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05 Feb


Haha, love this picture!

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Disabling gamepad is usually the solution for these problems :)
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* Fixed freeze at Valheim logo screen
* Fixed Block-sfx
* Fixed Spaming dodge consumed extra stamina
* Serverlist tweaks (multi-line names, server count)
* Continous music enabled by default
+ Drowning effects added
* Compendium icon updated
* Made Hugin dialog guis slightly larger
* More surtling cores in burial chambers
* Serverlist fixes
* Lowered enemy per-player damage scaling
* Localization fixes
* Server filter fix

04 Feb

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Originally posted by pyrocluster: Had the game on my radar for a long time and the wait was worth every second <3 :fanghappy:
Very good to hear! :)
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Creations, screenshots & artwork. There are many creations, beautiful made screenshots and artwork that has been made in Valheim, your world. Why don't you showcase your creations, screenshots/artwork with us?

This is a thread specifically made to show your:
  • Creations as in builds, castles, houses and you name it!
  • Screenshots as in beautiful scenary, landscape, a screenshot with a story feeling attached to it and everything related to screenshots.
  • Artwork as in self-made / edited pictures/drawings etcetera!

// CTRL + F3 to toggle OFF the interface //

To make screenshots in-game, simply press F12. Steam makes a screenshot of the moment you pressed F12. Once you quit the game, go to 'View' on the top left on Steam and click on screenshots. From there you will know what to do. Once you uploaded the screenshots to Steam, copy the URL/LIN... Read more

03 Feb

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En mi opinión, sí. Echa un vistazo a los juegos y las reseñas si quieres. También puedes comprar el juego y probarlo tú mismo y, si no es de tu agrado, solicitar un reembolso. Tenga en cuenta que no debe jugar el juego más de 2 horas o no podrá realizar un reembolso.

thank you for the feedback! :D


haha love it!


cool house!

Bug reports:

Q: What is the game about?

A: Prove your worth to Odin by helping him reclaim the long forgotten lands of Valheim. Survive in Valheim’s hostile environments by gathering resources, building outposts and farms, and slaying the monsters that stand in your way. Work up your courage and strength to take on the nine Forsaken Ones to free Valheim from their grasp.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: You can check the game's official website: ...

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Originally posted by Cliler

What's the meaning of "If Odin wills it"? It's something that maybe it will come if you have the time to do it?

Yes :)

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Thanks Noztradamuz :D
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For that, send an e-mail or contact Lisa on Discord.
Those options are the best.
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Added 'Dedicated Server'.

02 Feb

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Originally posted by ཌSchͥϻuͣsͫeÐecҜeད: One Question on the Q&A Topic ... How can we plant seeds (Like Karrots)
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  • Steam game ID:
  • Pickaxe:
    The first pickaxe you're able to get, you'll unlock the recipe after defeating the first boss.
    // Kill the first boss, one of its drops is required for the most basic pickaxe.
    After you get the first pickaxe you can go mine copper, tin, and make bronze to craft a bronze pick.
  • Stone axe:
    At the start of the game, pick up branches and stones off the ground, open your inventory and on the right side, Craft it.
  • How to get amazing screenshots and remove HUD/INTERFACE.
    CTRL + F3.
  • Flint:
    Right on the limit between water and land, in meadow biomes
  • Can I move the server folder from the SteamCMD to Valheim folder?
    You will need to move the entire directory if so or else SteamCMD will need to download its update files again. Other than that the SteamCMD...
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Originally posted by Lionh3art: How do I submit feedback on the game?
By writing a review or joining the Discord server.
Valheim is officially out on Early Access! How will you spend your first day on the 10th world of the Yggdrasil? Will you build shelter in hopes to survive or face death and venture into the wilderness?

Like our Norse lord once said “We’ve Odin just begun”. Take a look at all we’ve got planned for 2021 as we sail through Early Access and continue building the world of Valheim together.
(Ships and sailing is already in the game, put we plan on updating existing features and adding in more)