5 months ago - Kaivax - Direct link

Today we’d like to introduce you to our newest Warcraft Community Manager, Sanq.

Sanq posted some more about himself here.

We’re really pleased to have Sanq on board as we sail on toward the Dragon Isles.

Welcome home, Sanq!

5 months ago - Nethaera - Direct link

Welcome to the party! May your fire resist never falter.

5 months ago - Bornakk - Direct link

Welcome aboard Sanq!

5 months ago - Linxy-11302 - Direct link

Welcome to the team Sanq!

5 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Welcome to the team! What’s your favorite vegetable?

There’s no wrong answer, by the way! Just REALLY wrong answers.

5 months ago - Sanq - Direct link

I enjoy most vegetables, but probably broccoli. I think? Though this might change depending on the day you asked me.

How wrong am I on this?

5 months ago - Sanq - Direct link

Hmmmm. I do really enjoy stats. Dad jokes are kinda hit and miss for me. Though I’m pretty sure that is the point.