09 Aug

All platforms will undergo maintenance tomorrow, August 9, 7am to 9am PT.

Patch Notes are available.

21 Jul

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, July 21, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

30 Jun

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, June 30, 7am to 9am PT.

Patch Notes: NW.137.20220522a.16

28 Jun

Twinkle, twinkle, little...crab? carpet? beetle? drake? flail snail? Which mount would you like to see Lliira bless with her starry night sky? Starting today until July 7, you can vote for which of the 5 mount options should get the star reskin for next year's Celebration of Lliira!

15 Apr

Greetings Adventurers!

We want to know your thoughts on the updated version of Day of the Dungeon Master! This can include the conversion to an Appointment Event, the rewards, the mechanics, etc. Please use this thread only for constructive and topical feedback - unrelated comments will be removed - and remember to remain civil.

Examples of feedback include incentives to run the content and frequency, the use of scrying stones to view outside the board, reward drops vs. store rewards, etc.

If you missed today's DotDM stream with Content Designer Ryan Zash, you can check it out here.

14 Mar

All Cryptic games will undergo extended maintenance on Tuesday, March 15. For Neverwinter this will impact Dragon, Lich, Balor, and Drider.

PC - 5am PT to 10:30am PT (when is this for me?)

Console - 5am PT to 9:30am PT (when is this for me?)

Patch Notes are available for all platforms:

PC Patch Notes
Console Patch Notes

Note: The patch size for Xbox will be larger due to some non-content updates that will allow for a reduce file size in future patches.

11 Mar

We will be temporarily removing The Infernal Citadel from the Random Advanced Dungeon Queue (RADQ) to address some feedback. We hope to have it back soon and we appreciate your patience!

09 Mar


In the upcoming fix patch (targeting Thursday, March 10 on PC and Tuesday, March 15 on Console), the Emerald and Azure Dragonscale Helms will be removed from the Draconic Key Bundle and replaced with Viridian and Cerulean Helms instead. In addition, a Viridian and Cerulean helm choice pack is now claimable in the RCA once per account for players who have bought, or will buy, the Draconic Key Bundle. This is to address an issue that the Dragonscale Helm equippable by rogues had stats that were not useful to the class. In addition, item links are now visible in the Zen Market so players can properly preview the helms' stats.

All players who purchase this pack -both before and after the fix patch- can claim a Cerulean and Viridian Dragonscale Helm Choice Pack from the Reward Claims Agent. This claim is only available once per account, and will become available with the same fix patch that updates the bundle. This means that rogues who had claimed a sub-par helm... Read more

03 Mar

Thread has been closed. We will try to answer as many of these as possible during the stream.


Tune in on Tuesday, March 8, at 11;15am PT for a Q&A stream with Neverwinter Executive Producer Brett Norton! We will be taking both live questions from the community during the stream and ones posted on this thread.

Thread will be closed on Monday, March 7.

22 Feb

We will be temporarily disabling the Demogorgon Trial from the Random Trial Queue (RTQ) in order to properly address some issues and feedback. This will lower the item level requirement for RTQs - this reduced item level will not be a permanent change and will adjust again when Demo is re-enabled.

We hope to have the trial back quickly on the RTQ once it's disabled. We appreciate your patience!

03 Feb

Update February 8, 2022

As a thank you for your patience and understanding these past few days, all PS players can now claim the following gifts in the RCA. Items must be claimed by February 22, 7:30am PT.

Free Legendary Insignia Choice Pack
Free 20 Companion Upgrade Tokens
Free 20 Mount Upgrade Tokens
Free 10 Genie's Gifts

In addition, VIP members have had their membership extended by 8 days.


Update February 5, 2022

Maintenance will be performed today to address one of the crash issues. Patch Notes discussion thread is available here.


Update February 4, 2022

Roughly 80-90% of crashes and freezes have been resolved after this morning's PS patch but we are aware of additional crashing reports on PS. We continue to attempt to internally repro these crashes, including with impacted character containers, and have narrowed it down to two separate issues. Each of the... Read more

18 Jan


We are aware that Reaper's Challenge is currently not available on Console. This is due to an event scheduling and build issue and we hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patience!

12 Jan

Lead Systems Designer @"noworries#8859" will join us on Tuesday, January 18, at 9am PT for a Refinement Q&A! We will be taking community questions related to Refinement live. If you are unable to attend, you may leave a question in this thread. We will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Please remember to keep your questions civil and on topic; we will not engage with bad faith arguments or abuse.

11 Jan

Xbox received a small patch this morning to resolve some loadout issues. We are aiming to get this update on PlayStation this Thursday, December 13.

Patch Notes: NW.131.20211003a.29

User Interface

It should now be less likely for a loadout to become stuck and unable to be switched to. In cases where it still can happen, error messages should now give more information on what may be tweaked to fix the stuck loadout.

20 Dec

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, December 21, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

16 Dec

Neverwinter will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, December 16, 7am to 9am PT across all platforms. Patch Notes are available.

09 Dec

All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, December 9, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

30 Nov


Players who obtained 1 Knox Box from the Wondrous Bazaar after the November 29th Monday server reset are unable to claim additional ones in the Wondrous Bazaar. We plan on extending the Knox Box until next week Thursday, December 9, so currently impacted players will be able to purchase them after next Monday's (December 6) server reset. We apologize for the inconvenience.
All platforms will undergo scheduled maintenance tomorrow, November 30, 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes are available.

16 Nov


Zen is on sale for Xbox starting today until November 22. Please note that due to third party scheduling, Xbox will not have another Zen sale during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday timeframe.

Other platforms will have sales at a later date.

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