28 May


Keep that feedback coming!



Keen to hear more about your experiences with this mode, we are always taking in such feedback and can make changes where we feel its necessary to do so.

Do want to encourage you to share your thoughts, even at this early stage (given the mode has been live for a small period of time)


23 May


Hey there,

The NAC was a community created faction for Battlefield 2142, and as a result isn't really canon whereas PAC actually is.

Now that's not to say it may never be, because Battlefield as a franchise has an history of bringing in our community, referencing them and adopting some of the creations our awesome community does at times. A direct callout could be the likes of Battlefield Friends, but as it stands in the lore of Battlefield 2042 > 2142 it is not currently canon in regards to 'NAC'.

22 May


Hey folks,

We're aware of this and are aiming to have a resolution in place tomorrow.

Confirming that the intended player counts for Rush XL is as follows: 128 players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 5 and PC. Rush XL has 64 players on Xbox One and PlayStation® 4.

17 May


I at least, appreciate the commitment!

03 May


This is one of the greatest sets of maps delivered to Battlefield. There were countless amount of hours I had spent solely on Ziba Tower. Followed up by the likes on Donya and 925, truly cannot fault Close Quarters.

Loved those pool parties!

25 Apr


Originally posted by QQboby

Is conquest the only available game mode?

Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Rush to start...


Hope you guys enjoy the read on this one, there's a fair bit of work and love that has gone into this location and well, people wanted close quarter combat - make sure you keep your eyes on a swivel as it's going to get sweaty!

15 Apr



This was submitted to our team to investigate further, and they will take action where appropriate.

It's important the we continue to work towards ensuring everyone has the ability to play without such nonsense taking place in chat, so thank you for continuing to hold us accountable, please keep on reporting individuals that you feel may be in violation to the rules (more on that, here: https://help.ea.com/en/help/faq/report-players-for-cheating-abuse-and-harassment/ )

Enjoy your week,

13 Apr


Hey there, just a note to state that this has been rescheduled and will now take place next weekend (April 19th). Look forward to seeing you get to grips with the arrival of Frontlines, and then heading straight into a DXP weekend.

11 Apr


All feedback is good feedback, thanks :)

08 Apr


Hey there, would it be possible for you to let us know what your EA username is, please?


03 Apr


Originally posted by Indian_Doctor

Don't share anymore details. Collect all necessary diagnostic data because we all know it's the last time anti cheat will be managed.

We all thank you tremendously for this. Hope you get a nice promotion or increment.

Won't be the last time, EA Anti Cheat will receive constant updates going forward, and we've a duty to ensure that as many people have the ability to play as possible. It's a tough thing to go back and do it for old titles, but we're trying!


We're actively aware that some individuals are unable to launch the game and are experiencing crashing scenarios following today's Anti Cheat update on Battlefield V. Stay tuned as we continue to work on it.


Originally posted by Isthat_an_ak

Mine was 645 mb... but the game crashing since i updated

We're currently working on this following todays update, stay tuned.


We're currently looking into this following todays Anti-Cheat update :)

22 Mar


Sick air brah!!

18 Mar


There are over 140++ participants to choose from if you so please and the vast majority are Battlefield. Watch and support a creator for their personality and their community, and enjoy the moment while doing so.

Also, we've invited Squid G to the studio to stream live from DICE with the development team, for the fanbase 😉

16 Mar


Originally posted by laughingiguana02

they are, engineers will receive more RPG's on spawn by +1 for all specalists

RPG increase is not in this update and its something that we intend for within the next couple of updates. 

This initial balance/meta shift will be looked at before we then do those changes, including alterations to Irish' APS which we hope will resolve the instances of vehicles hiding behind an infantry protective gadget. 


Originally posted by MicFury

Loving the updates, team. I know the community spews toxicity like a fire hose. Just know that there's a ton of us who are really enjoying all the great work!

Ultimately we're wanting to do right by our players in as many ways that we're able to do so. I think we've consistently tried to do that for two and a half years+ now. We're glad that it's connecting with some of you, enjoy this season when it launches next week!