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Originally posted by amrakib

Would it be rude if I ask how many skins you have or how much u spent?

Not rude. I actually don't know because I never checked.


Originally posted by OkBuddyErennary

Or when someone from the enemy team texts "Nice arrow Sova"

Oh yeah, that's just pure embarrassment at that point.


Originally posted by rafi7746

Question regarding this, how come the same variants weren't introduced to ion 1.0, and why did prime 2.0 have diff colors? Personally speaking, I'd like all of them to be matched. I don't own them all, but just a personal thing

Ion - we wanted to make variants but our team was very small and we didn't have time, so we chose between either Reaver or Ion having variants

Prime//2.0 - it's not the same as original Prime (new design entirely), so we wanted to add new variants; Ion, Oni, RGX, and Reaver are continuations of the same theme but Prime//2.0 is a re-invention


Originally posted by Chem1st

Weird. Seems like having devs using the skins in game would be a net positive.

We have internal test accounts we use for internal playtests (while we are also testing out new agents, maps, etc.), so we get that net positive for testing the skins to make sure they're working well, bugs, etc.


Originally posted by eCharms

Huh, I always thought Riot employees would at least get a small amount of Creds or RP, and now I know you guys dont.

You're right, we get a play fund, which is awesome: It's a nice perk. I'm terrible though because I end up spending more than that because I buy so many games and skins. I've already spent more than $400 in 2023 between Steam games, 2 Nintendo Switch games, and VALORANT skins and it's not even March.


Originally posted by Oni---

Except you made the red variant half blue ?????

What do you mean? If you mean the blue paint swipe, that's also on the Oni Phantom

27 Feb


Originally posted by ElementaryMyDearWut

Yes generally when you love something, you also love the same thing? Doesn't make it a good product, your niche has been filled by 1.0.

They want a Vandal, so it's not fulfilled til they get the Vandal.


Originally posted by ParryThisYouFilthyCa

You guys did a great job, when the teaser dropped yesterday I immediately re-equipped the Oni Shorty, Bucky, and Guardian that I haven't used in months. Phantom was already set to Oni. I'm looking forward to having the full Oni 1.0 and 2.0 Collection equipped with the katana.

that's so hype! you'll have the full set! what's your favorite variant?


Originally posted by jesteraq

Wait, what? You don’t just have it for free? Legit mindblown lol.

No, we play like players and have to unlock and pay for all the stuff same as players. I prefer it that way because I feel good about the stuff we're making if I am buying/grinding for it too.


Originally posted by Dyinu

Shut up and take my money

Take mine too


Originally posted by meysmou

oh you made me blush lol, thank you so much.

You know the Raze pretty please spray ( We just made an icon for it in slack after I told the team what you said!


Originally posted by meysmou


when do you plan to run out of ideas for skins ? :D
jokes aside tho, as a sucker for ninjas and samurais, ive imagined the oni katana 100 times in my head and this is still better than that. congrats !

this is such a nice comment, thank you! gonna tell the team!


Originally posted by jason23101010


Do you have an idea if it was ever considered to make n oni skin for a sheriff or operator? I personally love this skin line but I don't really use the bulldogs or the aries. Most players can vouch that the gun selection was odd for such an overhyped 2.0 skyline.

We decided this a long time ago (Oni has been in development for about 2 years). IIRC we felt we had a lot of top tier Sheriff and Operator skins, so we wanted to include some guns that had less evolving skins.


Been learning Phoenix, and I die inside when I use my wall to help provide coverage for my team, only for the wall to not even go fully across the way to cover them. :(