11 Nov

Greetings Adventurers,

We have identified a fix for the following two Siege of Neverwinter issues:

NPC guards not spawning in Stronghold for "Send Aid to Neverwinter" daily mission.
Boss NPC not spawning sometimes when Cult Assault or Cult Invasion HEs occur back to back in the Siege battleground.

Our goal is to get these fixes in an upcoming patch targeted for November 16.

Neverwinter will undergo scheduled maintenance across all platforms tomorrow, November 11, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes can be found here:

28 Oct

Greetings Adventurers,

Starting today on PC*, unbind tokens have a chance to drop in premium rewards - we hope to have these tokens available for purchase in the Zen Market soon! Chances to drop will remain after the release of the Zen Store item and we will be releasing more detailed information on how these tokens work.

In the meantime, let us know other items you'd like to see be able to be unbound in the future!

*The patch where these tokens have a chance to drop will be available next week on Console.

11 Oct

Neverwinter test shards will undergo maintenance on Tuesday, October 12, 1pm to 5pm PT (when is this for me?). The NeverwinterPreview server will be unavailable during this time. This will not impact the live game shards.
All Cryptic Games will undergo extended maintenance this Wednesday, October 13, 5am to 10am PT (when is this for me?). For Neverwinter, this will impact PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. There will be no Tuesday/Thursday maintenance this week.

Patch Notes will be posted when available. There is finally no patch notes, just a network maintenance.

07 Oct

Neverwinter will undergo scheduled maintenance across all platforms tomorrow, October 7, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

28 Sep

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, September 28, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

24 Aug

Patch Notes for tomorrow's maintenances are available:

#NWPC ->
#NWXbox ->
#NeverwinterPS ->

12 Aug

We are currently working on fix for the dismissal of artisans preventing players from progressing with the workshop tutorial. While we hope to have this resolved quickly for those impacted, we ask that adventures on the "Running a Workshop" quest please not decline the artisans to avoid being in the blocked state.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.
We are aware of the issue where players working through the tutorial are unable to proceed due to the relocation of the the NPC Jarrod Glint. We are currently testing a fix and our goal is to get the build out some time today. Please not this schedule is subject to change pending fix and build approval.

03 Aug

Thanks to everyone who tuned into today's community stream! As promised, here are some of the highlights covered in the stream:

Neverember Incentives: All (PC) players will be granted 100 Incentives. Info for when this goes live will be provided when available.
Summer Artisan: This will be fixed this coming Thursday on PC. Console is still under discussion due to build process for this platform.
There's still time to enter the giveaways! Head over to this link to enter! Giveaway ends August 6 at 11:59pm PT.

01 Aug

We have been investigating the issue involving the missing Summer Artisan and we hope to have a fix soon. We apologize for the delay - we were unable to reproduce this issue until today which slowed down the investigation process.

27 Jul

Console will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, July 27, 7am to 9am PT for the release of Vault of Stars: Twisted Denizens.

Patch Notes: NW.125.20210524a.17

Release Notes

Content and Environment
Vault of Stars
· The Twisted Denizens content is now properly available as of this update, and most issues with the Ring of Air have been addressed.
o Known issue: The damage dealt by the Ring of Air is currently not affected by effects that increase Magic Damage; this will change in a later patch.

15 Jul

Update 5:41pm PT

We were able to get a fix build in sooner than expected. Maintenace will be occurring this evening. Patch Notes can be found here.


Update July 16, 2021 @ 2:32pm PT
We are aiming to have the fix go live early next week. Thank you for your understanding!


We are aware of issues with the Ring of Air and the Ring of Darkness and are working on some fixes. Thank you for your patience!

22 Jun

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, June 22, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

PC Patch Notes
Console Patch Notes

29 Apr

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, April 29, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

PC Patch Notes:

Console Patch Notes:

08 Apr

Neverwinter will undergo scheduled maintenance across all platforms tomorrow, April 8, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available:

(Patch notes are identical for all platforms)

04 Mar

Starting next week Thursday, March 11, all in-game events and discounts will start at 7:30am PT across all platforms. This change will be noted in future blogs.

06 Mar

Thank you to folks who gave additional insight into Solo Queue. From a personal perspective, I've always been hesitant to remove features once they are introduced - yes, it happens in every game but I'm likely the one in meetings with counterpoints to removal, preferring to first explore how something can be modified to make it feasible. Only after reasonable options have been exhausted am I ok moving towards a removal decision. Again, this is just my own philosophy!

@trgluestickz made a comment that has really stuck with me and I'm mulling over:

"Solo que is currently the only active PVP type right now and puts 2 different groups of players with incompatible interests in the same que as each other."

And that gets to the crux of one of the biggest issues (for me) - incompatible interests among the different existing PvP, potential PvP players, and PvE players.

04 Mar

Feedback Overview

CDP and other Neverwinter mediums exposure

One of the challenges, as you allude to, is that all these systems are not fully centralized. There is one tool for FB and Twitter, another tool for the blogs/news page (including blog itself and rotating images at the top) and the NW launcher image, the forums are separate, in-game mail is done by another team, emails are done by the publisher, and in-game intro page is done by some folks on the NW team.

For the CDP, the current method of amplifying its existence is via FB/Twitter posts, mentions during streams, and content creator collaborations. Now that we've had several great CDPs, the next step is to begin utilizing the website and the launcher rotators (which require specifically templated assets so there is extra work involved).

I would love to move forward with using email, localization, and other communication options but since those require work outside of myself (an... Read more

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