29 Jan

NotAYakk said: I mean, the entire point of a game like Stellaris is to tell a story in an enjoyable manner.

What is the point of it telling a story? That is the entire game.

And an industrial space station devoted to converting ores into high tech alloys *should* feel polluted by default, moreso than a station devoted to trade, entertainment or farming.

This is just an attempt to hook into the habitability mechanics to provide that feeling. Which in turn provides hooks to enrich habitability mechanics.

Life support in a space game is a rich subject area f...
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NotAYakk said: Districts are limited by the size of the planet. Size is literally size, larger planets are larger on the system view.

They are converting a certain (usable) area of the planet to that purpose, be it factories, forges, urban spacespace, rural farming, mining or power plants.

At least, that appears to be what the rest of the game is telling us.

So, you can have a different belief, but mine is that districts represent actual space used on the planet.

You'll still have some suburban and lower density areas around cities and the like. Convertin...
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NotAYakk said: More friendly per person. Not more friendly per km^2.

Districts represtent km^2.

Not necessarily.... districs are an abstract of an entity providing space and/or workspace for a set number of pops. This can be either a 1 story building or 100 story building which can then be of variable height based on the average height of the pop species. Some of these could even be subterranean or underwater.  

28 Jan

Interesting idea but it does not factor in the planet size.... I am pretty sure one industrial district on a size 10 planet would affect the climate more than one industrial district on a size 20 planet.  

03 Dec

stellaris imortal said: add the cold war to make the game longer because the main game from 1936 to 1946 technologies events

And how would the Cold War be modeled? It has been tried before on a HoI basis and it somewhat epically failed.

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marcelo r. r. said: :D Chemical weapons could be ... how i can say? controversial.o_O

However we do have it in Victoria 3.  

06 May

Fun part: most twin engine medium bombers were not or only slightly larger than twin engine multicrew heavy fighters. In fact some of them had heavy fighter/night fighter variants. And then you have the rare breed of single seat twin engine fighters like the P38 and the Whirlwind.  

27 Mar

GeneralisimoAR said: do you mean taht this:
"further using its own stats." referes to the bomber turrets???

In this case as the wiki states: any plane on a ground mission after the escort phase.  
That would be this one:

Disruption damage factor​

The ground mission wing can reduce any disruption left over after the escort phase further using its own stats. Finally the disruption produces a damage factor that scales the damage the mission can actually do. It uses the following components:

  • disruption: value after the escort phase
  • defense factor: air wing's defense divide by 200
  • attack factor: air wing's attack divided by 200
  • speed factor: air wing's speed divided by 1500
  • air wing's number of planes (not reduced by mission efficiency)
{\displaystyle {\text{disruption damage factor}}=100\%-{\sqrt {\frac {\text{disruption}}{10\cdot {\text{number of  planes}}\cdot (1+{\text{defense factor}})\cdot (1+{\text{attack factor}})\cdot (1+{\text{speed factor}})}}}}... Read more
Short answer would be: Both.

Each side is both attacker and defender at the same time.  

24 Mar

Eruth said: What is Cadet Hoi4?
There used to be three different editions of HoI 4: Cadet (the base game), Colonel (with additional 3d Tank and Cruiser models included) and the Field Marshal edition (containing also the first two expansions). However both the Colonel and the Field Marshal have been retired long ago.  

06 Mar

I would rather like to see the next patch milestones tested and completed, have bugs being ironed out, balance improved and the game including its current dlcs polished before seeing another dlc published.  

26 Feb

Can we please get all the DLC done first that are on the official roadmap?
Also: Cold War had been attempted once and failed.

Personally I do not see the appeal of a cold war scenario. It is basically sitting around, tech-rush the other side, build more nukes than the other side. The boredom is interrupted only by the now and then occuring surrogate war.  

15 Feb

I looked up the mod name in the Steam Workshop and it does not seem to be there. Is it possible that this mod was removed from the workshop by its creator? If that is the case steam also updates the mods on your computer which means the launcher still looks for the mod (since it is in a playlist) but cannot find the descriptor file or the mod files anymore. Therefore the error.  

08 Feb

News on DLC are never early nor late. They arrive exactly when they are meant to and for all to see. Until then there is no point at all to ask for the whens and ifs.  

30 Jan

Reni Malaj said: The Bf 110 wasnt a heavy fighter per se. It had a slim fuselage and rather short wings. The plane was comperable in size to the 109. It came from german experimentation with the Schnellbomber and later Zerstörer program. Both gave birth to relatively light and fast combat aircraft. Another product of this line of thinking, the Do 17 is also ingame a light airframe. They stand in contrast to larger planes like the Ju 88 series, Do 217, Fw 200 which were propper long range planes.
All of this does not come without its issues. The Sprites and Models are assigned in the designer according to ...
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23 Jan

Have you followed these instructions?

Barbarossa 1.11.13 - Nakama Crossplay - Checksum d173

Hello everyone! We just released patch 1.11.13 for "Barbarossa" on Steam and Microsoft Store. The new checksum is d173. This update introduces the possibility to play multiplayer games across stores (such as Steam and Microsoft Store) using the... ... Read more
Which I just did…. by removing all inappropriate caps and the excessive use of exclamation marks.

A little bit more information might be useful as well… is it the Steam version or which one? In addition: was the proper login name being used? Was the login conducted to the launcher at all?  

03 Jan

testthetestyou said: I cant speak English well, forgive me.:)
- I think Dev team cant add BoP mechanic for all major and minor countries so removing is better(incomplete game).
- I know it's not a bug.
- Managing construction is difficult with current system. Needs rework and it can be better than now.
- A little rework(Tank designer).

The Dev Team added the BoP mechanic for Italy to implement a new game mechanic that originally was implemented by decisions and e... Read more

02 Jan

Nex. said: Already tried all of that several times before.

Same with my drivers and windows updates, but none of that will work for me, same error always appear or it won´t even open.

(This is a reply for Nephandus, idk why it doesn´t let me reply to the original comment)
Ok. Can you do me the favor and look if you have these two files on your computer:

If yes, can you copy (not move) then into the HoI IV Game directory and try again?