The Minecraft Team

The Minecraft Team

17 Jun

Caves & Cliffs: Part I: Dev Q&A

Last week we hosted a Dev Q&A on the Minecraft Discord server in honor of the release of the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I! There was an overwhelming amount of questions about the new update, and our devs tried their very best to answer all your burning questions about the process that went in to bringing this update to life.

Joining us was Jasper, our lea...

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15 Jun

Check out Good Trouble for Juneteenth!

Juneteenth is a day dedicated to commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. Conversations around Black history in the United States can be challenging to lead, but hosting those discussions in a familiar environment can help students feel safe as they express their thoughts and feelings.

To help educators talk about these difficult topics, our EDU team partnered with two of the creators who designed our ...

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12 Jun

Get started with GameTest Framework to test your Add-ons and Worlds

In every complex Minecraft creation you build, scaffolding is important – you’ll want to use quick and easy tools that set up, run, and reset the experiences you build. Over the years, many creators have used careful systems of base save worlds, test environments, and reset functions to re-play everything from various states of play. At the same time, Minecraft is an ever-evolving game, and new capabilities can sometimes cause wrinkles in existing add-ons and worlds. For example, the Glow Squid that spawn in the Caves & Cliffs update are pretty great, but may ruin the eff...

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10 Jun

Ben 10 DLC: Dev Q&A

We recently hosted our very first Dev Q&A on the Minecraft Discord server in honor of the release of the brand new Ben 10 DLC pack (available now in Minecraft Marketplace!). 

Joining us were a few members of ...

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07 May

New technical content and tutorials for creators!

There are so many ways to create with Minecraft – ranging from new worlds and mobs to entirely new gaming experiences. For more advanced builds, the details can get really in-depth and technical, and having a base of documentation and tutorials can be helpful. To support this, we’re adding more technical documentation around Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Add-On packs over at ...

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27 Apr

Community Team Builds: Sustainability

Minecraft Community Team Gets Sustainable

As the weather gets warmer and flowers are blooming outside, the Community Team here at Mojang Studios started thinking about some of the ways we can better take care of the planet, both in the world of Minecraft and outside of it. We got on the topic of environmental sustainability, which is a focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the planet for future generations.

There are a lot of ways you can create sustainable habits in the real world. Recycling is a big one, as is going paperless, growing your own food, donating items whe...

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30 Dec

Community Roundup: December

Wind down the year with these!

As the world slows down, we’ve discovered it’s become the best time for finishing off projects and catching up on things you may have missed. Fortunately, we’ve helped with the challenging “finding things” part of catching up today, so you can skip right to the good stuff. 

Busy making lists this year

Instead of making our own list, we’ve found several lists already made for us. Get ready to sift through the latest ones and see if you agree with the authors! 

  • Gamepur’s ready to declare the ...

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The end of the path?

Or just a new beginning?

Welcome back, adventurers! (In case you’re just joining us, catch up to where we’ve been in weeks one and ...

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22 Dec

Community Ray Tracing Roundup

A warm rest stop

Welcome back, adventurers! (In case you’re just joining us, catch up here and here...

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18 Dec

New on Java Realms: It’s Java Realms Day

Celebrate the least made-up holiday with 17 new maps!

It’s the end of the year as we know it, and I know what you’re all thinking. What a great year! 104 maps have been added to the Java Realms library, and with today’s addition, that total becomes 121 for 2020! If you only had 121 hours left on your Realms account, you’d have a large selection to pick one out of to binge til the end!

The end of the year also brings our most beloved holiday of all. Yes, Java Realms Day is here, when the Content Team rides upon the sleigh pulled by the eight Realms-deer, tossing out maps in the faces of passers...

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15 Dec

Join our community adventure!

Enter the forest

Once again, it’s time to highlight some of the latest community structures that have caught our eye. Above, this moody forest from MrGalfano7899 starts us on our journey, but instead of saying too much, we’re going to leave this story starter here for you to be inspired by and just jump into this week’s collection of creations.


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Community Ray Tracing Adventure 2

An underwater vista

Welcome back, adventurers! (In case you’re just joining us, catch up here.) Last week we wandered through a large dimly lit building, only to stop at three windows, each lit with a different color. The community chose to travel through the blue window for our first adventure!

Turns out we’ve made quite a splash with this choice, as...

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08 Dec

It’s time for a Community Celebration!

Step right up and get your gifts!

Well gang, here we are. It’s the last month of 2020, a year we’re all ready to leave behind so let’s just leave it at that. Actually, there is one thing I want to talk about. Despite everything, our community has made sure that Minecraft has remained as creative, safe, and vibrant as ever. For this, I want to say a big thank you on behalf of all of us here at Mojang Studios. They never let me speak for them, which means that you’ve either done something truly special or that I have been left unattended. In this case, both are true.

I thought that a heartf...

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04 Dec

Caves & Cliffs Creative Collection

Inspired artwork from you!

It’s time for another fan art roundup! Kicking off our collection today, Sweetrose236 remarked on Twitter following the flurry of announcements during Minecraft Live, “I take it as canon that Steve likes cute things more than Alex.” We haven’t gotten confirmation about that particular fact, but Sweetrose23...

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01 Dec

Community Roundup: November

Fresh fall news & happenings!

That’s right, it’s time for yet another roundup of builds, design inspiration, and news from around the Minecraft community! Rendered by MonochromaticHeart, we are intrigued about what Steve and Alex are gazing at above. Could it be one of these intriguing items below? 

In the news

  • While all kinds of real-life events have taken place in Minecraft, including graduations and campus gatherings, ...

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23 Nov

Moderating Minecraft

How we create a safer place for our community

Play is at the heart of everything we do, but safety comes first. Yes, even before play. To this end, Mojang Studios enlist the help of moderators who work tirelessly to maintain Minecraft’s welcoming environment. 

This is work we’ve been doing for a long time, but we’ve recently added new moderation actions to the Bedrock version of Minecraft. These tools are meant to help ensure that all our players can continue feeling as safe as possible within Minecraft and Realms on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, iOS, and Android. 

So, what’s new? Minecraft m...

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Minecraft Dungeons Co-op Co-ord Builds

Say that three times fast!

Finally, the time has come for you to put your preferred platform feuds aside – you can now play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends regardless of what platform they play on! In the celebratory spirit of the free cross-platform play release, we have released the skins from our ...

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03 Nov

Minecraft Earth Rainbow Challenge

An explosion of color!

The skies may be turning dark and gray with more regularity these days, but our community has constructed a cornucopia of colorful creations for everyone to enjoy! Using various colorful items and blocks, the Minecraft Earth community created castles, volcanoes, trees, vivid structures, and more imaginative creations over a two-week timeframe, including this glass greenhouse and library by lol_ivan.


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29 Oct

Community Roundup: October

Fabulous fall news & happenings!

It’s time for yet another exciting roundup of happenings from across the world of Minecraft. To help us set the mood for this monthly compilation and keep the fall feeling going, community builder Mxyzdn graciously gave us permission to feature a photo (or three) of their apple orchard. We have much news to share, so let’s dive right into it.

In the news

  • Joining our ...

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21 Oct

Minecraft Earth Challenge: 8x8

Thinking inside the box

It may be early in the week, but we can’t help but long for the weekend. Maybe we’re just terribly lazy and prefer to stay in bed? Or, it could be all the amazing builds we’ve received for our latest Minecraft Earth Challenge!  With a restriction of an 8x8 buildplate, the Minecraft Earth community tackled this challenge by crafting a wide range of builds, including statues, towers, and mysterious buildings to explore. Take PatientRock’s “Quiet Spot” for example. Who could possibly resist a relaxing time in such a perfect pond?

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