2022!

Thank you for your support throughout the year! We wish you a happy Chinese Tiger's year, and good fortune for everyone!

23 Jan

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Q: How advanced is the Early Access version? How long is the estimated gameplay time?

A: Don't worry: the EA version will have a lot of content – the game will just grow from there. A single playthrough takes between 50 and 100 hours to complete – and that's if you focus on building the Dyson sphere. If you sneak off to explore the universe, spend time optimizing the factory layout , etc., it may take you longer than that.

Q: Are many bugs and glitches to be expected?

A: Obviously, we can't guarantee a 100% bug-free experience (the game is still in development, so it might be rough around the edges in some aspects), but we're working really hard to release the most polished version possible. If you find a bug, you can report to us and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Q: Are there enemies in the game?
A: Icarus does not have an enemy in the current version, but it's a feature we plan to implement in the future. We are a... Read more
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- 新增自由命名天体的功能,可以在左下角缩略图以及行星视图/星图界面右侧信息面板中进行命名
- 新增星图中的天体操作界面,优化天体查看操作,现在可以设置天体的太空标签是否显示
- 新增目标天体航向指示线,在星图中找到天体后可以打开航向指示线。

- 优化星际物流运输船起飞/降落/加速/减速的逻辑,使其在大量速度升级后更快速且合理
- 修改部分物品、科技描述的英文翻译

- 液氢燃料棒应有更高的燃烧效率。提升液氢燃料棒的能量数值:40MJ -> 50MJ
- 调整星际物流运输船的能量消耗:当航行速度升级超过3000m/s后,不再根据最大航行速度增加额外能量消耗

- 修复了在某些大质量黑洞周围,因戴森球节点捕获火箭的范围不够大,火箭追不上节点的bug
- 修复拆除模式和升级模式下按ESC会直接弹出游戏菜单的bug

- 完善批量升级/拆除功能,新增范围操作以及相关界面
- 新增熔炉的LOD1,LOD2渲染细节等级,优化熔炉渲染在GPU上的开销

- 重制火力发电厂的模型、贴图及特效,并微调分拣器接口位置。
- 重制微型聚变发电厂的模型、贴图及特效,并微调分拣器接口位置。

- 修复了当储液罐垂直方向上存储液体不同时,可能会出现的流体混淆bug

- 修复建筑升级后,未能同时升级耗电信息的bug
- 修复建筑升级后,未能同时更改动画信息的bug
- 对以上两个bug产生的错误... Read more
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- Now you can customize the names of celestial bodies. You can either rename them on thumbnail in the lower left corner, or on and the information panel on the right side of the planetary view / star map interface.
- Added the celestial body operation interface in the star map. Now you can view the celestial bodies easier, and you can decide to turn on/off the space labels of the celestial bodies.
- Added the heading indicator line of your target celestial body. You can open the heading indicator line after you find the target celestial body.

- Optimized the logic of takeoff / landing / acceleration / deceleration of Logistics Vessel to make it faster and in line with scientific principles after upgrades.
- Modified English translation of some item and technical descriptions.

- Hydrogen fuel rod should have higher combustion effic... Read more

21 Jan

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本贴会总结部分已知BUG并进行针对性的反馈。对于本贴中未出现的bug,我们会进行汇总并提交开发者。希望遇到问题的工程师们,可以加入 官方BUG反馈群777178167 或是向邮箱[email protected]发送反馈。感谢你们的支持!




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