19 Dec

Beyond the Veil Patch 2 - Ver. 21.020.1 - December 14, 2022

Mists Changes

Player anonymity
  • Players within the Mists are now anonymous
    • Characters in the Mists and the Greater Mists will show as "Mysterious Stranger" to other players that are not in their party
    • This conceals their identity to any players that encounter them in the game world
    • Local chat channels (Say, Emote) also conceal player identities
    • Global chat channels will not conceal player identities as they are relevant to the player's current location
    • Certain UI options are disabled in anonymous areas (Stats, Trade, Duel, Whisper, Add Friend, Guild Invite)
      • "Report" still functions, and though the player's identity is not disclosed, the c...
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15 Dec


Season 17 ended December 5, with the Crystal League Championship taking place the following weekend, and the winners of each are in. So congratulations to Take-off -Wuhu and MITOS!

Read our summary here: albiononline.com/news/season-17-winners

12 Dec


As Albion’s adventurers delve into the Mists, fighting fearsome creatures and searching for Brecilien, some have immersed themselves in these strange surroundings. Showing the skill, cunning, and bravery to survive here, they dart through the fog with an understanding of this environment far beyond most.

A new vanity set launches next week, and you can be one of these mysterious, masterly figures. Stay tuned…

08 Dec


The Season 17 Crystal League Championship takes place December 10-11, with Albion's top Crystal League players facing off for tremendous prizes. And this time around, we'll have a special Twitch Drop campaign running on each of the two days which will be exclusive to the official AlbionTV Twitch Channel!

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07 Dec


Along with numerous other features, the Beyond the Veil update introduced two new realms to the world of Albion: the mystical Mists and the lost city of Brecilien. Along with new creatures to face off against and unexplored corners to discover, each of these new areas also has its own musical theme composed by Marie Havemann, one of Albion's longtime composers.

And starting today, you can listen to these beautiful new songs on all major streaming platforms. Click ... Read more

02 Dec


The Albion Online Holiday Sale is on! Until 10:00 UTC on Monday 12 December you can receive discounts on a huge number of vanity items for your characters, including Mount Skins and Vanity Bundles.

Head over to the Albion Online Web Shop to take advantage of these deals: albiononline.com/shop/vanity

01 Dec


Winter has returned to Albion, and the Yuletide Challenge is back! For the entire month of December, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests, and earn rewards like an avatar ring, classic furniture items, and the beloved Snow Husky mount.

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/yuletide-challenge-2022

30 Nov


Exciting news: live testing for controller support in Albion Online is coming soon! Beginning March 2, you'll be able to play Albion Online with a wide range of standard PC and console controllers, as well as via the newly launched Steam Deck.

More here: albiononline.com/news/controller-support-begins

28 Nov


A new Guild Season is in full swing, and Albion's open world is more alive than ever. The competition is fierce, so for those looking to claim glory, a brave companion by your side is worth its weight in gold. And while huge mounts may dominate the field of battle, a small mount with a big heart can turn the tide…

Get ready to ride out into the fight with a new premiere mount skin, available next week in the web shop and in-game store! Stay tuned for more details…

21 Nov


It arrived a day early, but in case you hadn't noticed, Beyond the Veil is live! This huge update introduces a whole new realm - the Mists - dedicated to solo and duo play, along with the city of Brecilien, all-new Fey Armor, Pristine enchantment levels, reworked Roads of Avalon, and more.

And today, to mark the occasion, you can watch a brand new trailer:

We've already made some improvements since yesterday's release - you can read a list of them here: ... Read more
With the Beyond the Veil update just around the corner, it’s time for our fourth and final Dev Talk introducing some of the features coming on November 21. Here, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Designer Cornelius Nitschkoff take a look at the all-new Fey Armor and Pristine Enchantment.

Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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17 Nov


The massive Beyond the Veil update goes live on November 21 - and to celebrate, we're expanding our Twitch Drops to more Albion streamers than ever!

Here are the details:
  • For 2 weeks, from November 21 to December 5, Twitch Drops can be offered by any Albion Online streamer, regardless of whether they are part of the Albion Creators Program or not.
  • To earn Twitch Drops, visit the ...
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16 Nov


November 21 brings Albion’s latest content update: Beyond the Veil. This huge update expands the realms of Albion, introducing a new region called the Mists, a new city, new mobs, and new Artifact Armor. Additionally, the Roads of Avalon are significantly reworked, making them more competitive for smaller guilds while still offering large-group content. And a new resource enchantment – Pristine – brings extremely rare and valuable treasures for high-level players. With all this and more, Beyond the Veil expands Albion’s possibilities for every player type.

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10 Nov

In our latest Dev Talk previewing the Beyond the Veil update which launches on November 21, Environment Artists Johannes Geier and Maria Perakis take a closer look at Brecilien, the mystical "City in the Mists".

Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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The final Invasion Day of the Season is this Saturday, and as always we'll be broadcasting the action live on AlbionTV. And with this season shorter than usual, Season Points from Territories, and Might and Favor from killing Siphoning Mages, will be tripled until the end of the season!
  • For more details and the broadcast...
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01 Nov


Allhallows is in full swing, and the Grim Challenge is back! For the entire month of November, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Pest Lizard.

More here: albiononline.com/news/grim-challenge-2022

26 Oct

Albion’s next major content update is just around the corner, and we can announce it will be called Beyond the Veil. Today, in the first of several in-depth looks at some of the new features and changes coming with this update, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces some significant improvements to the Roads of Avalon.

NOTE: This video includes subtitles in all our supported languages.

For a written version, click here: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-roads-revisited

21 Oct


Allhallows is just around the corner, with Albion’s adventurers preparing their scariest outfits and getting ready to cause a fright. And just in time, the horrifying Demonic Warrior Vanity Bundle is now on sale until October 31 at 10:00 UTC!

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15 Oct


The new Albion Online Shop is here! This fully redesigned and streamlined web shop offers everything you could need for your Albion Online experience: Gold, Premium, and—for the first time—Vanity Skins and Bundles.

While these items are generally available on all platforms, the Albion Online Shop and in-game Albion Online Store on the native client will always offer the lowest base prices on all items.

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14 Oct


Albion is a land of fierce battles and hidden dangers, so make sure you bring along only the bravest of companions on your journey. Lucky for you, the Armored Pony skin is now available in the in-game store!

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