21 Sep


Albion’s next Guild Season begins this weekend! At 00:00 UTC on September 23, Albion East Season 3 kicks off. And then, at 11:00 UTC, Albion West Season 21 will begin.

Read more about it here: albiononline.com/news/season-start-september-2023
Check the full season schedule and rewards here: ... Read more

19 Sep


Albion's final Crystal League Championship took place at the weekend on the East and West servers - and we'd like to congratulate Moral Pro and Last Season on their victories!

Read our wrapup of events here: albiononline.com/news/final-clc-wrapup?hl=en

15 Sep

Another Guild Season is over, and it’s time to announce the winners. So congratulations to Escalation, who won Albion West Season 20, and Winter, who took Albion East Season 2! Read on for a rundown of each server’s season.

Albion West: Escalation Claim Second Crown

Season 20 started where Season 19 had left off, as the war between the POE coalition and the XXX coalition raged on. This would carry on throughout the season, as POE pushed back, and towards the end of the Season the XXX alliance folded, with the FFlow alliance taking over the coalition to spearhead the fight going into Season 21.

In the north, the Grap3 alliance held their territories against countless attacks throughout the Season, a... Read more

14 Sep


This weekend sees the staging of Albion's final Crystal League Championship. But it promises to be a thrilling tournament, as Albion’s 5v5 teams battle for the crown for the last time - and you can watch the drama unfold live on AlbionTV!

For full broadcast details, and info on our Twitch Drops campaign that will be running, see here: ... Read more

08 Sep


Albion's next Guild Season is on the way, kicking off on September 23 on Albion East and West! Big prizes are up for grabs, like new Direwolf mount skins and the Crystal Phalanx Beetle.

Get more info here: albiononline.com/news/season-coming-september-23
Check out the full season schedule here: ... Read more

01 Sep


The chill of fall is beginning to creep into the air... and the Heretic Challenge is back! For the entire month of September, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Heretic Combat Mule.

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/heretic-challenge-2023

31 Aug

Beyond the Veil Patch 12 - Ver. 22.120.1 - August 14, 2023

Gold Market Purchase Fees

This patch introduces a new mechanism to the Gold market: Purchase Fees. These are additional fees when buying Gold with Silver, calculated as a percentage of the Silver cost and added on at the moment of purchase. The purpose of these fees is to discourage the hoarding of Gold for expected price rises, while consequently increasing the amount of Gold in circulation. Importantly, however, these fees will not apply to purchases of Premium for Gold or Silver. This will ultimately have the effect of reducing the cost of buying Premium with Silver, for players who wish to do so.

The percentage fee can be seen on the Gold Market screen, and, when purchasing Gold directly or setting up a Buy Order, the exact Silver fee will be displayed in the confirmation popups.

This mechanism means ... Read more

24 Aug


Following our recent Dev Talks on Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, and ... Read more

16 Aug


Summer is in full swing, and the Divine Challenge is back! For the entire month of August, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Divine Owl.

Click here for more info: albiononline.com/news/divine-challenge-2023

14 Aug

Beyond the Veil Patch 11 - Ver. 22.110.1 - July 5, 2023

Hide Casting and Channeling Bars

This patch adds the option to hide casting and channeling bars of other players, which can be beneficial during crowded fights. This can be set for allied players, enemy players, or both.
These options can be set in Settings → Interface.

General Changes and Improvements

  • [MOBILE] Login interface now supports autofill via Password Managers
  • Faction Warfare:
    • When a zone becomes a backline, all Outposts now automatically change ownership to the zone owner
    • An attacking Faction that becomes cut off can no longer progress the capture of a zone, even if that Faction holds the majority of Outposts in the zone
  • Crystal Arena / 5v5 Crystal League match duration: 25 minutes → 24 minutes
  • ...
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09 Aug


Following our recent guides to Zone Types & Flagging and the Destiny Board, our latest takes a look at one of Albion's central activities: ... Read more
Beyond the Veil Hotfix 11.2

  • [DESKTOP] Fixed issue where descriptions of various consumables were not displaying

01 Aug


Over the past few months, we've seen a marked increase in in-game bots. While this has been most pronounced on Albion East, both servers have been affected, making the overall gameplay experience less fun and rewarding for legitimate players. We have already implemented measures of our own, leading to a significant number of accounts responsible for these bots already being ... Read more

31 Jul

We recently kicked off a series of Dev Talks which take a look at a number of new features coming soon to Albion Online, starting with the all-new Shapeshifter weapons. In the next of these videos, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look at Tracking, a new open-world activity.

Read a summary here: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-tracking

19 Jul

For those wondering what’s coming next for Albion Online, we’re excited to bring you a new Dev Talk - the first of a series showing off some new features we‘re currently working on and how they fit into our long-term plans. In the first of these videos, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces Shapeshifter Weapons, Albion’s next major weapon line. (Note: subtitles are available for all supported languages.)

You can also read a written summary here: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-shapeshifter

17 Jul


It might seem hard to believe, but today Albion Online marks six years since its official launch in 2017! The last twelve months have been truly momentous, with a new server added, record player numbers reached, and the gameworld further expanded and improved. While we celebrate this with a special event and ... Read more

14 Jul


Today’s the day: after much anticipation, Albion East is now publicly accessible to all players!

Following a successful Closed Beta phase, and an early access period for Founder Pack owners, anyone can now play on Albion’s new, Singapore-based server as this entirely fresh version of Albion develops from the ground up. Players are pouring into the Royal Continent and Outlands, gathering, crafting, building the economy, and progressing their characters as they gain Fame and form guilds. It’s a truly momentous occasion!

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13 Jul

Living Legacy - Ver. 22.110.1 - July 13, 2023

Schedule (Albion East):
  • Wednesday July 12 at 23 UTC - Wednesday July 26 at 23 UTC
Schedule (Albion West):
  • Thursday July 13 at 10 UTC - Thursday July 27 at 10 UTC
Albion's Living Legacy returns! On the eve of Albion Online's sixth anniversary, statues of seasons past have awakened and can be found throughout the world. As these statues are tributes to conquerors, they are hostile and will employ a wide range of weapons and magic. They can also drop unique, limited rewards when defeated (details below).

To ensure the same variety of enemies on Albion East and Albion West, the statues from Albion West will appear on both servers. In addition to the enemy statues from the fifth anniversary event in 2022, three new statues will appear:
  • Season 16...
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It’s Invasion Day this weekend, with territories reset on both Albion East and Albion West - and we’ll be broadcasting live on AlbionTV!

At 13:45 UTC on Saturday 15 July you can join hosts Robinhoodrs, Shozen, and Bogul for coverage of the final round of the day’s invasions on Albion East. Then, at 17:55 UTC, Shozen, Lewpac, and Bogul will bring you coverage of the first round of territory resets on Albion West. Finally, at 00:45 UTC on Sunday 16 July, Robinhoo... Read more

11 Jul


The Anniversary Vanity Sale is now on! For the next two weeks you can enjoy discounts of up to 33% on a different vanity product each day, beginning today with the Keeper of Souls which you can pick up for only $19.95.

These offers are available through the ... Read more