The Fortnite Team

The Fortnite Team

05 Dec

The Island from Chapter 2 has been flipped, uncovering a new Island and turning the page to Chapter 3. One must re-orient themselves after being flipped around, so here’s a Chapter 3 Season 1 Orientation! Consider this your guide to a new beginning of Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Places

Due to a particularly cold winter, the first thing you’ll notice about the Island is that the western half’s a wintry biome. Perhaps stop by the suburban Greasy Grove, the industrial Logjam Lumberyard, and other locales.

Fortnite Snow Biome

Like warmer weather? To the east are the tropics, with coastal keys, palm trees, and weathered sights to see. Although The Seven have outposts all throughout the Island, the tropics ...

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The v19.00 update brings the new Battle Royale weapons and new features, including sliding to Creative!

Accolade Device Sample Island

There is a sample island that includes multiple accolades, which you can visit to see how they work. The island code for this sample island is 2034-7205-6925. To play through this island, from the Creative lobby click CHANGE to open the Discover screen. Click the ISLAND CODE tab, then enter the island code for the sample Accolades island in the box and press Enter. The window will display information about the island. Click PLAY to launch the game.

For further details on the ...

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Heya everyone - 

Following our last Pricing Alignments in 2019, we are making some adjustments to prices for specific currencies to maintain fair prices for players in regions that Fortnite supports. If your currency is not listed, no change has been made.

Please note the prices for the Tech Future Pack, Frozen Legends Pack, and Polar Legends Pack have not yet been adjusted, and prices for these offers will be updated similarly by the end of January 2022, or when they are available again in a future rotation. Other real-money offers are also being updated to match these changes.

Region Currency Fallen Light Pack Gifted Battle Pass 1,000 V-Buck Bundle 2,800 V-Buck Bundle 5,000 V-Buck Bundle
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01 Dec

You may remember when game recognized game in the Downtown Drop LTM, but now a new hangtime experience awaits. Enter the Jumpman Zone! To celebrate the continuation of the collaboration between Fortnite and Jordan Brand, one of Jordan’s most iconic sneakers are taking the stage in Fortnite: the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey. 


Test Your Skills in the Jumpman Zone

Starting December 1 at 7 PM ET, enter the Jumpman Zone! 

In the Jumpman Zone, made by Enigma and Dummblond from ...

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Greetings Commanders,

Before we get started on this Status Report, there are a few things we want to take note of.

Word is it’s about to get pretty crazy over at the Battle Royale Island. Be sure to check out “The End” blog for more details.

Recently, Commanders have gained the ability to earn Battle Pass XP for completing missions in Save the World! Each Season lasts specific amounts of time, some shorter (or longer) than other... Read more

30 Nov


We’d like to introduce you to the new Party Worlds experiences. These are experiences that are designed as places for players to hang out, play fun mini-games, and make new friends. Here are two example Party Worlds that got made in collaboration with Epic:

Walnut World by fivewalnut (Island code: 9705-9549-4193)

Adventure around Walnut World, an amusement park where you can hang out with your friends or make new ones!

Fortnite Creative Walnut World By Fivewalnut

Late Night Lounge by TreyJTH (Island code: 8868-0043-1912)

Visit the late night lounge for a friendly and frivolous after hours adventure. Bring your friends, or make new ones!

Fortnite Creative Late Night Lounge By Treyjth...

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29 Nov

As Fortnite turns from Chapter 2 to what’s next, there are few better times to take a look back at the past! From now until December 4, 2021, at 2 PM ET, jump into the Blast from the Past row in the Discover screen, featuring five player-made maps based on Fortnite’s history!

  1. TILTED ZONE WARS (XA)(Island code: 3729-0643-9775) - Someone may spawn in the same building as you, so be careful!! Same rules as ...

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25 Nov

Master of espionage (and definitely probably not a Life-Model Decoy), Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. sneaks onto the Island to root out Cube corruption. Defend the Island from the supernatural Cube threat with the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Set available in the Item Shop!

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Set Items

Fortnite S.H.I.E.L.D. Set Items
This isn’t the first time Nick Fury has dealt with supernatural Cubes. In addition to the Outfit, you can pick up the following accessories:

  • F.I.E.L.D. Pack Back Bling (sold with the Outfit): Just the thing for Front-line Infiltration, Espionage, and Long-term Deployment.

  • Director's Scythe Pickaxe: Has sliced through many armored hulls.

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24 Nov

23 Nov

It's almost time to employ a new fighting strategy in the war against the Cubes. But before that, it's time now to decide the next item to bring into the war...

War Effort: Proximity Grenade Launcher vs. Flint-Knock Pistol

Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher vs. Flint-Knock Pistol

The war effort’s again taking a look back at the classics — putting forth two unconventional weapons for Loopers’ consideration. With the Proximity Grenade Launcher, launch grenades that go off by just being near someone. Or with the Flint-Knock Pistol, go flying back for extra evasiveness (and mobility) when you shoot it. 

Help the war effort decide which one to bring int...

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Hey Creators,

Today we are launching the Support Device to all creators!

Our goal is for creators to be able to make amazing, high-quality content, and for our players to have the best experience possible. 

Part of a great experience is ensuring that other players are present and that matches are full. We’ve been looking into this area and seen fewer full matches than we’d expect. Some of these issues were bugs (and some have already been addressed), but others are a result of how we’re incentivizing creators.

The current pre-game HUD ‘Support Me’ feature has been in use for a while, and hasn’t proven itself. It doesn’t provide a consistent player experience across platforms, it isn’t part of the game world itself, and it's only fit for lobbies. That last point is particularly important, as it has ended up incentivising the use of lobbies, even when ...

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22 Nov


Flipswitch your nano-decks and plug in -- the Tech Future Pack has arrived in Fortnite!

Fortnite classics Peely, Lynx, and 8-Ball get transformed with a new cyber-enhanced and neon-laced look as P33LY, NeuraLynx, and CRZ-8. Each Outfit is also equipped with a high tech Pickaxe and Back Bling to match.

Available now as a pack in the Fortnite Item Shop, the Tech Future Pack comes overclocked with all three Outfits, Back Blings, and Pickaxes for one bundle price. Pick it up today, the future has never looked so stylish. 

19 Nov

For those who don’t shy away from new heights. For those who aren’t afraid of the climb.

As you’re ascending the mountain near Catty Corner, building a tower, or elevating another way, watch your fashion transform as you go up — and also come back down. A new form of self-expression enters Fortnite with the Moncler Classic Set, based on the summit-centric spirit of fashion label Moncler and available in the Item Shop starting November 20 at 7 PM ET. 

The Moncler Classic Set Catalogue


The Moncler Classic Set includes the Andre and Renee Outfits. Inspired by the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM collection by Matthew Williams, these Outfits celebrate light and dark. If you choose their reactive base Style, watch your attire transition from light to dark as your altitude gets higher. As your...

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18 Nov

In celebration of the KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION, presented by Radiohead & Epic Games and developed by [namethemachine] & Arbitrarily Good Productions, Fortnite players are able to unlock in-game items based on the experience. 

KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is an “upside-down” digital/analogue universe created from original Radiohead artwork and recordings to commemorate 21 years of their Kid A and Amnesiac albums. The experience is available to download for free on PC and PlayStation 5.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition for PC and PS5


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17 Nov

A Nindo (Ninja Way) is a personal rule or promise to oneself that each Shinobi lives by. 

In NARUTO SHIPPUDEN you will often hear Naruto Uzumaki state:

“I’m not going to run away! I never go back on my word! That’s my Nindo: my Ninja way!”

Naruto overcame great obstacles by following his Nindo. Now, we are presenting you with a series of challenges - will you run away, or will you channel Naruto’s Nindo and walk away with in-game rewards (maybe even your very own Kurama Glider, the great and powerful nine-tailed beast!)

Starting at 04:00 AM ET on November 17 until 11:59 PM ET on November 21, players have the opportunity to complete The Nindo challenges to earn in-game rewards!  Fortnite Kurama Glider

How to Get Started

Ready to walk the path of the Ninja? Visit ...

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16 Nov

“I never go back on my word. That’s my nindo, my ninja way!” - Naruto Uzumaki

Straight from the mind of Masashi Kishimoto, the much-loved characters of the anime series ‘NARUTO SHIPPUDEN’ arrive in Fortnite!

The wait is over 

Naruto Uzumaki, the number one most unpredictable ninja and Jinchuriki host of the all-powerful nine-tailed beast is ready — along with the rest of Team 7 — to take you through to a Victory Royale! 

Accompanying Naruto, the other members of Team 7:  
Sasuke Uchiha: Experienced with the impressive visual Jutsu of the Sharingan and one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha clan.

Sakura Haruno: Doe-eyed for Sasuke, she has taken her fiery inner-voice, deft control of chakra, and extreme strength to become one of the greatest Kunoichi.

Kakashi Hatake: Known as The Copy Ni...

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Update 18.40 is here and the Island is destabilizing, two classic vehicles return, and Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of Team 7 arrive!   

War Effort: The Salvaged B.R.U.T.E.

The Cube Queen has deployed countless warriors, and corruption is spreading fast throughout the Island. To fight back, the war effort against the Cubes is producing some big guns of their own. 

Meet the Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. Battling the Sideways has left the war effort short on supplies, meaning this Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. has a stripped down armor hull with no overshield, making it easier for clever opponents to counter and dismantle. However, it comes battle-ready with combat effectiveness tailored for taking on wave after wave of Cube Monsters.

Of course, Salvaged B.R.U.T.E. Stations need Bars to get off the ground… lo...

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The v18.40 update brings several device updates, new front end changes, matchmaking changes, and the new Accolade device!

Front-end Changes

New: Loading Screen Information

Another new change in 18.40 is to the loading screen, where the Creator name, Island name and the 3 information bullet points specified in the My Island settings will be displayed while a player is loading into an experience.  This is an opportunity to give players important information about your experience before they get there, so think carefully about what you want those information bullets to say to get maximum value out of them.

Update: Matchmaking Portal Change

Matchmaking Portals will now require the Creator to use the version number when linking to an island code of an island that has not gone through the Creator Submission process.  The portals will work as th...

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