01 May


Another Referral Season has begun, and until June 1 you can claim the Ironjaw Hyena with a single referral!

More here: albiononline.com/news/referral-may-2023

30 Apr


The Disciples of Morgana have re-emerged from the shadows... and for the entire month of May, you can take the Morgana Challenge to collect fantastic rewards. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Morgana Raven mount.

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/morgana-challenge-2023

28 Apr


Another instalment of our Basic Builds series of guides is here, this time looking at the Great Cursed Staff. Check it out here: albiononline.com/news/basic-builds-great-cursed

20 Apr

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 7.2

  • The mist has receded from Albion East! The entire world of Albion is now accessible to players on the Albion East server.
    • Note that newly opened territories cannot be claimed until their corresponding invasion timers are active on April 15.
  • Improved visual feedback when an orb is not claimable during Crystal League and similar match types (Note: translations for the overhead message are currently missing and will be added with an upcoming patch).
  • Fixed an issue where weekly Faction Warfare seasons did not reset at the correct time on Albion East.

17 Apr


In the weeks since its launch, Albion East has brought thousands of people to Albion Online, helping drive record player numbers for the game. With so many of you active on both of our servers, this is a truly momentous time for the history of the game. And you can still get a lasting mark of your involvement in this period by purchasing an ... Read more

14 Apr


It’s Invasion Day on Albion East this weekend, with territories reset. Guilds will have new opportunities to claim territories and launch attacks, and we're covering the action live on the AlbionTV Twitch channel starting at 13:45 UTC!

Get all the details here: ... Read more

Another of our Basic Builds guides for new and intermediate players is here. This time we look at a healing weapon - the Nature Staff.

Check it out here: albiononline.com/news/basic-builds-nature-staff

13 Apr


The Arcanist Vanity Bundle is now available to buy! This premiere bundle includes a full costume set plus a matching Arcane Direboar Mount Skin for your Direboar base mount.

With its vivid colors that evoke the Mists, the Arcanist bundle transforms you and your Direboar into mystical warriors. This premiere bundle includes the following wardrobe and mount skin items:
  • Arcanist's Helmet
  • Arcanist's Armor
  • Arcanist's Boots
  • Arcanist's Cape
  • Arcane Direboar
As with past bundles, you can use all costume and mount skins with all characters on your account, on both servers, and they are never lost or destroyed. All items will be unlocked in the ingame "Appearance"... Read more

12 Apr

After a successful Closed Beta and Early Access period, Albion's new server, Albion East, launched for all players worldwide on March 20. That day, the surge of new players reached 277,000 total active users, a new all-time record for the game. And just over a week later, on Sunday, April 2, that record was smashed when the servers had a combined total of over 300,000 active users!

(Note: for the purposes of this chart, "users" refers to active accounts.)

During these record-breaking windows, active Steam users also reached their highest-ever numbers for the game, with a new all-time peak of 25,833 concurrent players on Steam alone, which is just a fraction of Albion's overall player numbers.

The previous record of 271,000 daily ... Read more

09 Apr


It’s Invasion Day on Albion West this weekend with territories being reset - and we're covering it live on the AlbionTV Twitch channel starting Saturday at 17:30 UTC. Join our hosts Lewpac, Bogul, and Shozen as they cover the Invasion Day madness live! All fights are broadcast live with a 15-minute time delay.

More details here: ... Read more

The Rites of Spring are back again, and Albion’s most bold and brave are rushing across the lands! To mark the occasion, we've created a brand-new video:

That's right - you can once again hunt for eggs in Albion and raise your own Spring Cottontail mount. But this year, there's a more sinister face out there too...

For more info, see here: albiononline.com/news/rites-of-spring-2023

06 Apr


The newest instalment in our Basic Builds series of guides for new and intermediate players is here, this time focusing on the Great Fire Staff. Check it out here: albiononline.com/news/basic-builds-great-fire-staff

05 Apr


Allhallows is just around the corner, with Albion’s adventurers preparing their scariest outfits and getting ready to cause a fright. And just in time, the horrifying Demonic Warrior Vanity Bundle is now on sale until October 31 at 10:00 UTC!

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/demonic-warrior-sale

Or head straight to the shop: ... Read more

04 Apr

Beyond the Veil Patch 7 - Ver. 22.070.1 - March 29, 2023

Changes and Improvements

  • "Select / Unselect All" button added to "Loadouts" section of Marketplace UI
  • Streamlined and improved guild logo creation
  • Added item icons to tooltips of harvestables
  • [DESKTOP] Minimap can now be collapsed and re-expanded in main HUD (already implemented on mobile)
  • [MOBILE] Map tooltips now offset from point of touch
  • [ALBION EAST] System-provided Carrot Soups and Mules removed from Marketplaces
  • [REFERRALS] Referral seasons are now one month long (previously two) and may include older skins - see this forum post for details: ...
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01 Apr


Another Referral Season is here, and this time you have the chance to claim the much-loved Steelplate Cougar with a single referral! Click here for more: albiononline.com/news/referral-apr-2023

And as you may have already seen, with the opening of Albion East we are introducing some changes to our referral system, click here for more info: ... Read more

Let the hunt begin! For all of April, take the Hunter Challenge: earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Black Panther mount.

(Please note: Adventurer’s Challenges now end on the last day of every month at 23:59:59 UTC.)

Read more here: albiononline.com/news/hunter-challenge-2023

31 Mar


The second of our new Basic Builds guides for new players is out, this time focusing on the Light Crossbow. Check it out here: albiononline.com/news/basic-builds-light-crossbow

Albion East is up and running, and the world is growing as players rush in to the server and more Outlands regions are opened up. As this brand-new world develops, now is your last chance to grab an Albion East Founder Pack.

These Founder Packs come in four different tiers, offering combinations of Gold, Premium, Vanity, and more. So along with getting you off to the right start as you develop your characters, yo... Read more

30 Mar

Following the launch of the new Albion East server, Game Director Robin Henkys sat down to discuss what's next for the world of Albion in our newest Dev Talk (subtitles are available for all supported languages):

Read a written summary here: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-2023-development

17 Mar

[17. March 2023] Beyond the Veil Hotfix 6.1

  • "Play Tutorial" button is now on by default (first character on an account must still always play the tutorial, and any additional characters can skip)
  • [PC / Mac / Linux] Fixed issue where the overhead HUD buttons would be grayed out after completing tutorial
Note: This is an optional client-side hotfix for desktop clients only; older clients remain compatible.
iOS / Android users: The first issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch, the second was not present for mobile clients.