Lil Shammgod

Lil Shammgod

01 Jul

This week, we’re taking on all the great feedback we received over the last 8 days about Horde Mode, and making a batch of improvements and changes to improve the experience for our players. We’re spending a lot of time working on our upcoming Dedicated Servers release alongside this, which we’re excited to bring to you in the near future. Hop in and have a look at what to expect in our Pearl Anniversary, the big 30.

Horde Mode Updates
The reception to Horde Mode has been awesome, and we’ve been actively listening to all your feedback and thoughts, which we’ve organized into a slew of changes to improve the player experience when engaging with this new dynamic features.

New Creature Variations

We’ve added a range of new creature options to add variety to the experience, meaning you will now be able to ... Read more

23 Jun

This week we’re introducing Horde Mode, our first variable emergent event in Icarus. Randomly scattered throughout prospects and outposts, will be Enzyme Geysers which reap valuable rewards but are beacons for waves of dangerous foe hellbent on destroying them. These will also be available in your new, 64sqkm Olympus Outpost. We’ve also completed a recent engine upgrade and worked with NVIDIA to add more capability to NVIDIA Reflex, along with backtracking on a change we planned to implement this week, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Have a read and ready up for the Horde!

Horde Mode
Horde Mode is here, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our first variable emergent event to Icarus, complete with high levels of chaos, danger and bountiful rewards.

Enzyme Geysers

Enzyme Geysers are natura... Read more

17 Jun

This week we start our process of refreshing Outposts, starting with adding new functionality and personalization along with the entire Olympus map now being playable as a huge 64sqkm Outpost.

Configurability in Outposts includes adjusting the difficulty, allowing you to customize your experience to suit your playstyle. With Olympus available as a full persistent map, you’ll have an abundance of resources at your disposal also. We’re excited to see how you take this new opportunity and create magic with it.

Outposts were not something we originally thought of providing, but early on based on community feedback during the beta, great ideas developed and we wanted to pursue them. However, it has been hard to find the time for that as there were foundational issues with the game that we wanted to change first. It is exciting ... Read more

10 Jun

Week Twenty-Seven introduces the newest World Boss to Icarus, the giant Scorpion. This new challenge will prove dangerous and is no longer limited to the desert biome - but if you can take it down your reward may be the distinctive Scorpion Armor with its strong stats and unique damage-dealing perks.

Jump into our new mission HUSK: Extermination to take down two of these apex predators and gather the valuable Carapace you need to craft your new armor sets. Happy hunting, Prospectors.

Scorpion World Boss
The Scorpion World Boss is the second world boss to roam Icarus, and will provide a frightening challenge when encountered in the wild. Larger, stronger and with a strengthened hide and a fatal stinger, engaging with this new threat is not advised, and any attempt should be executed with extreme caution.

The... Read more

03 Jun

Last week we dropped the biggest content update to Icarus yet with the Styx Map & Missions Pack DLC. This week’s update brings a large batch of bug fixes, performance improvements and gameplay balances.

We’re also unlocking the final two promised Styx missions and introducing the Larkwell Bow and arrow varieties to the Orbital Workshop for the hunters among you.
Originally posted by author: Performance and bugfixing has been a priority since we began the beta, but with a more solid foundation we now have the ability to make some of our weekly updates focused directly on improving both the stability of the game, and how it runs. This will be the first of what will be many updates focused on general performance and bugfixes. Note optimization takes time and requires a great deal of caution and testing; improvements come gradually over time.

Please ensure you check you are running the latest graphics card d...
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27 May


Styx is a FREE DLC for our fans featuring a new 64 km2 map, 14 new missions and new creatures

Thank you for supporting Icarus through our first six months since launch! As a thank you to our fans, we are making our new Styx Map & Missions Pack free for everyone who has bought Icarus.

This new 64km² map doubles the size of Icarus' playable area. With it come new missions, new creatures and fresh regions of Icarus to explore.
  • An entire new 64km² map
  • 14 new missions
  • New creatures including crocodiles, Komodo Dragons, Kea (mountain parrot) with more to come
  • The entire map unlocked and able to be explored including locations such as The Wall, Ring Lake and The Great River
  • Missions that effect the map and unlock shortcuts to ...
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20 May

This week we have a small update but a big announcement…

Next week, we will be effectively doubling the size of Icarus' playable area with a second 8x8km map, dropping 16 more missions and unleashing several new creatures. And as a thank you for our fans and players, we are giving this DLC pack away to every current Icarus player for free.

The Styx Map and Missions Pack will be a separate DLC pack for all Icarus players available next Friday 27 May (UTC). Read on for a preview of what to expect in Styx, including a sneak peak of the detailed patch notes and missions.

While our team put the finishing touches on Styx’s missions, this week’s regular update includes several bug fixes and optimization improvements, listed in the change log below.

New Map

This new territory is centered around a l... Read more

13 May

For Week Twenty Three, the planet is about to receive its biggest threat yet: World Bosses. Roaming around the map, these bosses are an ever-present threat that requires prospectors to be on their toes at all times.

We’re also releasing the next batch of Sandworm Items including Armor and Weapons, and a mission to introduce and exterminate these new roaming bosses.

Persistent World Bosses
World Bosses are the first instance of an ‘alpha’ enemy that isn’t restricted to specific prospects and can roam the map, providing a new layer of intensity to every mission. The first to be introduced is the Sandworm. Any mission which includes the desert biome will now include the risk of the Sandworm intruding.

Expect to see the bosses you’ve encountered in other missions gradually encroach on other areas of the map in f... Read more

06 May

This week, we’re making some significant changes and improvements to how you discover and extract exotics. Exotic deposit randomization is the most prominent of these, changing how deposits are spawned into the map and adding variety and challenge to your drops.

To complement this change we are improving our Scanning and Extraction systems with Tier 3 and Tier 4 Radars and Extractors, and new Workshop Radars and Extractors for the high-end prospector. This work helps lay further foundations for us to improve the late game experience and the entire exotics loop.
Improving the exotics loop and late game is something we need to approach with a delicate touch, efforts in this direction will be carefully rolled out in updates like this so we can test and adjust our changes as we go. We have many different activities going on, such as balancing work, new content, future DLC plans, optimizations, multiplayer improvements, etc... all at the same ...
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29 Apr

This week's update brings a range of rustic decorations to the carpentry bench for creative prospectors.

With 20 new rustic items, you can decorate your base or Outpost and turn it into a lovely home for your time on the surface. There is also a new mission on behalf of the African Assembly requiring these items as they host an event for distinguished VIPs curious about your operations on Icarus.

New Rustic Decorations
This week is for interior designers. We’re introducing 20 new items to the new ‘Rustic Decor Crafting Bench’ with a distinct rustic theme for you to decorate your bases and turn them into comfortable homes.

The Rustic Decor Crafting Bench will be unlockable from the Crafting Bench at Tier 2, and all the blueprints will come with it, meaning it will only cost you a single point.

... Read more

22 Apr

We have reached the 20th weekly update to Icarus, and it brings a range of new Orbital Workshop Items for you to spend your hard-earned Ren on.

Larkwell Martinez backpacks and envirosuits with their own unique buffs have landed, including new team-oriented boosts, new armor sets and the highly-requested Workshop Repair Kit. To cap it off, we have a new mission, FORSAKEN: Recovery which comes with its own ‘Hard Fail State’ twist. Get going prospectors, the planet awaits.

Repairing Workshop Items
Last week's patch introduced the new Armor Durability system, and your feedback has been instrumental in the development of this feature, and the development of other features which follow a similar model.

One area that caused some confusion was the impact on Workshop Armor, and we are addressing it this week with th... Read more

19 Apr

    Lil Shammgod on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
There's a fine line between realism and 'balance' which can be difficult to navigate, so there are situations where some logical expectations don't line up with what is actually experienced. This unfortunately, is just one of the realities of developing a game structure that we have to navigate and it doesn't always feel right, but is imperative for us to keep the core of the experience fluid.

The bullets is a great example, logically you'd be able to make 10-20 bullets out of a single ingot, but this would absolutely shatter the scalability of the systems and therefore, has to be managed in a way that doesn't align with what players expect.

Realism is important to us, but 'fun' is even more important and that sacrifice is one we don't like to make, but will make whenever it's required.

14 Apr

Week Nineteen's update brings our most feared boss yet - the Scorpion Boss. We’ve also made substantial updates to our armor system, so your armor’s durability deteriorates as it takes damage and wear. To cap it off, we have another bonus mission on behalf of Sinotai which unlocks two unique Scorpion items, so jump in and get to work prospectors.

Scorpion Boss Mission
Sadly, your previous work in eliminating the escaped experiments was not as effective as originally thought. The scorpion infestation has spread even further and a new highly aggressive mutation has emerged, terrorising prospectors deployed to the region. Sinotai wants you to back down there to finish the job and eliminate this new threat:

LOOSE ENDS: Extermination

// OPERATOR: Sinotai

// BIOME: Desert

// ... Read more

08 Apr

As we prepare to tackle some of the core areas of the game that need to change or expand, such as Tier 4 structures, mining progression, better outpost experiences, or more expansive mission content - we needed to provide some foundational changes. This weeks update brings us Ore Scanners, which is part of several steps needed on the way to our grander goals.
- Dean Hall, Gamerunner
The introduction of Deep Mining as an alternative way to gather ores has been a great success, and this week's update adds even more ore deposits and the tools to find them.

We’ve added ore deposits outside of caves and varied the extraction speed of different ores. To wrap it all up, there is a new mission which will unlock the recipe for the advanced workshop scanner. So get in and start finding the payload buried beneath the surface.

... Read more

01 Apr

As a studio we all want to work on unique ideas, try new things, and experiment with the games we make. One of the consequences of this is not always getting it right. Over the past month we have been making adjustments to the game to correct the aspects we didn't quite get right. This week we correct what is perhaps one of the most contentious design decisions - a real world drop timer. Mostly the original decision was one of pragmatism, but we're in a place now we can add more nuance. Thank you for sticking with us, and helping us test and adjust this concept. We look forward to continuing this process in our future updates.
- Dean Hall, Gamerunner
Icarus’ mission timer system has changed

After a lot of deliberation and player feedback, we’ve removed the real-world mission timer in favor of a new, in-game mission timer. That isn’t the only big update this week though - we’ve also introduced tiered missio... Read more

25 Mar

After another great week we’re bringing you our 16th content update, with a new mission that takes you into the scorching desert to face a new threat.

Now that foundation of the game is closer to were we wanted it to be at launch we can focus on bringing new content and design adjustments. One of the areas we are most excited to develop is aggressive (and later, alien) creatures that bring new challenges to players. With new challenges, we'll be providing a good basis to develop more purpose around tier 4 technologies (and beyond).
- Dean Hall, Gamerunner

Beware: Scorpions
Your newest foe on Icarus is the scorpion, a territorial creature who protects their lair viciously, with a poisonous barbed tail and sharp pincers that will challenge even the most prepared players... Read more

18 Mar

This week brings improvements to hunting and animals and introduces a new group of consumables gathered from Caveworms, along with two new missions. These two missions, Unearthed: Research and Cryogenic: Research are available immediately, with Unearthed: Research unlocking the ability to harvest scales from Caveworms to turn into new bow, knife and spear Scale Weapons. There are also new consumables from existing animals, with ‘Giant Steaks’ and ‘Fatty T-Bones’ now dropping from hunted creatures.

Dive in, have a read, and then jump in game and get hunting.

Animal Harvesting
A range of new consumables from hunted prey add variety to the food pool, giving new buffs and balancing hunting with the improvements to farming from the past few updates. These meat groups are considered ‘rare’ and will have lower drop rates but ... Read more

11 Mar

This week's update adds an array of new technology and improvements to one of our core features, farming. The core principle of farming has been to provide a steady, self-sustaining food source for the harsher climates and to alleviate the time often invested into hunting. As we’ve fleshed this out, we’ve grown the scope for what it can become and this week we’re adding new technology such as water piping, which will allow for more automated solutions for watering crops along with other applications like sprinkler systems to protect your structures from fire. You’ll also see the addition of fertilizer and changes to the decaying mechanic for crops. To wrap up these changes for you, there is a new farming mission which incorporates all of these new features in its objectives.

Water Piping Improvements
Water Piping takes far... Read more

09 Mar


Here at RocketWerkz, we’re celebrating the three month anniversary of Icarus. We’ve been blown away by the reception, watching you build masterpieces, burn them down, explore the wilderness and risk it all on missions.

We had some teething issues to get through at launch and since then bug fixes, stability and optimization have been constant priorities for our weekly updates.

Since December we've been on the fast track to give you updates every week, so far totaling 12 updates and 11 hotfix patches over the last 3 months. Here’s a summary of the missions, content, tools, blueprints and gear in Icarus today.

We’ve also added and significant new system... Read more

04 Mar

It’s been a while coming, but your patience has paid off. Our Week 13 Update introduces the much-requested Character Respec system. With this feature you will be able to undo Talent Point assignments and spend those points on other Talents.
Stability and Crash fixes. This update includes some significant crash fixes. This is a top priority for the team and will continue to be. These will be rolled into every weekly update as we fix them> See below for details about how you can automatically submit a crash report.
Our original intent was for players to create multiple characters to explore and specialize in each of the branches of the talent tree, while not developing any single over-powered character. We did this by having some limits on the number of talents and blueprints you could have. Last week we rebalanced this by increasing the effective level cap to 50, allowing you to keep on earning Blueprint points beyond level 50, increasin... Read more