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27 Feb


Originally posted by JayRoza

Sova mains.

When your arrows hit a phantom polygon and bounce straight into the ground.

Cypher mains.

When you set your site up perfectly, only to abandon it because the hit is at the other site

Sova main. When I call out to my team that I'm sending a dart ahead, then I misjudge my aim and my dart bounces out of the map. I die inside afterwards if a team mate asks when I'm going to use my dart. T_T


Originally posted by supacrip

Do the bullets have sound effects? The vandal sounds like it

They do. There is firing audio, unlike original Oni. But it's subtle because we wanted it to feel good for people who preferred the default sound of original Oni (so it's not as prominent like it is for skins like Araxys, for example).


Originally posted by Prestigious_Ad_3580

Unrelated question but are you required by riot to have a reddit acc for work stuff? I'm curious since your acc name has riot.

No, I made it so I remember it's a work account.


Originally posted by rdb_gaming

Do you know if that music is available on spotify or something? That beat at the end hit kinda different.

I don't know but I'll be watching it on Youtube in the meantime!


Originally posted by daybreaker22

Half my collection is going to look like an Arizona Green Tea ad. Can't wait, thank you for sticking with the OG variants!


Thank you! We wanted to make sure fans of the original Oni could build on their collection to have it all look uniform, so happy you're happy!


Originally posted by pkkliordek

maybe they could reword oni 1 and add custom firing sound. and add to oni 2.0 too. but oni 1 is one of the most loved skins in the game so that didnt happen. at least katana and claw is good

There is custom firing sound (although there was not in original Oni).


Originally posted by Spysvibe

Everything looks great, I just want to hear the vandal clearer because it sounds really suppressed which is something I probably wouldn’t like. We will see soon though.

It's hard to tell in the trailer because so much cool stuff and music is going on. Wait for the in-client videos or when it's in-game and lmk what you think.


Originally posted by jesteraq

Holy f**k it’s beautiful

Thank you, it really is. I never bought the original Oni but that's gonna change now.

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What a beautiful play