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Lil Shammgod

06 Dec


For us this has been an amazing and full-on launch weekend - full of both highs and lows.

We had over 50,000 concurrent players on Sunday, up there alongside other popular Steam games like Dead by Daylight, Terraria and ARK.

However, many people have let us know in the reviews that the game just didn’t work well enough for them to enjoy it - and that’s not good enough for us. If people couldn’t connect or run the game with acceptable performance to even try the game out, then we need to remedy that.

Targeting daily updates Through launch weekend we produced three hotfixes immediately to address some of the key bugs that had presented with the launch. Through our first week we will be continuing this process and aiming for daily updates.

These updates can disrupt your time playing the game but... Read more

30 Nov

Thank you for seven fantastic Beta Weekends.

The Beta Weekend format of unlocking new features, quickly fixing bugs and optimizing every two weeks has worked really well for our team and the health of the game.

That also means there are some features you haven’t experienced yet: Outposts, more Missions, Tier 4 tech, mining Exotic Matter and Orbital Workshop tech.

Launching 4 Dec
Icarus will launch worldwide on Steam this weekend at:
  • 2pm Friday 3 December 2021 PST
  • 10pm Friday 3 December 2021 UTC
  • 11am Saturday 4 December 2021 NZT
Depending on your timezone your Steam Store might display a slightly different date, but ignore that for now.

Launch Content Loaded
At launch Icarus will have 64 square kilometers of terrain to explore, over 35 missions ranging from days to weeks in duration, over 240 talents, 6 different building materials, over 95 building pieces... Read more

29 Nov

Thank you for seven fantastic Beta Weekends.

For us, a key purpose of the beta weekends was for you to stress-test Icarus’ core gameplay systems and balance. Elements like session-based progression rather than a persistent world, destructive storms in a game about building, or mission objectives in an open-world game are calculated risks for a survival game. But if we don’t try some new things out, the genre won’t evolve.

It’s equally important that we exit Beta and begin to treat Icarus as a live, evolving game. The core game design has now been tested and solidified, a mountain of launch content is loaded - we now begin building on it.

The Beta Weekend format of unlocking new features, quickly fixing bugs and optimizing every two weeks has worked really well for our team and the health of the game.
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26 Nov

Hey Prospectors!

Beta Weekend Seven was the grand send-off we had hoped for, celebrating our fantastic community and all the contributions you’ve made to this game over the last few months.

Our Photo Competition, Building Competition and 3080 giveaway were all massive hits, absolutely exceeding our expectations in the number of entries but also the quality. We saw 1000+ entries into the photo competition alone, and it was incredibly hard to even narrow the entries down to our finalists.

But there has to be a winner, so without further ado, here are the winners in each category of our Photo competition.

Note: You can find all the other finalists further down this blog.

Best Environment Photo - the best beautiful but deadly with beautifully-lit scenery
Winner: Bruce

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21 Nov

    Lil Shammgod on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we're jumping on this with the team and will aim to find a solution as soon as possible. Apologies!

17 Nov

Welcome back, Prospectors!
To celebrate the final Icarus Beta Weekend and your community creations and adventures we are running a series of competitions and giveaways.

They are the:
  • Best Photo Competition
  • Best Build Competition
  • NVIDIA 3080 graphics card giveaway

To help you enter we have added a new Photo Mode and added NVIDIA’s RTX Global Illumination tech to make Icarus even more beautiful but deadly.

Entries close 12 noon PST / 8pm UTC on Tuesday 23 November.

ICARUS is a big and beautiful (but dangerous) world. And we want you to document it. The most breathtaking environments. Those heart sto... Read more

16 Nov

Welcome back, Prospectors!

The final Icarus Beta Weekend is upon us and what a journey it has been! We're going to send you off towards Icarus v1.0 with a bang, and we'd like to thank you all for being such a fantastic team of beta testers.

This Beta Weekend we are adding a major new graphics feature - NVIDIA’s RTX Global Illumination. We have a strategic partnership with NVIDIA and our busy developers have been working closely with them for the last few months to optimize Icarus’ graphics and to apply Global Illumination in ways never done before in an open-world game.

To ensure the best possible experience, make sure you have your drivers updated to the latest version available on the NVIDIA website[]... Read more

11 Nov


Hey Prospectors!

Your first attempt at our missions system was not only successful, it was incredible to watch. From exterminating alpha wolves, to setting up laser systems, you established yourselves as names to remember amongst the First Cohort.

We gathered a ton of great feedback, insight and data from your sessions and Feature Upvote submissions, so thank you all.

Make sure you keep sharing all your photos, videos and art with us by posting it in #screenshots in Discord, or tagging us with #surviveicarus on social media.

Credit: BossLady

Lots of missions, even more content
This week provided an array of missio... Read more

05 Nov

    Lil Shammgod on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey! Totally hear your concerns, can promise they're not being ignored and gutted to hear you feel communication has been lacking! We definitely strive to be as open and collaborative as possible (hence the feature upvote system, which provides us with a ton of our bug fixes) but as you can imagine with a wildly successful Beta Weekends system, we've suddenly got thousands more feedback reports to go through, and it's a lot!

There are definitely tickets such as the 'nodes stuck in walls' one that we are hyper aware of, but working in 2 week sprint cycles for development means we do have to prioritize which tickets we should focus on, so if a bug isn't dramatically impeding gameplay, it will usually get put into a future sprint. The nodes is a great example of this, while there are some issues with their collision, they're still majority mineable, and therefore are a 'nuisance' rather than a 'gamebreaker'.

The Beta Weekends are also all about testing core featur... Read more

04 Nov

Hey Prospectors!
Beginning Friday 5th November 5pm PDT and ending Sunday 7th November 10pm PST, you will have the standard two days to complete an array of unique missions this Beta Weekend.

6 Missions, 53 hours, starting from 0
Beta Weekend Six brings our biggest test yet, the faction missions system. While only providing a taster of the range of missions in the game, you’ll complete six missions with brand new characters, as we have wiped your characters from Beta Weekend Five so we can see how you progress. Using an experienced levelled-up character would not going to give us accurate data or insights into how players progress through the missions.

These missions are assigned to you by various factions - organizations vying for control and riches around Icarus. See below to learn more about them.

Th... Read more

28 Oct


Hey Prospectors!

Did anyone see that coming? Not only did you guys conquer the Desert, but you fought off the first of Icarus’ native species, a gigantic sandworm. We did our best to keep it a secret all week, and judging by some of the surprised faces we’ve seen in your videos, it did not disappoint!

Mission: Blacksand was also supported by the return of Mission: Broken Arrow for those who didn’t get the chance to complete it last weekend. Between the two challenges we saw thousands of completions, thousands of bosses defeated, and an uncountable number of gruesome maulings by bears and bases turned to matchwood by fire.

Make sure you keep sharing all your photos, videos and art with us by posting it in #screenshots in Discord, or tagging us with #surviveicarus on socials.

... Read more

21 Oct

It’s finally here. The sand is stirring and the canyons are open. Prepare to venture into the unforgiving wastes of the Desert biome.

Beginning 22nd October 5pm PDT and ending 25th October 10pm PDT, you will have just over three days to experience the raw beauty of our latest biome.

Journey to the heart of Icarus’ uncharted desert biome, enduring arid conditions to gather survey data for the UDA. But beware – threats are unknown, and few have returned from this barren region.

With no trace of their whereabouts, we can only recommend you watch your step.

There have been rumours of a subterranean route to the desert, but Minos, the gas giant planet nearby, exerts such immense tidal forces, so these paths are anything but stable. You’re on your own out there... Read more

15 Oct


Mission Achieved, Prospectors!

Beta Weekend Four provided a challenge like never experienced before on Icarus, but you took it head on with confidence, creativity and a lot of courage. With the largest journey yet to complete on foot, changing biomes and fierce new predators, it took careful planning and resource management to successfully complete.

Mission Broken Arrow saw countless warheads recovered, bosses defeated and recovery missions completed. We also include several successful performance improvements (always more coming) and balance changes for this Beta Weekend, and put out a couple of hotfixes during the weekend that addressed some spawning issues... Read more

11 Oct

    Lil Shammgod on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct

Q: When is Icarus’ launch date?

A: Icarus is projected to launch this December.
You can play earlier by taking part in our Beta Weekends beginning from 28 August.
Note: Our launch date will move if we deem it necessary for the game's success. We will have a better idea of our launch date as we listen to your feedback during our series of Beta Weekends! (see more information below)

Q: With the launch date change, will the 10% pre-order discount still be applied in the same way?

A: Yes. Our 10% discount for Pre-orders still applies now and lasts up until one week after Icarus' full launch.

Q: Can I upgrade my Pre-order from the Standard Edition to the Supporters Edition?
A: This will become available shortly. In the meantime our best solution is for you to refund the Standard Edition and purchase the Supporters Edition. We apologize for the inconvenience around this.

Q: All Pre-orders receive an in game ... Read more

06 Oct

It begins on Friday 8th October at 5pm PDT and lasts an extra day until Monday 11th 10pm PDT.

As we posted yesterday, we’re adding an extra Beta Weekend. This means the Desert biome will be unlocked in two weeks’ time, and the other Beta Weekends are all pushed back two weeks too.


When terraforming failed, the UDA t... Read more

05 Oct


On Icarus always be prepared for change, Prospector. Our first three Beta Weekends have absolutely exceeded our expectations. Nearly 200,000 people have played, many returning every Beta Weekend, for an average of 8 hours each. Many of you have sunk more than 20 hours into Icarus so far.

You, the players, have given us more insight, feedback, love and support than we could have ever imagined. We’ve aimed to reciprocate this in our work on the game, making an array of updates and changes to ensure each weekend is an improvement on the last. We’re feeling confident about our progress towards Icarus’ 1.0 launch.

With all these new insights, we have made a big decision that impacts the upcoming Beta Weekend (Oct 9th - 11th) and our eventual launch date that we want to explain below.

The key changes a... Read more
    Lil Shammgod on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by :): 1. Optimization (Urgent task)
-Too much frame drop and disconnection make it difficult to play the game.

2. Consideration for solo players.
-It's too hard for a solo player to film all these characteristics.

3. A bug when hunting animals while swimming.
-If you catch a swimming animal with a headshot, the screen is full of water as if I had submerged after the kill cam came out.

4. The unnaturalness of tools.
- Using the C key, it's good to take out the tool in the third person, but when you put it back in, the tool disappears.

5. Oxygen furniture.
- The first oxygen bag to be constructed has the same number of oxygen stones randomly. It doesn't go in at 40, it doesn't go in at 30.

6. Korean version. (Korean)
- Expectations for this game are very high in Korea.
If Koreanization is too hard, ask for help! Many people will help yo...
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Originally posted by danderskoff: Hello,

Here is why I am refunding the game:

Major bugs have not been fixed after 3 beta weekends. Major bugs being - Dropping an oxygen bladder makes it disappear forever, you can't fully mine ore without it being stuck in the ground, deer and other animals spawn inside of your house and often get trapped in the door, wood often drops through the ground and disappears, any fire on any point of the map makes the hills to be alive with the color of fire, animals often spawn but do not react to you and are not able to be interacted with - so basically ghost animals

Major gripes about the game - iron is scaled to be way too important in the game - you need somewhere around 600 iron ore to build one gun from the beginning of the game and that's NOT including making iron tools or stone architecture for base building, a lantern should not take 12 sheets of glass to make, a...
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Originally posted by LittleDog:
Originally posted by loriipops: Hey everyone, please try to be respectful when talking about topics such as this. There are median earnings in each country, but there are still those that earn more or less than that.

I might be wrong but I believe we put in our price for Icarus in USD and let Valve's pricing tool calculate all other foreign market prices. Their tool is what most developers use and is recommended.
This tool then works horribly wrong.
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01 Oct


Hello, Prospectors!
Wow, what an incredible Beta Weekend 3! Testing your skills against a savage and unforgiving arctic biome was always going to be a challenge, but so many of you did it with courage, creativity and a good dose of humour and joy.

It was quite a trek to make it from your peaceful landing zone to the arctic’s genetically modified mammoth, and it wasn’t easy taking them down at the end either! Bullets, bolts and thousands of arrows were shot into that mammoth over the weekend, and our team has thoroughly enjoyed watching your clips, hearing your stories and admiring your victory poses between those massive tusks!

Credit: DOMO1

W... Read more