13 Oct


Territories are reset this weekend - and you can watch the action live on the AlbionTV Twitch channel starting Saturday at 17:30 UTC. Join our hosts Lewpac, Bogul, Shozen, Robinhoodrs, and Tazzik as they cover the Invasion Day madness! All fights are broadcast live with a 15-minute time delay.
  • More details and broadcast schedule here: ...
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10 Oct

  • [PC, Mac, Linux] Fixed an issue where Combat Fame Credits and Learning Points displayed wrong values in UI when at zero
NOTE: This issue will be fixed on mobile in an upcoming patch. The previous client version remains compatible with this version and does not require an update.

06 Oct

Into the Fray Patch 7 - Ver. 20.070.1 - October 5, 2022
New Victory Emotes

This patch brings six new Victory Emotes to the game, which can be equipped via the Appearance menu:
  • Hellgate
  • Sword
  • Hammer
  • Mobile Banner
  • Desktop Banner
  • Controller Banner
As with all Victory Emotes, these are available ingame for Gold, or via Twitch Drops.

Expanded Twitch Drops
In addition to the new Victory Emotes, the Amethyst Unicorn, Entertainer’s Costume and Entertainer’s Shoes have been added to the array of possible Twitch Drops.

Other Changes and Improvements
  • The Claim Rewards UI has been reworked, with paging and scrolli...
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05 Oct


Into the Fray Patch 7 launched today, and brought with it six brand new Victory Emotes: three Platform Banners plus Sword, Hammer and Hellgate!

Read more about them and check out a preview of the Hellgate emote here: albiononline.com/news/itf-patch-7-victory-emotes

For information about Victory Emotes and how to use them, read this forum post: ... Read more

03 Oct


In the still air of a fall night, a stable door creaks open. Across the hard earth, four steps can be heard, and silhouetted against the moonlight swings a cape. It must be… Horsferatu!

You can claim this bloodthirsty skin for your Riding Horse base mount with just a single referral - click here for more: albiononline.com/news/horsferatu

01 Oct


Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are growing longer... and the Harvest Challenge is back! For the entire month of October, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get spooky loot, and claim your very own Spectral Bat.

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/harvest-challenge-2022

27 Sep


To all Albion's warriors of righteousness: from now until October 4 you can take advantage of a big discount on the regal Paladin Vanity Bundle in the in-game store!

Don't miss out - get more details here: albiononline.com/news/paladin-sale

20 Sep

Into the Fray Patch 6 - Ver. 20.060.1 - September 14, 2022
Japanese and Italian Added

  • Albion Online now offers full language support for Japanese and Italian
  • These languages are selectable from within the launcher or via the in-game Settings menu
  • Dedicated chat channels have been added to the game for these languages
  • Forthcoming news articles will appear in these languages as well
  • Dedicated forums have been added:
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18 Sep


The new Priest Vanity Bundle is here! This premiere bundle is available in the ingame store, and includes a full costume set plus a matching Ethereal Horse Mount Skin for your Riding Horse base mount.

More here: albiononline.com/news/priest-vanity

15 Sep


Albion’s seventeenth Guild Season starts Saturday, and brings some important changes to the Crystal Arena, open-world chests, Headquarters Hideouts, and more.
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14 Sep


Into the Fray Patch 6 is here! This patch brings Japanese and Italian language support, as well as introducing a brand-new Guild Finder and some important changes for Season 17.

Click here for a summary: albiononline.com/news/into-the-fray-patch-6

Read the full patchnotes here: ... Read more

13 Sep


Last weekend brought the Crystal League Championship to Albion, and after a hard-fought weekend a winner has been declared: Top 1 anime battle!

Read our wrapup and check out the Grand Final here: albiononline.com/en/news/s16-clc-wrapup

09 Sep


As Albion heads into the darker part of the year, one force stands against the shadows, bringing an aura of brightness to all who cast eyes upon it. In a land of danger, beset by demons and fire, there are those who cast light into the darkest corners and offer hope to their allies. Will you heed the call and become a force of good, standing against evil?

Spread the light with a new vanity set for all your characters, coming next week!

08 Sep


Albion's sixteenth Guild Season kicked off June 11, with big changes to Castles and Castle Outposts, a new Crystal League mode, and Might Level adjustments. And now that the dust has settled, a decisive winner has emerged in Sex and Flex. Congrats to them, as well as to second- and third-place winners War Gods and Hood and Scythe!

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05 Sep


We’re excited to announce that in the coming weeks Albion Online will be launched in two new languages: Italian and Japanese! Players will be able to log in and play the game entirely in these two languages with both existing and new characters, and will also have access to language-specific in-game chat channels and dedicated subforums.

With this expansion, we hope to encourage even more players to enter the world of Albion, as well as bringing an improved gaming experience for our existing Japanese- and Italian-speaking players. Very soon our website will also be available in these languages, with all articles and patchnotes translated to keep you up to date.

We can’t wait to see Albion become an even more vibrant world with this development, so s... Read more

01 Sep


The chill of fall is beginning to creep into the air... and the Heretic Challenge is back! For the entire month of September, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Heretic Combat Mule.

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/heretic-challenge-2022

21 Aug


As the people of Albion enjoy the late summer sun, harvesting their crops and relaxing by the water, an unwelcome surprise awaits. From all around, an unfamiliar beast is coming to cause havoc. The Cursed Direboar has appeared in Albion, and you can pick up this brand-new mount skin from the in-game store!

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/cursed-direboar

18 Aug

Into the Fray Patch 4 / Arcane and Frost Patch - Ver. 20.040.1 - August 9, 2022

Magic Staff Overhaul: Arcane and Frost Staffs

This patch finished the Magic Staff overhaul that began with the Into the Fray update. Arcane and Frost Staffs have new and updated abilities, as well as new visuals and animations.
See the Combat Balance Changes section below for details.

Season 15 Winner Statue Unveiled

Congrats to Elevate, winners of Guild Season 15! Check out their new statue in Conquerors' Hall, alongside banners for second- and third-place winners Team Pilas and RAQ.

UI & Quality-of-Life Improvements
  • The Building Nutrition UI has been updated with new fields and shows how much nutrition is being added. This affects player buildings...
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12 Aug


Into the Fray Patch 4, AKA The Arcane and Frost Patch, is here! This patch brings the long-awaited reworks to the final two Magic Staff lines, as well as unveiling a new season winner statue, introducing changes to Black Zone looting, and much more.

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10 Aug


As summer draws to a close in Albion, human and animal alike are coming out to harvest nature’s bounty. But dangers lurk, and some creatures seek out one prize above all else: unsuspecting adventurers.

You can do a little harvesting of your own with this beastly new mount skin, arriving next week to the in-game store! Look out for more details coming soon…