04 Mar

Hey folks! Both @"rhroudadev#5641" and I are following this thread so thank you all for the great comments so far. Special shout out to those who work with the feedback format - even when not used exactly as stated, it really does help when there is some sort of structure to a comment!

There's a lot here already (I have 2 pages of notes just from this first page of comments!) but there's a couple points brought up by various people that I'd love to hear more on:

1) Issue: Equalizing/Balancing the game/Making PvP more accessible but also not hurting/hindering/punishing long-time PvP players. I've heard some proposals like have different tiers/modes of PvP but could folks expand more on how they would approach the issue in a realistic way?

2) Solo Queue: This was actually a feature that was made permanent soon after I started at Cryptic. Initially it was offered as an occasional weekend event and a number of players clamored for it to be permanent. Could playe... Read more

03 Mar

Hey folks! Heads up that we are hoping to have a Driftwood Tavern stream on Tuesday, March 10, where @"rhroudadev#5641" joins in to discuss this CDP and take some questions.
For the latest CDP, we are running two topics concurrently in two separate threads. The topic for this specific thread is the Collaborative Development Program itself. For the other current CDP topic (PvP), please go here.

We have now run 3 separate CDPs and are looking for feedback on how to improve and evolve this program. Several suggestions have already been presented in past discussions and our goal is to better gather all input to develop an action plan. The different aspects of the CDP include:

Duration of topics and the different phases of each topic (For example, some topics have been 2 weeks while others have been 3-4)
Choice of discussion topics
Structure of the thread (For example, a thread is left open during the full duration of the discussion phase vs. closing it periodically to do “thread so far” summaries)
Feedback format (How can the feedback be presented in an organized and structured manner while not being constraining?)
... Read more
For the latest CDP, we are running two topics concurrently in two separate threads. The topic for this thread is Neverwinter PvP. This includes:

The current state of PvP (what PvP options are available vs what modes you’d like to see)
The purpose of PvP (what motivates different players to engage with PvP)
PvP Rewards & Leaderboard
PvP Campaign
PvP Seasons
Intersection between PvP and PvE in terms of classes, gear, builds, etc.

The goal for this topic is to work together in identifying the needs, priorities, and potential action plans for Neverwinter PvP. The first phase of this topic will be the discussion phase, followed by a second phase where people will identify their top 3 points. From there, a summary/proposal will be put forward.

For information on the purpose of CDP discussions, please go here.

Note: Using the feedback format below allows us to better identify commonalities/differences and generate summ... Read more

13 Feb

05 Feb

Hey folks! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. A special nod to @thefabricant for the extensive (but clear/bullet point) posting. It definitely highlights one of the aspects of the CDP – creating a broad topic in order to then distill it into priorities and subtopics! It provides an informative and constructive starting point for future discussions.

While people are participating in this discussion, I'd love it if folks could also keep in their back of the mind how they would divide this this topic into different ones while still keeping it a comprehensive discussion. For example, @krumple01 asked why should players feel all their progress is taken away after spending a lot of time and resources. This is a secondary theme that came up during the accessibility CDP discussion as well; it might be useful to be aware of recurrence of themes and if they should be their own topic or if they are naturally just embedded in multiple aspects of the game.

14 Dec

Hey folks! There’s been a couple comments regarding accessibility in regards to disability or impairment-friendliness. That is definitely an important issue and we already planned on making it a separate CDP topic In the future so feedback can focus solely on that :)

05 Dec

Greetings Adventurers,

Community has always been integral component to Dungeons & Dragons and MMOs. Collaboration among players is essential to the health of any game but so is communication between development team and the community. Over the past 6 years we have explored and improved various communication strategies, from regular livestreams to AMAs to Developer Blogs. The forums have always been an extension, a resource, for this communication but we always felt they could be better utilized.

The forums are one of the primary sources of sentiment for most of the development team. We are also aware that feedback can frequently come from the loudest and most aggressive voices, not always the most constructive or focused. This means that sentiment or our understanding and pulse on the community can become muddied, weakening the ability to enter into meaningful discourse. In order to optimize the forums as a resource, we are happy to introduce the Collaborative Devel... Read more

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