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Originally posted by Vagrant_Isaiah

Yo, quick question, "We’ve improved the drop rates of Medium, Hard and Elite Clue Scrolls from gnomes, paladins and heroes"

By how much? currently grinding 1000 caskets of every clue type. will this be a viable way to get clues now?

Mediums from gnomes is intended to be a decent way to farm them, hard and specifically elite clues aren't really intended to be a strong way of purely farming clues though, moreso an alternative if you are training thieving and want to get some clues along the way.


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Is this a few weeks soonish, or like a “Winter 2017” soonish?

Hopefully the former lmao


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yea we can probably add shadows at the very least. we've tried to make an effort with bosses like vardorvis to have big fridge-shaped clickboxes that are static so we dont have these issues.


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Can you please remove the cap completely when it comes to the TOOL SEED drop? I can understand why uncapping generic loot could be an issue but it just feels bad to look at the .05% seed drop chance every kill.

It just feels awful seeing people with worse stats get MVP because everything about points in groups is RNG and I can't tick manip for more effort = more reward

Not aware of any cap for the tool seed o: perhaps I'm missing something.

I also don't think tick manipulation is beneficial at zalcano at all. IIRC that got removed week 1-2 feedback when zalcano was first released.


Originally posted by hbnsckl

Is this something that will eventually be looked into? It's a pretty common area of criticism. Would love for these npcs to get shadows.


This got raised as early as the initial player playtests, we had some initial investigations and couldn't see anything that causes them to be so odd/big. I'll raise a point to get it looked into again.


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Players no longer need to cancel their current Slayer Task to take on one they’ve left in storage. Instead, we’ve implemented a system that lets you swap existing Tasks with stored ones!

Note that the ability to swap tasks is locked behind a one-off fee of 1,000 Slayer Points, although it will be free from then on.

Can i get the same task if i have one stored? or what is really the use of storing tasks?

Convenience really.

Get a Jad task and you want to do it but you are also heavily reclined watching eurovision?

Store it for later!


Originally posted by wikings2

Can you guys elaborate on what "further improvement" means for pickpocketing? People usually ask ash on twitter who instantly gives us the numbers and the info gets updated on the wiki right away.

Wouldn't it be simpler and more straightforward if a 1/200 -> 1/100 change was simply written in the update notice blog?

It was around a 30-40% buff for all three i believe, that + making them easier to pickpocket should feel noticeable.


Originally posted by Merdapura

Sadge no point cap removal at Zalcano to allow for solo/duo strats

We raised the cap from one "armours worth" of damage to three per player last week, so if you're getting more than 3 downs in a solo (likely) then you will hit the cap, but i think duos should be fine.


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no u x


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Quick question on this, if you take a Konar task for task streak 8, then store it, take a duradel task for task 9 and complete it, take another duradel task (this would be task 10 and the point bonus), and then swap to your stores Konar task, would you still get the Konar points + bonus, or will it behave differently because of stored tasks?

Task streaks are only incremented once you complete one, so that data isn't really stored "on the task".


Originally posted by Actual_Whole9206

When is the DWH drop rate buff coming

With the rest of the combat changes, soonish!


Originally posted by Junebug866

Any chance you guys could sneak in the soulreaper axe changes in one of these updates? Those were much less controversial than the magic gear overhaul.

If we tried to "sneak in" every small thing individual players wanted, we'd end up releasing basically the entire update.

Not long now though! hopefully you can get the change you want soon.


Originally posted by Inv0ker_of_kusH420

I don't get it. You nerf the mining gloves for Granite/sandstone cause it's excessive XP, but 3t granite is.. fine? Why not remove that as well if you think it's excessive xp?

Xp/hr, gp/hr, accessibility, and how much effort something requires are all really important when considering skilling methods.

We just didn't think that pseudo-afk granite granting that amount of xp/hr was suitable, why bother doing higher effort methods like blast mine, volcanic mine, etc.

If we want our skilling landscape to be diverse then we can't really allow 1 method to just dominate. We want lots of methods to be seen as viable :)

I think that's why osrs is so great, so many bosses and skilling methods are all relevant, which you don't see in many games.

(not saying its perfect btw, just that's the general goal!)


Originally posted by PlebPlebberson

When can we possibly see the elder maul special attack animation?

Not long now! I can say that Mod Hend has done an amazing job on it though, maybe go annoy him on twitter to spill the beans early.

09 May


yeah the tagging xp is off by a factor of 10 currently, will look to hotfix this today.

08 May


Originally posted by biggersausage

Any chance we could get our 1000 slayer points refunded if you had previously purchased task storage?

we didn't change the unlock fee, only the actual storage fee.


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Love that you guys updated slayer task storage, but is there any chance of making it possible to swap tasks?

It'd be cool to swap my current task with my stored one.

would be nice qol to do in the future for sure


Originally posted by pastwarrior

I got assigned earth warriors from Mazchna before this update, will that task be canceled or will it still be my task?

it will still be your task