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i wish the team would move away from 1 and done transmogs, i enjoyed grinding for the cm/hmt kits/dusts even tho i went pretty dry it feels so much more rewarding getting a transmog that isnt 1 and done. it is also harder to get boosted as it would be a lot more expensive.

I think variety is good, some skill based challenges for cosmetics is nice, and others that you grind for too.

30 Mar


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Yo... you honored your side of the deal... where's the explanation for COX TP? u/JagexArcane gonna get a banboozle if you try to bamboozle us!

Honestly can't even remember anymore. I think it was just because of it being the meme of CoX loot, always arcane, etc.


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Can you tell us why're you're named after the COX toilet paper?

You first.


Can you tell us why you are called Mod Goblin?

28 Sep


Heya, this week we released some optimizations to Akkha & Wardens as their attacks were quite expensive server side.
We tried to make sure there wasn't any player facing changes since we weren't looking to change any functionality, but seems like I failed in that regard.

I'll try and change the functionality to be what it was before, if you have any clips or precise information that could help me that would be appreciated.

01 Sep


Originally posted by Sitdownpro

Not excited about core time reductions. Time for a 5 or 6 phase fight I guess.

It should only be one additional phase on average, we will be monitoring it and also don't want 5/6 phase wardens to be a thing.


Originally posted by MagicTalkBox

Nerfing ambrosia and smelling salts isn’t cool. This raid is super fun for entry level due to those mechanics. Some of us suck at this game and rely on that ya know

Ambrosia is still as powerful as it was before, however now it will be more deliberate choice to obtain it, as opposed to getting an extremely strong potion passively with every other item you want.

If you still want to use ambrosia and rely on this potion, you still can.

Additionally entry mode level raids are still extremely generous on supplies.


Originally posted by Dry-Wolverine-1220

Hey, when do you fix the Osmumtens fang?

This update.


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Is there any scaling for higher tiered invocations vs a bunch of little ones? Or 150 is 150?

150 is 150.


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Surprised that some invocations did not adjusted in terms of points they give. There are a lot that are incredibly undervalued (mainly the path ones) while some are "free" despite giving 10+ points (like the blood attack at Zebak)

Looking to have an invocation balance pass next week.

30 Aug

25 Aug


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Logging out or disconnecting in a raid with no limit on the number of wipes will no longer count as a wipe, meaning players won't have to pay a fee to get their gear back!

If u log out or dc as a HCIM, do u lose status? (assuming ur not in combat and dying to something before ur character logs out fully)

You will still die, yes.


Originally posted by RYsInJapan

What was the bug about entry mode rewards?

Also when can we get drop rates? I want fang and thread but idk if its worth farming at 50 raid level

Thread is pretty common, go for it.

09 Aug


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will we be getting any mechanical hints before release? really just curious if there’s any entirely new pvm mechanics.

Quite a tough question.

It really depends what you mean by "mechanic". We haven't created any new ways to do an "action", an "action" being something like activating a prayer, attacking an npc, moving, eating, etc. So in that sense, no there's no new mechanics.

However I'd like to think we've created some bosses that do things that are quite a bit different and bosses that feel quite a bit different to what we've had before.

Only time will tell if you agree.

01 Aug


Originally posted by justcallmechad

Hope it’s not just “increase def level of boss”

It's not.

12 May

09 May

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Originally posted by _very_stable_genius_

I like this idea! As someone who considered himself decent at pvm (I’ve KCd corrupted gauntlet) but finds it hard to even think about attempting inferno and raid learning is daunting with finding people to effectively carry me while I learn I welcome a shorter style wave encounter !

I believe in you :) Inferno and raids are some of the most fun content in the game, worth the initial pain of learning.


Originally posted by Aws0me_Sauce

You ain’t kiddin, fam. Any talks of slayer partners content coming back or being reworked? My helmet has been saying “soon” for almost two years..

There's too many things we want to do! I'm sure it will be done one day, but time is finite, priorities ever change.

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